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So I’ve decided that I’m going to write during the week and see what sticks to me for the weekend post. Here’s what I wrote this week…

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher

Full disclosure– I am a big Henry Cavill fan. Wait, that’s not quite a surprise, is it? No, I think not. Still, I think it bears mentioning as I plod along with my thoughts on his casting as Geralt in The Witcher series coming to Netflix. I adore Henry Cavill. I believe he is a good actor. He’s made me laugh, he’s made me cry, and he’s made me want to just drink in his presence at every opportunity. He sounds like he could be a Listworthy, right? He’s too popular to be one of my Listworthy fellas but he’s pretty much in league with them affection-wise. He’s been in my head since he was in Man of Steel. And he’s been the man in plenty of my stories since then.

So second full disclosure– I knew nothing about The Witcher books or video games. Now I know a little (yah for Wikipedia!). I am going to read the books (I’m not much of a gamer) just so that I can know about this world of The Witcher. Will I imagine a version of Henry Cavill as the character? Probably. Or not. I’ve seen enough pictures of what the character looks like to keep Henry out of it. I’ve already read a sample and I want to read more.

From the little I’ve read online, I know fans of The Witcher are divided on this casting. People have an image in their heads of Geralt and they can’t fit Henry into that image. I totally understand. Some people question his acting ability. Some think he’s too “bulky.” Others just flat out don’t want Henry as Geralt. I haven’t really followed who was a frontrunner in the minds of fans but Henry apparently wasn’t it. Will the fans of the books and games give this series a chance? I hope they do. If they want to disparage it at least they can do it after experiencing it. Will Henry’s casting draw in new fans to The Witcher? In my case, yes.

Maybe after I read the books, I’ll wonder if Henry was the right call for Geralt. Even though I adore him, I have thoughts on what kind of characters I’d like to see him play. Maybe I’ll think he’s not right for the character. But knowing he’s a fan of that world means that he will do his very best to bring Geralt to life. And yes, I’ll be there to watch…

a pretty filtered picture of me?

Stepping Away from Social Media

Oh no, not me. I like my Instagram and Twitter too much to deactivate and Facebook is the way I keep track of family. I have no plans to deactivate my social media but I absolutely understand why some people have given up on any or all social media.

Twitter is probably the most toxic of all the social media. It allows people to be absolute scum of the earth even as it allows others to shine. The problem these days is that people tweet things and for some reason some of it becomes “news” with little fact checking and the like. The bright lights and laughter are so easily drowned out by the deluge of utter crap. And lo if you are actually the target of all that crap. How soul sucking it must be? And what about the people actually spewing the crap. How bad is their life that they’ll direct their hate towards someone they don’t know?

So I get why some people have left Twitter. It’s easy for me to float along. I don’t have a huge followers list. The people I follow are mostly easy to read. Some of them get carried away spreading the horror and I’ve taken steps to keep my twitter sanity by doing the following:

  1. Turn off Retweets – This is the first thing I do when I notice that someone I follow seems to RT stuff I don’t want to read. If I wanted to read the stuff they constantly RT, then I’ll follow the people/brands/news that report on such stuff. I don’t mind the occasional RT that actually educates but when it starts to get out of control, I’ll turn off retweets.
  2. Mute the profile – When I mute a profile, it’s really the first step towards getting unfollowed by me. It’s the easy way to stay on their followers count without actually unfollowing. Maybe I’ll unmute the profile later. Or maybe I’ll look at my following count and start to unfollow from the muted ones if I haven’t cared enough to check them out on my own.
  3. Mute Words – Maybe someone keeps on mentioning something or someone I want to avoid (spoilers of shows, celebs I don’t like). I’ve just recently started using this method to avoid reading about a particular country singer I don’t like. (I just don’t see the appeal of this particular singer and seeing his face or name in my timeline because I follow other country artists just irritates me.)
  4. Unfollow – I’ve unfollowed people for a couple of reasons— they’re no longer tweeting, I don’t find them interesting anymore (sometimes I’ll watch a show and follow a lot of the people in the show then the show ends and I’m not too interested in the actors). I’m trying to keeping my following list under 1000 accounts followed. I’m currently just under 900 and would love to delete more.
  5. Block – I mostly block fake accounts, way too political accounts (both left and right), and people who’ve blocked me. I don’t like to block accounts and it has in recent days become an irritant because some people I follow quote tweet people I block. It’s maddening! Oh well.

Why do I keep my social media profiles? Well, the best reason is I’ve been lucky enough to get my first and second profile name choices (kiari on Instagram and Facebook, walelia on Twitter). I don’t want anyone else to have those names. I’m not a celebrity or a brand so for the most part, I’m not bothered by trolls and the like. I can go along and just be myself, which includes refraining from posting without much thought. I post to express myself, to share bits of my life. I also post to record moments in my life for me to glance back upon in later days. As much as I like the replies and likes, it’s not the main reason I tweet or post pictures or post updates. I understand the toxicity of social media but I work on keeping my timelines interesting and tailored to my interests. It’s not say that I don’t appreciate differing opinions because I do. But when it gets too far right or too far left and for far too long, I start to prune the timeline. And on my end, I try to post things brighter than not because if anyone actually reads my stuff, I want them to smile than not…

Oh dexter, sorry for your Netflix fail

I have more than my fair share of email addresses. I’m weird like that. And I use a lot of them (and some I don’t) for various things, like buying stuff or personal stuff or “professional” stuff or secret stuff. Sometimes people use my email address to sign up for stuff and the most recent one was someone called “dexter” using my email address for his Netflix account.

At first I didn’t care. I get a lot of junk mail in that account and who cares if someone used my email address to start their Netflix membership? Then I started to try and clean up that particular email account and the emails from Netflix began to irritate me. Who was this “dexter” and why was he using my email address?! Everytime dexter made a change to his account (like setting up profiles for children), I’d get an email. It finally got to me so here’s what happened:

  1. I changed the password
  2. I logged into the account
  3. I checked out the account information
  4. I clicked on the deactive link
  5. The account will deactivate at the end of the billing cycle on September 29

Sucks to be dexter!

And no, I’m not sorry in the least bit…

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Ryan in First Man

I was checking out the IMDB for William Gregory Lee and lo, he’s in First Man?! I think he’s in the screencapture. I hope he has a scene with Ryan so I can think to myself, “Ha! I’ve met both of them!”

I saw Crazy Rich Asians again because why the heck not? Still so good! I still teared up at the same spots. It’s such a good movie. Go watch it!

Now that we’re in September, I hope the days turn cooler. Sometime soon?

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The temperatures have slightly cooled to the more tolerable (to me) 80s or so. THANK GOODNESS. I am absolutely ready for days cool enough for hoodies in the morning at the very least. I seriously do not care for temperatures in the upper 90s. Not at all…


Crazy Rich Asians – Such a good movie! I loved it. It really was wonderful watching a movie filled with Asians telling a story anyone could understand. Could I relate to the wealthy stuff? Umm, no. But I could definitely relate to the different aspects of family and how complicated those relationships are. It’s a fun movie with laughs and love and drama. I would definitely recommend it. Go watch!

Out and about in the jersey

After the movie, we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and football. I wore my new 49er jersey! Kinda love it a lot. OF COURSE someone had to make a comment as they walked by me while we were at the restaurant. I get it, you might not be a 49er fan but why would you make what amounts to a stupid comment in support of a team that wasn’t even playing at the moment? Snicker to yourself or whatever but why be snide when no one was talking to you or even cared about your preference? Some people are just asses…

I had a dream that I was hanging out with Tyler Rich and I wanted to show him the picture of me in my jersey and I couldn’t find the pictures on my phone. So maddening! It felt real and not finding the pictures frustrated me…

And speaking of Tyler, his self-titled EP is set to drop on September 21st! I’m so excited!!!

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Every time I sit down to write my blog, I don’t remember what I might want to write for the week. It’s just all a blur. So let’s go random babblings…

Batman has his eye on me

Flashpoint – We’ve been re-watching this show. It is SO GOOD. And even though I remember a lot of the episodes, I’ve forgotten a lot of details so it’s like watching a new show. It’s on Hulu and I definitely recommend it. It has action and heart and it’ll make you almost cry sometimes…

Deadpool 2 – Super Duper Cut – We received our 4K disc and watched the digital version last night. The extra fifteen minutes fit seamlessly into the movie and even though I noticed some new bits, they did not detract from the film or change the tone at all. And the movie is still pretty good…

Me, a little moody

I like when my selfies turn out nicely. It’s obviously about angles and filters. And apparently a bit of moodiness? I posted a version of the one above on Instagram and it got some likes, which is always nice…

The minivan is out of the garage, battery charged, and washed. We took it to the Prime Shine in Tracy. I love taking the vehicles through the Prime Shine. Why don’t we have any around here?…

Tyler did a couple of shows north of here and we didn’t get to go to any of them. I love seeing all the pictures and videos. I especially loved the videos and pictures of Tyler getting his latest tattoo! Can’t wait to see a proper picture of it. Of course it made me want my next tattoo. I just don’t know where or what my next tattoo will be…

Oh, and my All Blacks won their first game of The Rugby Championship! I woke up at almost 3 am to watch the match against the Wallabies. I love my rugby!

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One of my favorite places to shop online is 1888design.com. The pieces are unique and intriguing and more often than not are affordable (especially when deals are abound). I have several pieces now and not a week goes by that I don’t wear one or two or three. I try not to check out the site too often because I am easily tempted.

1888 Design piece “Immortal Wisdom”
“Immortal Wisdom”

When I saw this piece, I was immediately drawn to it. I hedged for a couple of weeks or so but last week decided to pull the trigger. I had a discount code that gave me 50% off so I was set. It was mailed the next day and the tracking number indicated a Thursday delivery.

It’s always great knowing something is coming in the mail. In this day and age of instant gratification, I still enjoy the anticipation of getting mail. Thursday rolled around and I received a notification that my mail was delivered then a moment later was the Ring notification that showed the mail carrier deliver our mail. I somehow managed to keep my impatience at bay until we got home after work.

No mail from 1888 Design.

Our Ring works decently enough so I knew someone didn’t just take that piece of mail (and leave the other delivered envelopes). The mail carrier was too quick for me to figure out in the video if he had actually dropped my envelope in the box. So did the mail carrier scan my envelope and forget to drop it in our box? Did he mis-deliver it to our neighbor? Did someone sneak onto our porch and take just that envelope?

I immediately wanted to report lost mail but USPS makes you wait seven days. I emailed 1888 Design just to update them even though it was absolutely NOT their fault. I thought maybe it would show up the next day, that perhaps the mail carrier had scanned it and forgotten to actually deliver it.

It didn’t show up the next day.

I still had this weird hope that it would show up. This piece, “Immortal Wisdom,” had called to me and I knew deep down that it would somehow get to me. If I had to knock on my neighbor’s door for it, I would. If I had to submit a claim, I would. If all I needed was to be patient, I could do that.

Saturday we went to Livermore for a BBQ at our friends’ house. We had a great time and I didn’t think too much about the mail though when the Ring notification came, I did check out the video to see if I could see anything. Other than that, I didn’t think of it until I parked the truck in the driveway and saw a large envelope in our mailbox.

My 1888 Design piece had arrived!

My “Immortal Wisdom” piece from 1888 Design

It seemed mostly intact except for a slight rip at the top of the envelope, as if someone had thought of opening it. The box inside the envelope had been untouched (it was taped, which was something new to me but much appreciated). And my latest piece from 1888 Design was safe and snug and ready for me.

I’m not really sure what happened. I’ll probably never know what happened. All I know is that this piece was meant for me and it found its way to me. Now I have a story to go with it…

Trying on my latest piece from 1888 Design

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05 August 2018 @ 10:11 pm

The kids out this way started school this week. We had convocation on Tuesday, the day before the first day of school. It’s always fun seeing everyone in the school district in one place.

Convocation crowd

It was a busy week full of phone calls, parent visits, making appointments for my boss. Outside the skies were smokey from the fires burning in places far from us. I was grateful for the air conditioning and the workload.

Henry Cavill

My Henry Cavill thing continues. It’s very odd to suddenly have him be my fangirl focus yet here I am. He and Sully seem to fight over being the fellas in my stories and right now Henry is winning. Maybe it’s because he’s just so easy to imagine as different kinds of men.


Kim’s Convenience – We started watching this show on Netflix. It’s so funny! I love that it’s about an Asian family and that they’re Canadian. I’m enjoying it. It’s super weird to think the one who plays the father is actually a year younger than me. Oy!

Sharp Objects – We’re watching this mini-series because of Amy Adams. It’s dark and strange and intriguing. It’s not an easy watch but it’s so well done.


I’m currently trying to write a second chance story. The couple were together and break up and are in the maybe getting back together stage. I’m trying to figure out what would make them break up. It’s a misunderstanding of sorts but I don’t have anything specific yet…


I’m for cooler weather even though I know it won’t be here for a couple of months… I ordered another piece from 1888 Design because it was calling to me… The Crusaders won the Super Rugby championship! Loved being able to watch it and cheer on the boys. Now I must wait almost two weeks for The Rugby Championship…

Waiting for my latest piece from 1888 Design

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Movie time!

Mission: Impossible Fallout – Truth – I watched this movie in the theatre because Henry Cavill is in it. I’ve seen every Mission Impossible movie but I can’t remember if I saw any of them in the theatre. Maybe the first one? Who knows! But this one I made sure to watch opening weekend because 1) Henry Cavill and 2) we had discount movie tickets (thank you, T-Mobile Tuesday).

I’ve learned from re-watching the Mission Impossible movies that they’re action packed and super stressful to watch and Fallout was no different. It was an adrenaline rush with quiet moments of heart. A lot of the plot was not surprising but it was still fun to watch. The stunts were amazing, the locales breathtaking, the acting respectable. It was great seeing Henry as a different kind of character. He looked good and he played his part well.

If you’ve seen the other Mission Impossible movies, this one is definitely one to watch.

Beer at Imperiale Beer Care

This week was the last full week of summer break. The kids out this way go back to school on Wednesday. Time just flies. And yet it’s still summer according to the calendar. Joyful!

Concerts in the Park

We went to the Concerts in the Park on Friday night. It was fun! The band, Nova, was super energetic, making the crowd quite lively. Twas nice being outside listening to live music even though it was pretty warm even after the sun went down. I think the next time I want to go is when it’s country music…

A good week to all!

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Work was busy this week. The school sites had their days of walk-thru, which meant calls from the school sites and parents and all kinds of stuff. Add the fact that the weather was grossly warm and you have a long week.

our Instant Pot

We bought an Instant Pot during Amazon Prime Day! Couldn’t resist and we’ve already used it. We made our usual crock pot roast and it turned out great in a fraction of the time. Glorious!

the first Instant Pot meal

It’s Sunday night and nearly past my bedtime. I could write about my disappointment in Disney’s firing of James Gunn (WTF are they thinking?!) or how I wish we had been in San Francisco this weekend for the Rugby Sevens World Cup (go All Blacks!) or work (adjusting to new people, etc) but now I have no time because I must go to bed.

How about a picture of wine called Writer’s Block? It’s so good!

Writer's Block Syrah

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It was a hot summer day on Saturday and we headed out to McClellan for the 101.9 The Wolf COUNTRY JAM at the Jackson Sports Academy. Craig Campbell was the headliner, along with Ashley Barron, Jimmie Allen, Josh Gracin but we were going for Tyler Rich.

Let me start with the not so cool part– the venue was indoors. Now on a hot summer’s day this should have been good news because the thought would be there’s some kind of air conditioning. Well, no air conditioning. It was definitely in the 90s. I was so sweaty for most of our time in there and my only comfort was that everyone else was suffering the same way. Goodness!

Now for the good stuff!

the good times with good people
good times with such good people

I got to see my friends! It was great catching up with everyone and spending time with them even though it was hot as balls in that place. Seeing Joanne, Kiersten, Megan, and Hayley, meeting Jessica, hanging with Vince, chatting with Ivan– all good times! We saw Sabina early on and got a quick group picture together then I didn’t see her again until after Tyler’s set. We saw Tyler during Jimmie Allen’s set and I had a chance to chat a little with him. We also took a picture together and he didn’t have a hat on! I also gave him my usual envelope which made his face light up.

with a hatless Tyler
capless Tyler & me

A rundown on the artists in order of appearance:

Ashley Barron – She was energetic and lively. I didn’t know any of her songs but she had the crowd going.

Jimmie Allen – WOW! He is so good! He sounded great, he had great stage presence. I am definitely going to buy his album when it comes out.

Josh Gracin – Tyler wrote a song with Gracin when he first arrived in Nashville (I don’t think it was ever released) but I remember one of his songs from several years ago.

Tyler – As always, he was amazing! Songs he played: “Where I Want to Be” (title?), “Turn It Up,” “California Grown,” “I Can Teach Ya,” “Adrenaline,” and “The Difference.” (I think that was all of them but not in order.) As always, it’s a treat watching Tyler live and I’m glad to have finally witnessed “The Difference” live and in person. So good!

Craig Campbell – We didn’t stay for his whole set. He sounded good but I don’t think I knew any of the songs we heard.

I bought a meet and greet for Tyler because I wasn’t sure I’d get a chance to catch him before or after his set in a more casual setting. I went to the line after his set and waited with the other fans. Sabina came out at some point while we were all waiting but I didn’t want to get out of line to say hello again to her. I figured that I’d see her again when I was finished with the meet and greet. I had something for her too so I knew I’d have to see her. She actually ended up coming into the room during the meet and greet.

with Tyler
my meet and greet shot with Tyler

It was lovely getting an “official” shot with Tyler. It was my second one with him. I think it turned out rather nice, eh? My friend took video and it should be a fun watch.

After a quick chat with my friends, I headed over to Sabina and she was just soooo sweet. I seriously love that lady. We hugged, I gave her a card, we chatted a little, we took some pictures together. I love her new jean jacket. It’s a custom one. Oh, and I saw her beautiful ring.

with Sabina
seriously, I adore this one

I left the room soon after and we headed home after a couple of Craig Campbell songs. All in all, a good time in spite of all the heat. Was the sweat worth it? Yes, for me it was…

Tyler on stage

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My week off from work was gloriously LAZY. I meant to write a short story or novella but my creative juices weren’t having it. I probably should have read a book or two but I didn’t. So lazy!

4th of July – We walked downtown early in the morning, found our spot at Crown and Crow, then I watched the parade. I took so many pictures! I love our parades. Afterwards, we headed to the city park for hot dogs and a bit of music. It was really a lovely day, not too hot but definitely bright.

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July
love the sound of these guys…


Ant-Man and the Wasp – As much of a Marvel movie watcher that I am, I super hedged on watching Ant-Man. I just wasn’t into him for some reason but after watching Avengers: Infinity War and seeing the fun trailers for Ant-Man and the Wasp, I knew I had to see Ant-Man so as to have a better feel for the sequel. And I’m glad that I did watch it. I enjoyed the humor and the lightness of it and the sequel had a lot of the same and I definitely liked it. I most definitely loved that The Wasp had a bigger role in this movie. She was awesome! And yes, I do like how the movie tied to the events of Infinity War.

I saw the movie on Friday and this led to me watching four more Marvel movies at home that day. We had watched the first two Thor movies as well as the first two Iron Mans a couple of weeks ago so I decided on all the Captain America movies with Age of Ultron between the last two Captain America movies. Then this weekend I also watched the third Iron Man and Thor movies as well as Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh, and breaking from the whole Marvel thing, I also watched all three of the last Star Trek movies.

Captain America: First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War – I love Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America but for awhile I found the character to be too goody-goody. It was almost annoying. But watching all three movies and seeing how much he changed and grew, I have a new appreciation for him. He always wants to do the right thing, even when it means going against what people SAY is the right thing. He always goes with his heart and how can you not appreciate that about him? Well, it took time, but now I do. The last movie was such a jumping point for the movies that came after it.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Oddly enough, another movie that is such a jumping point for the movies after it, and it was one that I’d only seen once or twice. When I watched it, I felt like it was such a comedown from the first Avengers movie (which is still one of my very favorites) and perhaps that’s why I didn’t give it a chance. Watching it this time around, I was surprised by how much I missed (like how this was the first time we see Ulysses Klaue). It’s still not one of my favorites but it has its moments and I’m sure I’ll watch it again.

Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek Beyond – I still love these movies very much.


I suppose I’m ready to go back to work. I’m glad that I’m only going to work three days this week then one more long weekend which includes seeing Tyler Rich! It’s been WAY TOO LONG since we’ve seen Tyler. I miss him. I hope we get to see Sabina too. I’m going to take lots of pictures.

Speaking of Tyler, have you heard “11:11” yet? Give it a listen!

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03 July 2018 @ 05:27 pm

Let’s see, what happened last week? I’m late again in posting my weekly rundown. I should have gotten this up during the weekend but as I’m on summer break, I’ve turned into quite a lazy being in that I don’t really know what day of the week it is. Jus kidding, I know it’s Monday (as of this writing) and I’ll probably not post this until Tuesday. Ah well.


Battle Beyond the Stars – We watched this movie on one of the streaming platforms over the weekend and lo, what a cheesy kind of adventure! I’d never seen it before and I can see why. Still, it was interesting. The special effects were decent for the time. The acting was little, umm, late 70s/early 80s. The story was a space opera take of a western which was in turn a western take of a Japanese movie. Part of me thinks I should find that movie to compare. Anyhoo, it was one of James Cameron’s first gigs and led to his big break. (Or so I’ve read…)

Annihilation – Decidedly strange. I’ve seen it bundled with The Arrival but it was missing the smart twist that movie had. Still, I liked watching it and wondering what the hell was happening…

Fahrenheit 451 – This HBO movie was interesting. Now I need to read the book. I wonder if they simplified the source story and modernized it. I felt like it was missing something…

Bent – I will watching anything that has Karl Urban in it, hence watching this movie. I liked him in it. I liked Sofia Vergara in it. The story was pretty basic, the dialogue quite cheesy. I can see why it ended up straight to digital but if you like Karl Urban and you’ve got some time to kill, this one won’t damage those little gray cells too much.


Eureka – We’re doing a slow re-watch of this show as its now on Amazon Prime. We just finished the first season and it’s amazing how much of it I do NOT remember. I know I watched it but I must not have paid as much attention as I am doing now. It’s still a great show and I do miss it…

Pride and Prejudice – The 1995 adaptation starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth is my most favorite. It’s quite faithful to the book (which is also one of my favorites). It’s streaming on Hulu and the quality is rather gorgeous. I have this movie on blu-ray (having had it on VHS as well as regular DVD) but I love the convenience of watching it digitally. So glad it’s on Hulu and in such great quality…


“11:11” – Tyler Rich released an advanced track from his upcoming album. I’ve heard it a couple of times live. Another great song from Tyler. I hope we get his album before the end of the year. I want more songs to memorize!

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25 June 2018 @ 09:40 pm

My first long weekend of summer break is almost over. I fret not because I only work three days this week before having eleven days off. SUPER SWEET!

Friday I want to the movies (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom). Sunday was a lazy day and today (Monday) was mostly lazy except at the moment the shower isn’t draining and we might have to call a plumber, ye gods!

Saturday was my dad’s birthday party. He turned 76 on June 14th and wanted to have family over on Saturday to celebrate. He also had a friend entertain us with some music towards the end of the party. There was so much fun and I can’t even remember the last time I’d been to a family party where most of the food was Filipino.

I don’t cook so we ordered lumpia and picked it up before heading to Pittsburg to pick up my grandmother and her housemate. I spent most of the drive talking with my grandmother. She told me some family stories which I just found so fascinating. Sometimes you think you know things and then someone tells you a story and you realize you don’t know much at all.


It was great spending time with family, catching up with my grandmother and aunts and cousins. I think my dad was happy to have everyone there.


with Nana

so much food

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I tweeted that I would name this blog post thusly so here it is!

If you’re reading this then you know that I’ve been “Kiari” online for a bit of time now. I consider it my online name and I began using it in 1997, its first incarnation on AOL. A year later, I scooped up kiari.com and here we are, almost twenty years later and I’m still “Kiari.” It might not be my given name but it’s the name I gave myself when I started my online adventures.

Whenever a new place starts online, I ALWAYS start with my name (and it’s almost NEVER available) then Kiari then Walelia. If I’m fast enough, I almost always get Kiari (Instagram, Facebook) otherwise I get Walelia (Twitter the most prominent). No one ever really cares that I’m Walelia but there are times here and there when I get inquiries about Kiari. Most of the time I do not respond, especially if it’s in regards to my domain but when it’s Instagram, I am sometimes compelled to reply.

The latest inquiry came by way of Instagram. A young girl named Kiari messaged me and basically demanded that I give up my name so that she can have it. Her logic was that since Kiari isn’t my given name and it is hers, then she should have the name. I took a look at her profile and she looked like a teenager, which means that even though she was given the name Kiari, I’ve probably had it for longer. I managed to keep it polite with her and she eventually backed off. Still, I found it a little annoying.

Here’s the thing, the internet is basically first come, first serve when it comes to profile names. And telling someone they must give up their profile name is just plain rude. Such are internet interactions sometimes, I suppose. Just to be clear, I will not give up any of my online profile names. And I especially will not give them up to someone who wasn’t even alive when I started using the names…

still love this tattoo

Tyler was in Santa Rosa today (Sunday) but we didn’t go. We’ll see him next month and I’m trying not to feel too bummed to have missed him and the gang. Alas!


Remember that model who blocked me? She made her Instagram private so that only her followers can see her pictures and Instagram stories now. I find it odd and interesting that she resorted to such measures considering most of her posts were of her “modeling” and not much else. Strange, don’t you think? Well, now I don’t have to see her face unless he posts her and that’s just fine by me. Still, I find it curious that she’s locked down her one social media account…

And that’s all I have to say about that…

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maybe you’ll say
I have it all
living the dream
love and light
joy and curiosity
maybe you’ll say
how could it be
I made you laugh
I made you cry
I made you think
maybe you’ll say
I had no reason
to walk away
to end this dream
to turn to memory
maybe you’ll say
I should have reached out
talked about this darkness
talked about this fear
talked about this certainty
maybe you’ll say
there are no words
to this grief
to this pain
to this rage
maybe you’ll say
you didn’t know
maybe you did
maybe you didn’t
maybe it was my only way

The last day of school for our students was Thursday and it’s now Summer Break! I’m still trying to figure out what days to take off for break (I don’t get the summer off as I’m a 12 month employee). I know I’m going to make long weekends and also take a week off. I just need to figure out how greedy I want to be about those long weekends.

meat and cheese board plus beer at Stone Brewing

Yesterday we took a day trip to Napa. We checked out Stone Brewing then had lunch at Napa Valley Palisades. On our way home, we stopped at Heretic, which was recently expanded and looks great! It was lovely way to spend the day…

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maybe you miss me
those bits of sweet attention
filled with such longing

It was a short work week but lo, it felt so long! I’m not even sure that it really dragged or anything of the sort. No, it was more that the days were busy and such. Also, the weather started to turn its eye towards summer, which has a way of dragging me down. I was so glad when the week was over but alas, the weekend is never long enough and here I am writing on Sunday evening, drawing a blank of what I’ve done these past couple of days…

I read the other day about why Solo: A Star Wars Story is so dimly lit– it’s the fault of the projector the movie theaters are using. Even though I do understand the idea of it all (the cinematography is so fancy that theaters need up-to-date equipment handle all the magical goodness), PERHAPS the movie should be made in mind of the capabilities of ALL movie projectors. Or more so, perhaps the movies should come with instructions on what tweaks should be made in order for the movie to be viewed at its ideal. I must say that when I worked the movie projector oh so long ago, we just had to make sure the film was properly threaded through the projector and that the sound was at an acceptable level. I don’t remember needing to adjust the bulbs beyond making sure they actually worked…

Tyler is #2 on The Highway
“The Difference” is #2 on The Highway!

This is pretty awesome! I’m so glad the song is doing so well and I hope it keeps climbing all the charts because I seriously want to get my next tattoo. “The Difference” hasn’t yet appeared on the country radio surveys I take every week, which I find a bit curious. I love taking those surveys and I hope my votes make a bit of difference. I want to see Tyler on those surveys so I can show my love in yet another way!

Speaking of Tyler, CMA Fest starts on Thursday in Nashville. I am jealous of all the people who will be there to see all the amazing artists. I hope if you know me and you’re there, you tell Tyler I said hello. And if you haven’t seen Tyler perform live yet, GO SEE HIM! He’s fantastic live whether with his band or just a guitar. He’s mesmerizing!

Sully is popular

So if I ever need online attention, I just need to post a shot of Sullivan Stapleton on Instagram. Almost every time I post something Sully, I get so many likes! You’d think I was a Sullivan Stapleton fan site. He gets more likes than when I post Henry Cavill. Crazy, right? I wonder if Sully even notices. He probably doesn’t. Or if he does, it gives him a laugh.


Yes, totally on a Henry Cavill trip right now. Don’t ask why. Just enjoy the random pics of him that I post. He’s hooked with Hugo Boss, hence the glasses. So Clark Kent, eh?

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