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Happy Birthday to me! Third of May belongs to me and I took the day off and the next to make a long weekend and here we are. I didn’t do much on my actual birthday– twas lazy then had a lovely dinner. On Friday I had sushi for lunch (yah!) then watched Avengers: Infinity War again, but this time in IMAX. Still just as good the second time as the first. Can’t wait to watch it again!

sushi lunch
sushi for lunch

I loved all the birthday wishes. I did troll my fellas and Erik Thomson as well as Tyler Rich happily obliged by wishing me a Happy Birthday. So sweet. And this is why I adore them to bits! I had tagged them as well as Simon Kassianides, Henry Cavill, and Sullivan Stapleton in an Instagram story. I pretty much knew Henry and Sully wouldn’t respond. I seriously had no idea with Simon. Ah well.

Sand Castle
Happy Bday to Henry (May 5)

Not sure why but I’ve been paying a bit more attention to Henry Cavill recently. He’s the fella in my latest story. You’d think I’d be tired of using him and Sully in stories but no, they are pretty much the fellas I use as the main male characters in my stories. It’s just too easy…


Blindspot – I was actually able to watch the episode live! (The previous two episodes were preempted because of Giants baseball. Bah!) Anyhoo, a good episode! Loved hearing Luke Mitchell do yet another accent, this time South African. I enjoyed seeing Bill Nye on the show, especially when he named his nemesis! I wonder how many other people got the reference. I did check twitter and was glad to see a few people comment on it. Now I want to watch some Stargate Atlantis

me on my bday

I tell ya, the right filters can make selfies rather tolerable. LOL

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Avengers: Inifinity War

Avengers: Infinity War – No spoilers from me! I will say that I need to watch this movie at least two more times to really digest the events in the movie. Also, I had to get up twice to the ladies room so I’m missed two parts. Oh no! I don’t think it hurt my viewing but next time, I hope I don’t have to get up… I enjoyed the movie very much. It’s funny and heartbreaking, surprising and action-packed. I loved seeing different characters interact… I was able to go to one of the Friday afternoon showings. The auditorium had a fair amount of people (I watched at the old theatre downtown) with a lot of children in attendance. It was a good crowd… If you’ve watched all the other Marvel movies, then this one is a must watch.

The Osiris Child – We caught this movie on Hulu. I liked it! Daniel McPherson is in it, which is probably the only reason I knew anything about the movie. I thought it was gritty and touching, harsh and riveting. I liked Kellan Lutz in this role. I wonder if there will be a part two to go along with this part one…


Giants v Dodgers 04-28-18

Our first baseball game of the season was the San Francisco Giants against the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers. I’m a fan of neither team but for this game I was cheering on the Giants. They got their asses kicked. Ugh! We didn’t stay for the whole game but we definitely got our fill… We drove to the BART station then took the train to San Francisco. From there we took MUNI to the stadium. It was a beautiful day and even though I care not for the Giants, I do love their ball park. It’s amazing (especially in comparison to the facility for my A’s).

One of my favorite parts of the day at the ball park was seeing Hunter Strickland! He caught the ceremonial first pitch (yes, if I was going to throw the first pitch, I’d want to throw it to Strickland). If I have a favorite Giants player, I choose Strickland. I don’t know why. Maybe you know why.

Giants v Dodgers 04-28-18

I had my hot dog but the churro guy never came by but once and I knew I should have gotten one at that point. Ah well!


at the cemetery

On our way home after the baseball game, we stopped off at the cemetery to visit my grandfather. His death anniversary was the 24th so I wanted to take a moment to visit. It’s always peaceful at his spot and ever lovely. I like visiting there…


During the week, a chance encounter with a fellow high school alum sent me on a reminisce of my Junior Prom then my movie theatre working days. I remember so much about that Junior Prom (maybe someday I’ll tell it here) but then I realized that my Junior Prom was THIRTY YEARS AGO. (Yes, I’m totally dating myself, I know). Someday, my lovelies, may you look back with as much fondness upon your past as I do.

a long time ago
one of my favorite guys from back in the day, ha!

One of my good friends is on her way to the UK and will very likely see Henry Cavill while she’s there. I’m so excited for her! I hope she gets an awesome hug, a lovely photo with him, and lots of tales to tell to make us jealous.

My cousin got married this week! I haven’t even met his wife yet. I’m happy for him and super surprised…

The Suits season finale was this past week. I only mention it because Simon Kassianides was in it! I know, I’ve cooled in my regard for him a bit but it was pretty cool to see him playing a different character. I might be interested enough to watch the show when it premieres. I wonder when it premieres.


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21 April 2018 @ 02:07 am

Monday the 16th was our 24th wedding anniversary. Where have the years gone? The years have been filled with ups and downs but always too with love and laughter and more good times than bad. I consider myself pretty lucky that we still love and LIKE each other. We enjoy spending time together but we’re cool with doing our own things too. He puts up with a bit of crazy from me (fan girl stuff and such) and I am grateful he just rolls his eyes about it or even goes along with me (the music stuff and such). As much as I adore my fellas (and we all know how much I do), the hubby is my one and only and it’s a joy experiencing this world together with him.

And that’s as sentimental as I’m going to get about all of that.

Oh, I will say that I think it’s enough to say that we’ve been married for x-amount of years. I don’t need to tack on the time we were together and then got engaged. I roll my eyes when people seem to need to say, “We’ve been married for ten years but we’ve been together for fifteen.” No one cares how long you were together before you got married unless it’s like more than a decade. If it’s so important to you to say how long you’ve actually been with your spouse, how about framing it as, “We’ve been together for fifteen years, married for ten.” Or how about just leaving it at, “We’ve been married for ten years.” Seriously, no one cares about those five years you weren’t married. If someone cares enough to know how long you’ve actually been with your spouse, they’ll ask. Just sayin’.

I did post a picture of us for our anniversary and I appreciate all the likes and messages. If you’re one of those who liked or commented, THANK YOU. I hope seeing that old picture of us amused you and made you smile…


“Something Sweet” – I think the title is more a description of what I’m attempting. The tag line started as “What happens with a former bad boy wants to play it sweet with a nice girl who wants to be bad?” The characters have a different idea on the story and since it’s about them, I’ll let them guide me. My main objective is to have a not so steamy story, focusing instead on the love. We’ll see how it goes.


Lost in Space – We binge-watched this show in the course of a few days. I mostly enjoyed it. I seriously wanted to punch “Dr. Smith” in the face so many times. I kept wondering what exactly motivated that character and if it was necessary having a villain in that way when the circumstance of their situation gave the characters plenty to overcome.

Blindspot – I didn’t get to watch it live because baseball was on. Now, I love baseball but I was raging pissed that I wasn’t able to watch my show after it had been on a few weeks’ hiatus because the Giants were on. The GIANTS. What the heck! So for now I have no comment on the new ep beyond I WISH I HAD BEEN ABLE TO WATCH IT LIVE.


Friday morning I discovered that the new ESPN+ streaming service is the new home of my Super Rugby matches. I was NOT happy at the revelation. During our cord-cutting years, I wished that ESPN or some other sports network would offer their wares for a nominal price so that I could watch my rugby without worrying about using someone else’s cable login. When we went back to cable, I was happy to officially have ESPN so that I could watch my rugby on the app whenever I wished. It looks like much of the stuff offered on ESPN3 is now part of the paid platform of ESPN+. SO NOT PLEASED. Yet another possible expense to tack on to the other streaming platforms we pay…

Our first baseball game of the season will be the Giants vs Dodgers game next Saturday. We got tickets from our friend. They were for the rained out game and our friend can’t go so we’ll be at AT&T Park for the first game of the day-night doubleheader (which is not a true doubleheader since we can’t stay for the second game). I love AT&T Park (even though I’m not a Giants fan) so it’ll be nice to get out and enjoy the pretty San Francisco views…


Someone I knew died a couple of weeks ago. She was family of family and we saw each other a few times over the years. I saw a notice on Facebook for her Celebration of Life and I was just stunned. She was a good person, always nice and smiling and the world is a little less bright now. I’m so sad for her family and friends. She was gone too soon…

A longtime couple I know is separating and it surprised and saddened me. They seemed like a solid couple and it’s a little boggling that they’re going through this. Part of me hopes they can work it out but if they can’t, I totally get it…

Saturday we visited with a group of friends and hung out. It was a good time with lots of conversation and lots of eating. It was interesting seeing someone I’d know before almost all the others there. I hadn’t seen him in probably twenty years (if not more than that)…

Flickr was acquired by Smugmug! I’m hoping it means good things. Fingers crossed!

Sometimes don’t you just want to say, “Oh honey, you can do SO MUCH BETTER than that piece of work.”

pretty flowers

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the skies darken
the wind howls
the sun fights to shine
the clouds will not comply
time loosens its grip
dreams become forever
relief from this storm
brewing out there
swirling in here
the silence falls
the darkness envelopes
the stars stay away
forgotten for the moment

Cure Caleb’s Colon – Read Caleb’s story. He’s one of the Cohorts (as I like to call them) and a damn fine drummer. Even though he’s not drumming for Jacob Davis now, he’s still part of the music family. Click on the link and read his story. And if you can…

Jordan Davis’ “Singles You Up” Earns #1 At Country Radio – Super sweet goodness! Love the song and I’m so stoked that it’s now number one on the charts! I know that I’ve been hearing a lot of it on my favorite country station. So I’m super excited!

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the little things
remind me of you
the whisper of the wind
the last chord of a song
sometimes I smile
forgetting the end
while remembering the laughter
the sweetness untarnished
a careless phrase
conjuring a moment
a memory best
left to dreams
softly lit
gentled by hope and whimsy
the little things
that remind me of you
mean nothing
in the scheme of things
except to me

I have no idea why I conjured that bit of poetry above. Maybe it’ll mean something to you, gentle reader.

Strike Back – The season finale was the other night. Stonebridge and Scott had lovely moments and then off they went. As much as I LOVE them (and no one can ever refute the fact that I LOVE them), I hope that this was their one and only time appearing on this reiteration of the show. If they want to do a movie of just the two of them, a one-off of their current time together, then I say YES, do that! I would love to witness another Stonebridge and Scott adventure. Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton are the best as Stonebridge and Scott and their obvious chemistry is a joy to watch. I love that their characters are still alive. So let’s keep them that way, eh?… As for this new team, I was pretty much in with them by the second episode. I love that they’re a team (as opposed to a duo) and I look forward to more of their back stories as well as more kick ass adventures. I loved the end of the episode (and season) and not knowing how they get out of their current jam. It’s just enough to know that they do. Or they’d better! (The show has been renewed but they haven’t said if all the cast is returning…)

My screen caps aren’t as pretty as I’d like them to be but they will do for now, I suppose.

Strike Back

Spring might have begun but rain has fallen here and there and I don’t mind it so much. I’m savoring the cooler weather while it’s here. It will be summer weather soon enough…

Hubby might be switching to Android. What?! I know, right? So I’ve decided to watch more Android-centric tech shows (I usually just watch iOS stuff) just to have some passing knowledge of Android and such. Just for fun. It’s always good to know different things, right?…

I ordered a new Pop Socket. I customized it with my fantasy portrait. It’s so cute! I seriously love it. It could be a cool conversation piece. Maybe? I can’t believe my fantasy portrait is almost 20 years old. Ye gods!…

My writing is so stalled. I can’t focus. Why can’t I focus? And why am I going back to a story that I started YEARS ago. “The Guardsmen of Vala,” a fantasy thing, involves a young woman who’s heir to her realm and currently being manipulated by the father and brothers, who hope to marry her to a family they can control. Her Guardsmen are men loyal to her and only her. And that’s about as much as I know about that story…

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01 April 2018 @ 03:22 pm

I begin this post on Good Friday, the beginning of my long weekend. I didn’t follow any of the usual Lent practices. I didn’t give up anything and I think I’ve been pretty much eating meat on Fridays. Ah well, I haven’t been a practicing Catholic for many moons. I’m sure that’s pretty evident.

Baseball season has begun! Having T-Mobile as our carrier means that we get MLB.tv again for free this season. I’m going to try and be a good baseball fan and look in on a game every day, if possible. I won’t promise to watch a whole game but why not take advantage, eh?…

one of my Saturday morning mimosas

Saturday we walked to the Farmers Market to pick up stuff for our crock pot meal of the weekend. I also bought a couple of croissants before we headed into Co Co County Wine Co for some drinks. I LOVE their mimosas there. I tried a new one (the pineapple express pictured above) as well as the orange dream. Soooo delicious! One of my recent favorite things is sitting there drinking my mimosa and feel good about buying from the farmers market for our weekend food. It’s pretty awesome that we can walk downtown, buy our stuff, then have drinks at our local bars. Must enjoy it now because the weather is going to turn hot much too soon…

Before and After
before & after

I had my bangs cut on Friday. I’m thinking that my next trip to the salon should be a hair cut but I’m digging the length of my hair and my stylist actually asked me if I had gotten my hair trimmed since the last time I saw her (I had not). I think it just looked pretty healthy to her so that’s good, eh?

Strike Back
Stonebridge & Scott – OMG!!!

Strike Back – Another stellar episode. Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying the new series? I love the new team and their dynamic. That being said, when Scott and Stonebridge made their entrance, my heart just raced. I WAS SO EXCITED to see them! It was just a little bit in this episode but it was awesome. I love Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester and I think they’re doing great on their current shows BUT they make my fangirl heart flutter when they’re Scott and Stonebridge. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode, which is the season finale. Oh, and good news, the series has been renewed! YES!!!



I meant to write a short story during Spring Break and although I’ve started it, I have not finished it. I don’t know why I can’t discipline myself to write when it’s not National Novel Writing Month. Ah well, it’s always nice to at least start a story, especially since I’m using Henry Cavill as the main fella. (He won the poll I set up on twitter.)
Henry Cavill in Justice League

I have totally stalled on my other stories and have yet to really sit down and start editing my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s all a mess in my head right now and I can’t seem to find my focus…


I hope everyone is having a most wonderful Easter Sunday. I woke up to watch my Crusaders win and now my A’s seem bent on losing. Oh well, can’t have it all, eh?

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For the longest time, spring was my favorite season. It means baseball, sunshine, cool breezes, and life blooming. Super rugby has already started and summer is on the horizon with its concert season and lazy days. I loved spring and scoffed at the other seasons.


I still love spring but I’ve come to appreciate our autumns and winters. Summer is too hot and seems to drag and when I’m in it, it feels as though I’ll never get to wear my hoodies and boots again. Winter never seems long enough and I’ve started to savor the cold days that are sometimes gray and rainy. Winter is fleeting in some ways. It’s probably where we live. I don’t really have need to complain about our weather. I have friends who live in other parts of the country who experience more extremes that I know I’d not like.

The calendar says it’s spring time now but we’ve had more cloudy days than not this week as well as glorious rain. We need the rain. I don’t mind. I don’t mind wearing my boots and my hoodies and I shall be resigned when I must switch to flats and sandals. Ah well…

The Difference - Tyler Rich
Charlee & Abby in Tyler’s video “The Difference”

Y’all need to go watch Tyler Rich’s video for his single “The Difference.” It is SO GOOD! Maybe I’m biased because 1) I love the song, 2) I love Tyler, 3) I love Sabina, 4) I love doggies. But besides all of that, the video is so sweet and sexy and lovely and perfect. The love you see in that video is real and true and it just fills my heart. The look Sabina gives Tyler is exactly the look I saw on her face the first time we met and were watching Tyler perform. True love’s glow right there. It’s one of the reasons I adore her. She’s truly the sweetest soul and I’m so glad she’s in his first video along with their doggies. Abby ROCKED it. Loved her little nod at Tyler towards the end, as if to say, “Yes, go back to her.” (She had to be teased with a treat to do that nod, I’m told.) So give it view or two or three. It’s really a good song and the video will make you love the song more…

(If you can’t see the video above, click on this => The Difference)

HOME STATE – Jordan Davis – The album is finally available! Click on the link to listen or buy at your favorite digital retailer… I’m going to say this now– HOME STATE is on its way to becoming one of my favorite records. I’m spent a lot of the weekend listening to it. I already love it and not just because I knew six of the songs before they landed on this album. I’m so glad that my music friends led me to him. I hope I do the same for others…

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The third quarter of the school year ended on Friday, marking the beginning of Spring Break. MOST GLORIOUS! I am making some long weekends to break up the two weeks. It’ll be awesome!

Tyler's last show at the G Bar
a year ago, in the wee hours

A year ago was Tyler’s last show at the G Bar. Now he has his first single out in the world and he’s doing his radio tour. Part of me still misses those G Bar days, having him that close, hearing him sing for all of us, talking to him between sets. I enjoyed them as they happened and I wished them to end because when they ended, it meant he was on to bigger and better things. I cherish the memories of those moments and I am glad for the friendships I made during those nights. They are the foundation of my continued love for Tyler and his music…

the day before St. Patrick's Day
the night before St. Patrick’s Day

We didn’t do the pub crawl for St. Patrick’s Day because when we drove by, we saw lines to our locals. LINES to get in! And it wasn’t even dark yet. What the heck?! So we decided to skip the festivities (or “shit show” as the hubby said). Good thing we went to Tailgaters the night before for some corned beef and cabbage. It was good, a bit salty, but I devoured it.

Sully on Blindspot

How obvious is it that my fangirl heart has turned towards Sully again? Truth be told, I never stopped with him. He is one of my constants. If you know me, you know that much. The better question is why is my attention fixed on Sully again? You know, besides the fact that he’s pretty awesome, makes Blindspot the reason I even watch it, and can make me long for Strike Back with a snap of the fingers? Could it be because he’s easy to slip into my stories and makes all my male characters tough yet vulnerable, loving yet relentless? Maybe it’s all of that…

So why TF am I thinking of writing a short story that doesn’t feature Sully as the lead?

Sully BTS


Hard Sun – In spite of the dark premise, I’m hooked. It’s well done, rather violent, but intriguing. We have two more eps to watch so maybe I’ll have more to say later…

HOME STATE Jordan Davis – The album comes out on Friday and I am SO EXCITED!!! I pre-ordered the physical CD and the digital version because I knew that songs would get released before the full album came out and I was right! The latest song, “More Than I Know,” is one I’d never heard before so it’s been a treat to have a totally new song. I’m feeling good about his album and I think it’s going to be one of my favorites for sure. I love all his songs, to be honest, and I cannot wait to hear the whole album.

Blindspot – Last week’s ep (which involved that BTS pic of Sully above) was SO GOOD!!! My favorite part, not so oddly enough, was the scene with Patterson and Roman in the elevator. It was HILARIOUS and the best part was Luke Mitchell’s mischievous little smile. Oh my! This past week’s ep was good as well but no Sully smiles. Alas!

The Difference” – Tyler Rich – Have you given Tyler’s song a spin? Come on, you know you want to hear it. Go on, click on the link…

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We changed the time today and oh how glad I am that I took a nap yesterday. As much as I love spring, I dread “spring forward” because my head cannot let go of the notion that I’m “losing” that hour. I like having that hour! Can we just agree on one thing and go with it? If I get a vote, I go for Standard Time not Daylight Savings Time. Even without changing the time, the days have been getting longer. So why change?…

Sully & Luke
Sullivan Stapleton and Luke Mitchell on Blindspot

I need to watch the latest Blindspot ep to get the story on the above picture. But isn’t it damn cute?! Damn cute.

We went to the Farmers Market again yesterday and I had three drinks again. Two mimosas and one beer. Not bad for me! The mimosas were delicious! But the truly constructive thing was that we bought all the ingredients we needed to cook in our crock pot. We bought all our produce at the farmers market and then our meat at Brentwood Fine Meats. I love shopping locally!

Orange Dream
Orange Dream mimosa

Thor Ragnorak – The hubby surprised me by ordering this movie and it delivered this week. OMG, such a good movie! It was funny and adventuresome and Karl Urban was good in it. I loved it a lot because even though the events are serious, the humor made it fun. There was a great balance. Also, it looks great in 4K.

Justice League – We ordered this movie and expected it to arrive on Tuesday (the day it’s supposed release at the stores). We received it on Friday! So of course, had to watch it. So gorgeous in 4K. I enjoyed watching it again and lo, Henry Cavill!

Something I'm going to probably watch in the future

So Gina Torres’ new show was ordered. Exciting! I’m mostly excited because Simon Kassianides is going to be on the show. It’ll be pretty cool to watch him on a weekly show. I’m sure I’ll do screenshots and share them online because that’s what I like to do. I wonder what accent he’ll use…


So it still bothers me that I’m blocked by that woman I mentioned a few weeks ago. I know I should just let it go but whenever he says something sweet and positive about her, it just rankles me. It really makes me wonder a little about him and if he thinks it’s all right that she has deliberately blocked me, a fan of his and someone who was never out of line with him or her. If her account was private then I wouldn’t have even bothered to follow her but it wasn’t. Her account is public because she’s a model and of course she has to have a social media presence. So she blocked me from viewing her public account for no other reason than she doesn’t like having a fan of her boyfriend following her. What’s funny is that if an Instagram friend of mine searches for her, that friend would see that I’m following her. Yet I cannot see this woman’s profile. I don’t care that I don’t have to see her but it seriously annoys me that she blocked me FOR NO REASON. (And really, if I want to see her profile, I have other ways of looking at it.) When will I let go of this annoyance?

Sully on Blindspot

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04 March 2018 @ 08:16 pm

Ahh, the weather this week. The most constant was the cold, which I didn’t mind at all. Sometimes the sun shone, sometimes the rain fell. I liked when the rain fell because afterwards the air would feel fresh and alive. So beautiful.

The Farmers Market opened up this weekend so we spent our Saturday downtown checking out the Farmers Market then having drinks at our favorite places. We also took some time to watch the first show of Black Panther. Yah! The day was sunny then rainy, mild then cold.

Our local theatre

Red Sparrow – What a good movie! Thank you T-Mobile for the $4 movie tickets. The movie was worth the discounted tickets. I would definitely recommended it for people who want to watch a thriller that doesn’t dumb down its plot. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing. I loved the twists and the intrigue. The music was lovely too…

The Shape of Water – Beautiful movie. Loved the imagery and the use of music. Sally Hawkins was so good, as were the other actors in the movie. (It tickled me seeing David Hewlett!) I really enjoyed the fairy tale quality of the story even as it was definitely an adult movie.

Black Panther – Yes, saw it again! This time I saw it with the hubby and now I can talk about it with him. Joy! The movie is just as good the third time as the first. It’s fun and powerful and breathtaking!

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It actually felt like winter this week. I LOVE when the highs barely reach the 60s. I like wearing sweaters and jackets and hoodies and beanies and gloves. Our winters are never very long or very cold so I tend to enjoy the touch of winter.

I stayed up on Friday night to watch my Crusaders! I’m so glad the Super Rugby season has begun. And I’m very glad that the Crusaders won their first match. Yah! I think I need to get to know the team again. I saw more than few unfamiliar faces…

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Saturday was Tyler’s birthday. I wished him a HBD on the socials then wore one of my Tyler Rich shirts to commemorate his 32nd year on this earth. We drove up north for a visit and we were probably not too far from Tyler as he spent time with his family and friends. When we stopped off at Knee Deep Brewing Co, I thought how funny it would be if he was there. He wasn’t, of course. We were having dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory when I read that Tyler was going to be celebrating his birthday and the release of his single at Goldfield that night. It was a passing thought to head back to Sacramento…

Strike Back – We caught up on the new season! We are four episodes in here in the US but the UK is almost finished. I can’t wait to see Scott and Stonebridge!!! But I will have to wait. I’m just way too anxious, I tell ya.

We’re talking about perhaps going out to Turlock to see Tyler on Tuesday. Think we’ll go? You’ll find out next week. Ha!

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15 February 2018 @ 12:25 pm

It’s been an awesome week or so for me as a fangirl. Tyler’s song “The Difference” is getting a lot of play and my Strike Back boys will be appearing in the last two episodes of the current season. Huzzah!

Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton
Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton doing that Strike Back thing again…

But first, a little housekeeping.

Apparently a person I was following on Instagram thought it would be cool to block me from viewing her public profile. This is someone I do not know. I have never met her. I started following her because she began appearing in one of my fella’s posts and since I like seeing my fellas, I thought why not follow her too since she’ll probably post pics of him? I commented a few times and liked a few of her posts and I watched her instagram stories and I enjoyed seeing my fella in her posts.

Then Thursday morning this week, I checked my instagram, saw the fella posted and decided to check his lady’s account and LO, I was no longer following her AND her page showed a “No Posts Yet” message. You know what that means? It means that she BLOCKED me.


I make sure that when I post about my fellas, I am respectful and adoring and I constantly worry that I might be crossing the line but I know that I have definitely seen much much worse from other so-called “fans.” I’ve only been polite and admiring to this particular fella so I’m not sure why his lady felt it necessary to block me. And how did she even know to block me? What made her single me out from seeing her posts? If you look back at my recent instagram posts, I haven’t really posted much on this fella in the last week or so. (Tyler and the Strike Back boys have been commandeering my attention of late.) So what exactly triggered her to make this move?

I’m at a loss. I really have no idea.

Here’s the thing– I get it, it’s weird that I’m a fangirl. I’ve learned to embrace this part of myself and it brings me more joy than not in so many different ways. I’m not super obsessed with just one actor or singer or whatever. I spread my fangirl love to lots of people. I love them in different ways, on different levels, but I do live in the real world. Whatever I put out there online is just a piece of me, not the whole of me. And I choose to be adoring and loving towards my fellas because it makes me feel good and I’m sure they don’t mind the attention. I strive to be supportive and loving and as inoffensive as I can be. When my fellas have ladies in their lives, I’ll follow them too if they’re public. I’ve even been lucky enough to befriend a few of them (fellas and ladies) and we get along quite well and they actually consider me a friend. I’m a nice person or at least try to be, whether online or in “real life.”

But hey you, stranger in another country, go on and block me from seeing your public profile. I was really only there to check out my fella, someone I admire for his talent and such. You have justified my first impression of you.

As for the fella, I still adore him. I hope he does not follow his lady’s example because that would be utterly disappointing…

ANYHOO! Onward to more awesome things like…

TYLER RICH – My lovelies, click on this link and listen/buy “The Difference.” I promise you, it’s a lovely song and he sings it so well. I’ve been listening to it every day and I love it each and every listen. He has a gem of a song. It has some cross genre appeal too, if you’re into that. Truly though, it’s a great song and I think everyone should listen to it…

Smiles on Philip & Sully

STRIKE BACK – OH MY GOODNESS, Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton are going to make an appearance on the latest iteration of Strike Back. It was announced this week and I went into fangirl overdrive! Even now, the thought of seeing Philip and Sully as Michael and Damien again is enough to make me weep. I AM SO EXCITED. I want just two things – 1) to hear Sully say “F**k me” at least once and 2) for Scott and Stonebridge to make it out alive. Simple, right? I’m sure I’ll get number one more than once but number two? Fingers crossed!

Black Panther – WOW! I watched the first showing on Friday and I thought it was rather amazing. It spoke to me on so many different levels. I loved all the technology, the kickass royal guard, the drama, the humor– I loved everything. I loved the ferocity of the warrior women so much. They were so awesome! The movie was deep in some parts for me but it was also a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see it again!


I think the annoyance of being blocked could work its way into one of my stories. Turn this weird energy into something else, create something from the negativity to put it in its place. Until that moment, I’ll end this post with a fun shot of Sullivan Stapleton:

Sully being cheeky

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“The Difference”Tyler Rich

Tyler’s single “The Difference” dropped on Friday, February 9th and OH MY GOODNESS, I’m already in love with it. I bought it as soon as I could on iTunes (2101 hrs) and listened to it on repeat until bedtime. It’s catchy and sweet and I LOVE IT so much. I am so happy the song is amazing and it feels like it’s gotten a fair amount of momentum. Tyler was SiriusXM The Highway’s Highway Find the same day the song released and he performed at Margaritaville for Music Row Happy Hour later that day. SO AWESOME!

Do I love the song merely because it’s Tyler singing it? Umm, no. I would not be this enthusiastic and high on the song if it wasn’t something that has already seeped into my soul. I love everything about the song and I cannot wait to hear him sing it live. I will say it’s a little startling to hear him sing a song that’s gone through the production process. It’s not overly produced but it’s not acoustic either. Still, his voice shines on it and the slight vocal manipulations will likely not be noticeable to most. I love the lyrics and the story the song tells. It’s personal and relatable on different levels. The person in the song wants to be the difference and I know Tyler wants to be the difference to the listeners too.

Make “The Difference” one of your musical buys at your favorite digital retailer. If you listen to the radio, request the song. If you’re on social media, give the song and Tyler a mention whenever the mood hits you. If you stream your music, add him to your playlists and spin the song on repeat. And while you’re at it, check out his other music.

“Barely Friends, But with Benefits” – The more I listen to “The Difference,” the more the song seems to relate a bit to this story. My characters are barely friends, skirting the casual kind of dalliance arrangement but they definitely want more and the fella in the story has decided to make his move. I find is amusing how Tyler’s new song has bits that relate to my latest story…

“The Little One” – I actually worked a little on this story this past week. Nothing too substantial though. I don’t think I even got a page’s worth of story written on it. So slow!

“Off the Top Drama” (vignette) – No, I don’t have a better name for it. This is so far just a scene between a couple who are on the brink of calling it quits. He’s accused her of doing something she hasn’t done and she’s trying to end it even though now he’s realized his mistake. Does she forgive him? Does he really truly show her he’s serious about his apology or is it merely closure for him? I don’t know yet but it’s fun trying to write a bit that has some drama and tears in it…


The busy time at work has been busy but I don’t mind it. I need to catch up on the logging of requests but otherwise, I think it’s been fine so far. One of the schools has WAY MORE requests than the other schools so hopefully they all get approved nonetheless because it’s just easier on me. But we don’t do all of this to make things easier on me so we shall see what happens…

Crab feed
crab feed goodness

We went to a crab feed last night. SO MUCH CRAB! It was fun eating all the crab and catching up with our friends. For some reason, the place wouldn’t allow for open flames so those folks who like to melt their own butter had to be sneaky about it or depend on the butter the organization was providing in small little cups. I don’t dip the crab in butter, thank you very much. I love eating crab and getting my hands all food dirty. There was tri-tip as well, which was different but yummy. Didn’t stop me from eating way too much crab, I tell ya.

noble ones
hey, look, we took a picture together!

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04 February 2018 @ 10:07 pm

I think I’ve officially hit that “pause” in my writing. None of my stories are really calling to me and I suppose I’m meant to step back and just think of other things…

My busy time of work started this week. It hasn’t been too bad so far. I am trying to remember to practice a positive and pleasant demeanor even as I answer the same questions over and over. The real challenge is keeping everything organized and such. I have gotten particular about the way I want to keep things…

Girl Scout cookies! There are a couple of people at work selling cookies and I managed to not buy any during the week. Then we went out yesterday and there were Girl Scouts in front of the place we visited and I just had to buy a few boxes before we left. No worries, I’ll buy from the people I know as well. I just love the Savannah Smiles much too much…

Twitter frustrations! For some reason, I stopped receiving SMS notifications from Twitter. I don’t know if it’s the short code not working or if it’s my carrier. My carrier has cleared the lines twice (or so they tell me) but still NOTHING. I am able to get other short codes so I’m seriously wondering if it’s Twitter. I’ve tried contacting their support but THEY SUCK with their non answers. I seriously do not know if it’s actually my carrier but I’m tired of dealing with it so I switched to my GVoice number. The most frustrating part is the fact that I don’t get to hear Sully say, “Hey Valerie,” whenever I get a text notification from Twitter…

Sullivan Stapleton on Blindspot
Sully on Blindspot

We hit the outlets on Saturday and it was so fun walking around and looking through the different shops. We didn’t buy too much and I actually refrained from buying anything at Coach and Michael Kors even though both stores were having a killer sale (hello, 50% off!). I did buy some undies and a pair of shoes…

And Sunday was Super Bowl LII. It was a good game! I’m so NOT a Patriots fan so I was rather excited by the end of it. We watched at our friends’ house and had a great time. I even won one of the boxes. I have money for Girl Scout cookies! SO JOYFUL!…

lumpia at the super bowl party
the lumpia was so good!

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26 January 2018 @ 10:29 am

Inevitably, the tide of my fangirl love changes. Time and more knowledge of the object of affection works to erode the heat of that rush of discovery. Sometimes the adoration turns into something steady and sweet, soft and comforting. Sometimes the adoration crumbles into a memory, usually pleasant and easy. In rare moments, the adoration gives way to something opposite, striving for indifference after the dislike.

I am a loyal fangirl. I talked about Ryan Gosling a fair amount of years before most people knew his name. I can tell stories about meeting Karl Urban that still make people laugh a little. I will check on Mark Mulder even though he retired from baseball years ago. I will promote my favorites– their acting gigs, their shows, their albums. And I do so because it makes me happy to spread joy and to share the awesome and lovely.

So the current state of my fangirl loving has shifted a bit. My other favorites are drawing my attention again in different ways, as if reminding me that they’re still there and that I still adore them. And I do still adore them all. It’s definitely delighting me seeing Tom Hardy and Taylor Kitsch post on instagram. I was really surprised about Kitsch. And it looks like Tom Hardy is/was in San Francisco filming. SO CLOSE! How could he be so close and I didn’t know until now? I would LOVE to meet him. Alas!


  • We took the 4K plunge! Now I can watch the two 4K movies I’ve so far purchased as well as the 4K movies in our iTunes library. Glorious! It’s going to be fun finding 4K stuff to watch. Now when I actually buy movies, I’m going to have to go with 4K discs. Fun times…
  • I upgraded my iPad! Now I have more space for apps and media. Super cool. I might have to carry it around and really put it through the paces. I downloaded some movies as well as some music just to have something on it in case I don’t have any WiFi and such. I loved my other iPad but it only had 16 GB of space and I could only have so many apps on it…


“Barely Friends, But with Benefits” – I started filling between the dialogue but it’s slow going at the moment. I think I’m at that point of losing creative gas with all of my on going stories. I’d like to finish this one. I think it’s more of a short story or novella. We shall see…

“The Little One” – Quite stalled on this one but I am determined to finish it…

Falling Into Place – I’m still in the editing stage with this story. I think I want to definitely change stuff towards the last third of the story but whenever I start reading through it, I like it. Ugh!


Sully on Blindspot

My busy time of year starts this week. Hopefully I’m prepared for it. I’ll have to say the same thing many times a day and hopefully sound pleasant when I’m saying it.

Jordan Davis is going to be in San Jose on Wednesday and I won’t be there. Alas! It’ll be a good show, I’m sure, and he’s going to make some new fans for sure. Hope my friends get pictures with him…

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