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National Novel Writing Month is over! I’d say sorry for not writing each week but I’m not sorry I kept focused on my novel, which hit the 50,000 word count on November 25, 2018. The novel ended with 53,319 words and will needs LOTS of editing. I think I lost a little creative juice towards the end but I plowed through and managed to actually end the story. I might want to re-work the ending. We shall see.

National Novel Writing Month stats

So what happened the month of November?

  • Elections – Let’s see how it all shakes out. I voted (early and by mail, glorious!) and that’s all I really want to say about that.
  • California fires – The fires up north and the fires down south were utterly devastating. Most of the focus here in the Bay Area was on the fires up north because the smoke from those fires drifted down our way and affected our air quality in a huge way. On the Friday before Thanksgiving, our school district and the surrounding school districts all closed because of the air quality. We saw relief during Thanksgiving week by way of a most welcomed storm that cleaned the air and brought us much needed water.
  • I continued my daily walk to the library during my lunch break. I used the time there to write my NaNoWriMo. It’s a lovely way to get away from the office during the work day.
  • I drank too much wine at the Wine Stroll the Saturday after Thanksgiving. But hey, I tasted some damn good wine. Oh, and we made the local (online) paper!
  • I bought another 1888 Design piece and I LOVE IT! It was on sale and whenever 1888 Design has a sale, I’m always tempted to buy something.

The best part of November was my sister and her family visiting for Thanksgiving week! It had been three years since their last visit. It’s always a treat seeing them and my nieces have gotten so big! My nieces and my cousins’ kids took another picture with Santa at the mall and looking at it made me realize that this would probably be the last time we’d see all the girls together as “little girls.” Two of the girls are ten now so wow, time FLIES. (My nieces are nine and four.)

Highlights of Thanksgiving week included:

  • Hanging out with my sister and cousins and their families at our cousin’s house. We ate, watched sports, and chatted. Always love hanging out at my cousin’s house!
  • Breakfast with more family! We had breakfast at Elio’s in San Leandro with my dad, our cousins, our aunt and uncle. We were a big and lively group. The food was delicious and the company even better. We wandered over to my aunt and uncle’s house to visit a little and meet the new baby (granddaughter of my cousin).
  • Pictures with Santa at the mall. I don’t know how parents do it but just walking the mall with six girls is a little exhausting. But they had fun and we had fun and that’s the important thing. Oh, and pictures!
  • Thanksgiving Day with family. I love when we can spend a holiday with family. We went to our cousin’s house in Pleasanton and she made a fantastic meal. I am so grateful to have such a loving family who share their days with us.

Thanksgiving highlights
Thanksgiving highlights

I love when my sister and her family visit. I love seeing my nieces and watching them and talking with them and just giving them big hugs. I’m glad that we stay in touch with technology and such. Thank goodness my sister actually posts on FB and Instagram with updates on her girls.


Our weather went from warm/almost hot to super chilly/sometimes rainy. I do not mind it much. I like when it’s hoodie weather and if it even gets cold enough for an actual coat, all the better!

First Street
the day of the wine stroll was cool & cloudy…

I always never feel ready for the holidays. November has become my favorite month because I seem to focus well enough to write a novel. When December rolls around, I’m almost disappointed because I’m no longer in that writing frenzy. Since we don’t decorate at home, this time of year usually just means it’s getting colder and I could possibly have time off at the end of the month, which is pretty awesome.

the library at night
the library the other night

I have other things I could recount here but sometimes certain things in life need not a public airing. So here’s to getting back to writing weekly posts!

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05 November 2018 @ 08:59 pm

It’s Monday and I totally forgot to write an entry for week forty-four so what you’re getting now is off the top of my head and random.

This week saw the end of October and the beginning of November, which means NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH! Since the first of November, I have written more than words than the pace and I’m determined to have at least 30,000 words by the end of next week because my sister and her family are due to visit. How excited am I?! I am SO EXCITED!!!

I’m ahead of the pace for my novel but I need to do better if I want to hit my self imposed 30,000 by the middle of the month. All the pre-writing and planning of the characters and plot certainly helped once I started writing. I can’t wait to see where the story goes and I look forward to guiding my characters to their bliss.

LOVE this song

I bought Lacy Cavalier’s latest song, “Cheating on U” and spent all of Saturday morning listening to that song on repeat. IT IS SO GOOD. The lyric video just takes it to another level.

Did you vote on November 6th? I did!

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American Assassin – Finally got around to watching this movie and I liked it! The main actor, Dylan O’Brien, did a fantastic job of playing Mitch Rapp. I enjoyed the action and intrigue and thought it was all well done. I loved seeing Taylor Kitsch as the main villain. He was smart and crazy and always in control even if his intentions were nefarious.

Domain – William Gregory stars along with Britt Lower and Ryan Merriman in this movie so when I saw it was available to buy (I found it on Vudu), I had to get it… It was a fascinating movie with fantastic performances by all. Of course, I watched for Greg and he does a great job in it. The movie leaves you pondering a few things.

Greg Lee
Greg as Boston in Domain


National Novel Writing Month is next month aka in a few days (whenever this gets posted). I have been distracted by my new phone but I’m trying to jot down ideas here and there in my new Rocketbook Everlast notebook. My characters are mostly set but I’m still not sure about a few things, like specifically what the main male character does for a living. I’m also wondering if I have enough actual story to write 50,000 words. We shall see!


This probably goes under tech freak chick– I’m so digging the Rocketbook Everlast notebook (getrocketbook.com)! I have all the sizes for the Everlast (the two personal ones are the letter sized and mini, the one at work is the executive sized). I love notebooks and one of the folks at work turned on our department to the Rocketbook notebook and so most of us in our department got one each. I think I was the only one to get the executive sized one but it’s great for my use. I had also ordered the mini to try out on my own (I received it before my work one).

my rocketbooks

The notebooks are reusable as long as you use a Frixion pen, which are erasable. (They’re so much nicer than the old school erasable pens that were just a mess.) You write in the notebook, then use the Rocketbook app on your phone to take a scan. The app can then send your notes as PDFs or jpgs to the cloud place of your choice. I have my work notes sent to OneNote, my writing notes to Google Drive. I also designated a destination to the hubby. When you’re finished with the pages, you take a cloth with a bit of water and wipe down the page, thereby erasing it. You wipe it dry and then you can write again.

It is so neat!

It’s not cheap but a reusable notebook will eventually pay for itself (perhaps?). The pens are also a bit pricey but they write well enough. If you love notebooks as much as I do (I love notebooks and blank books), this is definitely one to try. I love how it uses technology and I even thought how fun it would be to write letters on printed pages and scan to keep a copy. You know, for reasons.

hello from me

I am definitely going to use the letter sized Everlast to write for my novel next month. I usually handwrite portions of my novel during the day then transcribe at night. Now I can have the scans on my computer and even transcribe them on Google Drive (though the results are a little questionable).


I am still enjoying my iPhone XS very much. I still can’t bring myself to do a real battery test. I only went one day without charging my phone during the work day. I’d like to try it again but I haven’t. I am still very impressed by the speed as well as the smoothness of use. And I really love the camera.


library stairs

Yes, I’m still going to the library! The crazy thing is that “my spot” is always free and since I walk all the way to it, I can’t help but sit there and not anywhere else. I do want to try out different spots in the library but I do love the view from my seat.

this view

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The iPhone XS – my non-expert review of my new shiny phone

Quick specs
model: iPhone XS
color: Silver
capacity: 256 GB

more info => https://www.apple.com/iphone-xs/specs/

First impressions…

iPhone XS

Of course, I love it! It’s pretty and it’s fast and it’s new. I didn’t have a choice on the color and basically just took the one they had in the capacity I wanted. If I had had a choice, I probably would have gone for the gold colored one even though my previous phone was the oh so pretty Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. I bought the silver XS and it’s now in a case so it really doesn’t matter what color it is (though you can still see the silver of the buttons).

iPhone XS

The XS is smaller in hand than the 7 Plus but the screen is the same. I don’t feel like I’m looking at a smaller phone but when I’m holding it or slipping it into my pocket, I feel the difference. I love rocking a smaller phone but don’t think I wasn’t tempted by the XS Max. If the store had it in stock, it could have ended up being my phone. But I’m quite happy with the one I bought.

I went two days without a case and I loved it. It’s scary rockin’ a new phone, a glass one at that, without a case but I managed it without a mishap. I have a case now because the hubby doesn’t trust me to always be careful. What can I say, I drop things! Of course, having a case means I get to use my Pop Socket and I love my personalized one (it’s Kiari with Ares and Hades).

morning autumn colors

I don’t carry a camera with me anymore– I depend solely on my phone now for taking pictures. It’s crazy, right? And yet this has pretty much been my reality for about three years now. I gave up on my point and shoot and have relied on my trusty phone to capture moments in my life. My iPhone 6 Plus took the first picture of me and Tyler Rich and when I gave it up for my iPhone 7 Plus, I did mourn it a bit. My iPhone 7 Plus took the first picture of me and Jordan Davis as well as me and Jacob Davis (along with his cohorts) so it had its photographic moments as well.


One of my first days out with the XS was to our Oktoberfest. Dachshunds, beer, brats! I took some pictures and videos. I was actually impressed with the quality of the selfies in portrait mode. My selfies in the park turned out pretty spiffy and I’m sure it was a combination of good lighting and the camera’s ability.

I’m so impressed with the camera that I bought a $5.99 camera app (Halide) just because I want to take better photos and maybe learn more about the intricacies of the camera on my phone.

I am super paranoid about the battery on my phone. I know, if I was truly concerned, I might think about other phones but I am quite entrenched in Apple’s ecosystem and really, there are many ways to optimize the battery. Of course, some of the tips out there just don’t work for me because 1) I want to use the phone as intended the way I want to use it and 2) many of the tips involve disabling things that I’d rather keep on.

My daily work habit is to charge my phone after lunch so that it can be 100% by the end of my work day. Even though I don’t have a commute or anything like that, I like have a phone fully charged at the workday’s end. So far, I’ve only not charged my phone after lunch for one day, just to see what the percentage would be at the end of the workday. I don’t remember the percentage but it was pretty decent (above 50%). This was with normal use (checking messages, listening to music, light social media). Since that one day, I’ve plugged in my phone after lunch. I probably don’t need to do so but since I’m not actually using the phone while I’m at work, why not let it charge, right? Still, it’s probably a little silly considering I do carry a powerbank in my purse. Oh well!

From what I’ve seen so far, the battery does a good job. I will at some point actually truly test it by going at least two days in a row without charging after lunch but I just don’t know when that day will be.

iPhone XS

The display is gorgeous. I’ll let you read the specs on it but suffice to say it’s lovely on the eyes. When you touch it, it’s smooth and responsive, almost silky. The XS doesn’t seem like the same kind of fingerprint magnet the 7 Plus was but maybe I just needed to clean my 7 Plus more… I’m still getting used to the new way to get to the home screen (I sometimes feel for the home button) but I think I’m getting the hang of it. The apps seem a little faster and most of them work as they should…

Part of me wishes that I could have seen the iPhone XR in person before buying the XS but I was always going to want the XS so it’s really more just curiosity about the upcoming release than anything. Coming from the excellent iPhone 7 Plus, the XS is a very worthy upgrade for me. Even though I probably wouldn’t have minded the XS Max, I’m glad to have a smaller phone this time. I would definitely recommend the iPhone XS…



the library

at C&C

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14 October 2018 @ 06:41 pm

was this just passing time
temporary laughter
fleeting love
because this was love
shining bright and true
now it’s gone
no wait, it lingers
hurt and blindsided
so many questions
never to be answered
was this just passing time
truth would have served better
not this one-sided game of pretend
were there rules untold
until this solitary moment
anger fires
despair wrings tears
then nothing
just time passing

I’d say more about why I wrote that poem but it’s not my story to tell. Broken hearts should only happen in stories and only for a little bit of time. When they happen to people we love, well, it’s sucks. What can you say to comfort? Words just seem empty sometimes. Your mind knows the truth in the words but your heart needs to feel it all before it syncs with your mind…

New phone!

So, I’ll have a non-expert review of the iPhone Xs after I’ve had it for a week because a couple of days of using it doesn’t really make for a fair assessment. What would I say about Xs so far? Well, it’s super pretty and fast, pictures look lovely, phone quality is excellent. Set up was easy because thank goodness for back-ups.

the lovely that's inside

I’ll take notes and have a more detailed rundown next week. Joy!

Oktoberfest, Brentwood style

We walked to downtown Brentwood for the Oktoberfest. I just wanted to see the dachshund parade. I love seeing bunches of dachshunds walking around in their cute outfits.


The beer was good and the food yummy.

Oktoberfest yummies

New hair

before & after the haircut
Before & After

The hair needed a trim so I got about four inches cut. I love going to the salon. I go to the same stylist every time because she’s just great. She always does an amazing job…


First Man – I was always going to watch this movie in the theatre because I am a Ryan Gosling fan and I’ve seen almost all his movies. When I found out that my friend Greg is in it too, well, I was determined to see it opening weekend. I watched the movie in IMAX and it was just gorgeous. I enjoyed the movie very much. Ryan was amazing and he made me want to cry a couple of times. Greg played Gordon Cooper and did not have any lines so I could only enjoy seeing him without hearing him. I wonder if he actually had any lines and they were just cut. It’s a bit of a bummer if so but I loved seeing him on the big screen. He looked good!

Blindspot – Sully on my tv!!! It was a good season premiere and I wonder 1) how long Jane is going to be Remi, 2) when will the team figure it out, 3) how will Weller react? I like how the show comes up with new ways to make the show crazy even if it makes me go a bit nutters. Mostly I like seeing Sullivan Stapleton on my tv.

Frankie and his daddy Sully
Sully & his puppers Frankie

Last babble

The kids are back in school tomorrow after two weeks off. Are they ready to come back? I’m not ready for them to come back. I’m actually already looking forward to the next holiday in November. This is the fun time of year with all the holidays and breaks!

I went to the library all the days I worked last week and I wonder if I’ll still do that once school starts up and I’m in my non-athletic shoes. It’s not that long a walk so I think I can do it in dressier shoes or boots. I love the walk and sit down in the library. I have a spot!…

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08 October 2018 @ 09:22 am

I didn’t do any prep blog writing the past week so you’re getting off the top of the head stuff and on a Monday. (The joys of fall break!) What kind of babbling I can conjure on the fly? Let’s go bullet style…

the view from my favorite spot in the library
the view from my favorite spot in the library

  • Loving our new library! I walked over last Monday as well as this past Friday. First off all, it’s a good walk from home. Second, the library is gorgeous. Third, I might have my own “spot.” Well, I sat in the same place both days so that might make it my spot, right? I checked out a book on Monday (John Scalzi’s The Collapsing Empire) and I finished it this weekend. I didn’t want it to end! Now I’m wondering how long before the second book gets to the library, either the physical book or the digital edition. Anyhoo, LOVE the new library and I hope I get my butt out there at least once a week. Maybe I’ll visit during my lunch break. It’s a short walk from work.
  • Venom – I saw this movie right after work on Thursday. I liked it! Of course, I’m a total sucker for Tom Hardy so I went in with that bias. I also scoffed at the criticisms I’d skimmed before watching. I was quite entertained and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Tom was a trip in the film and I love seeing him like that. Actually, I just love watching him on the big screen.
  • The Rugby Championship – I woke up a little after 8 am on Saturday to watch the Springboks v All Blacks match. I was actually stressed throughout the match because the All Blacks trailed for most of the game. Then they decided to turn it on in the last five or ten minutes and at the end, they won. I love seeing them win! I also love watching them work for it. Sometimes it’s just too easy for them.
  • Halfworlds – We started watching this show on Hulu. It’s so interesting! I like that it’s an Asian production with an intriguing premise. It’s quite well done and gritty. We’re still in the first season (there are two so far). It’s a bloody and violent but not overtly. I’m digging the mythological elements as well as the mystery and suspense.
  • Oh social media – I think Twitter is a little stress causing for me. It might be time to do a deeper purge. Or at least a muting. You know what makes me crazy? The people who say such precious and pretentious things. Example – someone I follow RT’d another person who praised A Star Is Born. Nothing wrong with that except for the part where the person said it should have been the movie that made $80 million (as opposed to Venom). The person ended his tweet with “No spandex suit.” Now, if I were a different person, I might have fired a reply pointing out 1) Venom is rated PG-13 whereas A Star Is Born is rated R, which means no matter how awesome a movie it is, it would have had a hard time making $80 million even if Venom hadn’t opened the same weekend and 2) there were no spandex suits in Venom. It KILLS me when people feel like that while praising something they have to disparage another thing to make what they like look better. The thing is, it doesn’t make you or what you like look better. It makes you look pretentious and small minded. Also, a person in the industry might have a little more insight as to WHY Venom did better than A Star Is Born at the box office in spite of the very different reviews each movie garnered. Here’s a clue– the auditorium was mostly filled with young boys and men for the showing I attended– young boys and men who did not need to have their parents with them.  So of course, demographics played a part in the box office take. As for why I chose Venom over A Star Is Born – I never considered watching a remake of a remake on the big screen. I’m sure I’ll end up watching it at home when it hits the movie channels. I chose Venom because I’m a Tom Hardy fan and I like to be entertained by flashy action movies on the big screen. But mostly, I wanted to see Tom Hardy on the big screen.
  • National Novel Writing Month – I’m in the “should I write a prequel to my November novel” phrase. If I’m going to write it, I should probably start now so that I have some kind of story by the month’s end. It’ll help me get the groove. Maybe.

Good read!
Such a good read!

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We went to the grand opening of our library this weekend. I’ve always had a fascination with libraries and the thought of one in walking distance is just awesome to me. We listened to the speakers and were there for the ribbon cutting (but we couldn’t see it from out vantage point). It was great to be there!

the library opening in Brentwood

I love how open it is and all the natural light. It’s welcoming and just so lovely. I look forward to spending countless hours there. I might even write some of my next National Novel Writing Month novel there. How awesome would that be? So awesome!


I’ve begun prepping my November novel. It’s my joy. Yes, the thought of writing 1667 words a day for a whole month fills me with giddy anticipation. And I plan on writing more than 50,000 words because I’ve done it more than once in the last few years. Hopefully the story I’m planning can get to 60,000 words at least. Fingers crossed!

This year’s novel will be a romance (surprise! not) of the second chance variety. I’m even throwing in temporary amnesia. Fun times! I thought I had the male character’s name set but then I got stuck on another so I posted a poll on my twitter and the original name won! I’m going to use the other name as a last name. Maybe. We shall see.

I might do a pre-story, something not set in the story’s timeline, just to get a feel for the characters and their motivations. I haven’t figured out what the male character does for a living but the female character is a doctor. Henry Cavill plays the fella in this one. It’s his turn. Sully won’t make an appearance (as far as I know) but one of my other Listworthy will play a part…

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GO GET TYLER’S EP => tylerrich.lnk.to/EP

Amazon has an exclusive track => TylerRich.lnk.to/EP/amazonmusic

So, how excited am I to have new, recorded tunes from Tyler? SO EXCITED!!! I’m pretty much all in with all his songs. I think they’re going to be favorites forever. I have the physical CD coming my way so I’m resisting on buying the digital version of the EP. Thank goodness I can stream it on Apple Music or Spotify! I did have to give in and buy the exclusive track at Amazon because it is a MUST HAVE. His cover of “Billie Jean” is awesome! He sounds so good singing that song, it’s a real showcase of his vocals. I love how stripped down it is. Reminds me of those G Bar shows. In fact, I think we probably heard him sing it live.

t-shirt and CD

Gearing up for National Novel Writing Month

You might think it’s a little too early to start thinking about November and the novel I want to write. You might be right. 50,000 words in 30 days has become my annual time of writing frenzy and it fills me with anticipation and excitement. I wish I could maintain that kind of madness other times of the year but alas, it’s usually slower going for me outside of November.

This year’s story started in my head a few months ago. Of course, the story is a romance, one of those second chances kinds of stories. The main fella is played by Henry Cavill because Henry Cavill plays a lot of my story men. He shares the honor with Sullivan Stapleton. I should make a chart to see which ones plays the most in my stories. Hmmm…

I made that chart!

I was curious, so I made a chart that I will not share here. But I’ll throw out some random stats out of the 25 stories I charted:

  • 10 – National Novel Writing Month novels
    • 3 – incomplete
    • 1 – Henry Cavill starring novel
    • 3 – Sullivan Stapleton starring novels (one incomplete)
  • 10 – incomplete or in progress stories
    • 2 – Henry starring stories
    • 3 – Simon Kassianides starring stories
    • 2 – Sully starring stories
  • 4 – short stories or novellas
  • 1 – novel not written during National Novel Writing Month

I didn’t add my sci-fi/fantasy novel to this list because the characters aren’t physically based on any particular people. This chart is pretty much my romance stories and the fellas who play in them. Henry is winning in appearances in my stories with six plus he’s likely going to be the one in my November novel this year. Sully is next with five stories. I thought I’d used him more than that.

And who are the other men who’ve appeared in my stories? I’m sure you’re wondering! They are: Jensen Ackles, George Eads, Joe Manganiello, Ed Quinn, Philip Winchester, Taylor Kitsch, Sam Hunt, BT Urruela. Jensen played in two stories and the rest were one-offs. I’m still working on the one starring Sam, which is my only “trilogy.”

I’d like to turn those incomplete and in progress stories into completed stories someday though I’ll have to be in a particular mood to focus my stories on certain fellas. One of these days?

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I wrote a whole bunch of stuff with this week but let’s go with the stuff that makes me smile…

Jordan Davis in Sacramento

I bought the VIP experience for Jordan Davis because I wanted to say hello and take a picture with him. My ticket said to arrive by 5:30 PM and that I would get a VIP laminate along with the VIP. The directions were to arrive then check in at the merchandise table where I would receive my VIP items. I guess I should have read the last email because it was in that one where it said to pick up my laminate at will-call along with further instructions. (I just looked at the email now and saw the instructions. Oh jeez. The lesson here: READ THE LAST EMAIL!!!)

So I’ll skip my self inflicted confusion before the gates opened because I wandered to the right place at the right time and eventually followed the guide to the area where we got to say hello to Jordan and take a picture with him. I had just a few people in front of me and we didn’t have to wait too long before Jordan came down to meet and greet us.

Things I remember… Jordan told someone in front of me that he’s a Jimmy G fan (yah!)… His beard was shorter but still quite luxurious… When it was my turn, he held his hand out and introduced himself and we shook hands and I told him that we had met in San Jose. He said that I looked familiar and as we had our picture taken, I mentioned that I had finally met his brother. He said, yeah, he’s a good guy and when I asked when Jacob might come out with something new, he said early next year. (Does he really know? Is he right? Was I weird to even mention his brother?) And that was the extent of my time with Jordan. The pictures turned out pretty cool. Yah!

Me & Jordan

I ended up getting my laminate afterwards then we checked out our seats then got our food. We had a good view of the stage and no one sat on my other side the whole time we were there. We didn’t stay for the whole concert, leaving after the second act. I was truly and unabashedly there for Jordan.


Jordan Davis – Songs performed: “More Than I Know,” “Tough to Tie Down,” “Hard to Handle” (snippet), “So Do I,” “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot,” “Slow Hands” (snippet),“Take It From Me,” “Singles You Up.”

Jordan and his band were great! I knew all the songs from Jordan’s album and sang along. I didn’t think anyone could hear but lo, I sang along in some of the videos I recorded and I could hear me singing. Oops! I’m not sorry I was singing along but if it hurt anyone’s ears, ah well! Jordan sounded amazing and he’s a natural on that stage. His voice was strong, the music rocked, and it was the best way to spend the day turning to night.

Chris Janson – WOW, he’s is sooo good!!! He’s a beam of positivity and joy and gratitude and he’s a hoot to boot. I love how goofy he is but more so I love how he’s just so in it with all his heart. I knew a few of his songs and I enjoyed all them.

We didn’t stay for Jake Owen even though he was the headliner. I’m only sorry we didn’t get to see Jordan on stage again during Jake’s set…

Tyler Rich to make his Opry debut!!!

September 25th, Tyler Rich will step into that iconic circle on that Opry stage. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM!!! I wish I could be there. It would be so amazing to witness his first time at the Opry. My heart is so full for Tyler. He’s living his dream and it’s been such a joy being a fan watching this. He’s so talented and amazing on stage but even more he’s a wonderful person with a good heart.

But before that, on Friday, September 21st, Tyler’s self-titled EP will be released. NEW MUSIC!!! I pre-ordered the CD, which is bundled with a t-shirt as well as an autograph. I hope it arrives by Friday!

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So I’ve decided that I’m going to write during the week and see what sticks to me for the weekend post. Here’s what I wrote this week…

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher

Full disclosure– I am a big Henry Cavill fan. Wait, that’s not quite a surprise, is it? No, I think not. Still, I think it bears mentioning as I plod along with my thoughts on his casting as Geralt in The Witcher series coming to Netflix. I adore Henry Cavill. I believe he is a good actor. He’s made me laugh, he’s made me cry, and he’s made me want to just drink in his presence at every opportunity. He sounds like he could be a Listworthy, right? He’s too popular to be one of my Listworthy fellas but he’s pretty much in league with them affection-wise. He’s been in my head since he was in Man of Steel. And he’s been the man in plenty of my stories since then.

So second full disclosure– I knew nothing about The Witcher books or video games. Now I know a little (yah for Wikipedia!). I am going to read the books (I’m not much of a gamer) just so that I can know about this world of The Witcher. Will I imagine a version of Henry Cavill as the character? Probably. Or not. I’ve seen enough pictures of what the character looks like to keep Henry out of it. I’ve already read a sample and I want to read more.

From the little I’ve read online, I know fans of The Witcher are divided on this casting. People have an image in their heads of Geralt and they can’t fit Henry into that image. I totally understand. Some people question his acting ability. Some think he’s too “bulky.” Others just flat out don’t want Henry as Geralt. I haven’t really followed who was a frontrunner in the minds of fans but Henry apparently wasn’t it. Will the fans of the books and games give this series a chance? I hope they do. If they want to disparage it at least they can do it after experiencing it. Will Henry’s casting draw in new fans to The Witcher? In my case, yes.

Maybe after I read the books, I’ll wonder if Henry was the right call for Geralt. Even though I adore him, I have thoughts on what kind of characters I’d like to see him play. Maybe I’ll think he’s not right for the character. But knowing he’s a fan of that world means that he will do his very best to bring Geralt to life. And yes, I’ll be there to watch…

a pretty filtered picture of me?

Stepping Away from Social Media

Oh no, not me. I like my Instagram and Twitter too much to deactivate and Facebook is the way I keep track of family. I have no plans to deactivate my social media but I absolutely understand why some people have given up on any or all social media.

Twitter is probably the most toxic of all the social media. It allows people to be absolute scum of the earth even as it allows others to shine. The problem these days is that people tweet things and for some reason some of it becomes “news” with little fact checking and the like. The bright lights and laughter are so easily drowned out by the deluge of utter crap. And lo if you are actually the target of all that crap. How soul sucking it must be? And what about the people actually spewing the crap. How bad is their life that they’ll direct their hate towards someone they don’t know?

So I get why some people have left Twitter. It’s easy for me to float along. I don’t have a huge followers list. The people I follow are mostly easy to read. Some of them get carried away spreading the horror and I’ve taken steps to keep my twitter sanity by doing the following:

  1. Turn off Retweets – This is the first thing I do when I notice that someone I follow seems to RT stuff I don’t want to read. If I wanted to read the stuff they constantly RT, then I’ll follow the people/brands/news that report on such stuff. I don’t mind the occasional RT that actually educates but when it starts to get out of control, I’ll turn off retweets.
  2. Mute the profile – When I mute a profile, it’s really the first step towards getting unfollowed by me. It’s the easy way to stay on their followers count without actually unfollowing. Maybe I’ll unmute the profile later. Or maybe I’ll look at my following count and start to unfollow from the muted ones if I haven’t cared enough to check them out on my own.
  3. Mute Words – Maybe someone keeps on mentioning something or someone I want to avoid (spoilers of shows, celebs I don’t like). I’ve just recently started using this method to avoid reading about a particular country singer I don’t like. (I just don’t see the appeal of this particular singer and seeing his face or name in my timeline because I follow other country artists just irritates me.)
  4. Unfollow – I’ve unfollowed people for a couple of reasons— they’re no longer tweeting, I don’t find them interesting anymore (sometimes I’ll watch a show and follow a lot of the people in the show then the show ends and I’m not too interested in the actors). I’m trying to keeping my following list under 1000 accounts followed. I’m currently just under 900 and would love to delete more.
  5. Block – I mostly block fake accounts, way too political accounts (both left and right), and people who’ve blocked me. I don’t like to block accounts and it has in recent days become an irritant because some people I follow quote tweet people I block. It’s maddening! Oh well.

Why do I keep my social media profiles? Well, the best reason is I’ve been lucky enough to get my first and second profile name choices (kiari on Instagram and Facebook, walelia on Twitter). I don’t want anyone else to have those names. I’m not a celebrity or a brand so for the most part, I’m not bothered by trolls and the like. I can go along and just be myself, which includes refraining from posting without much thought. I post to express myself, to share bits of my life. I also post to record moments in my life for me to glance back upon in later days. As much as I like the replies and likes, it’s not the main reason I tweet or post pictures or post updates. I understand the toxicity of social media but I work on keeping my timelines interesting and tailored to my interests. It’s not say that I don’t appreciate differing opinions because I do. But when it gets too far right or too far left and for far too long, I start to prune the timeline. And on my end, I try to post things brighter than not because if anyone actually reads my stuff, I want them to smile than not…

Oh dexter, sorry for your Netflix fail

I have more than my fair share of email addresses. I’m weird like that. And I use a lot of them (and some I don’t) for various things, like buying stuff or personal stuff or “professional” stuff or secret stuff. Sometimes people use my email address to sign up for stuff and the most recent one was someone called “dexter” using my email address for his Netflix account.

At first I didn’t care. I get a lot of junk mail in that account and who cares if someone used my email address to start their Netflix membership? Then I started to try and clean up that particular email account and the emails from Netflix began to irritate me. Who was this “dexter” and why was he using my email address?! Everytime dexter made a change to his account (like setting up profiles for children), I’d get an email. It finally got to me so here’s what happened:

  1. I changed the password
  2. I logged into the account
  3. I checked out the account information
  4. I clicked on the deactive link
  5. The account will deactivate at the end of the billing cycle on September 29

Sucks to be dexter!

And no, I’m not sorry in the least bit…

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Ryan in First Man

I was checking out the IMDB for William Gregory Lee and lo, he’s in First Man?! I think he’s in the screencapture. I hope he has a scene with Ryan so I can think to myself, “Ha! I’ve met both of them!”

I saw Crazy Rich Asians again because why the heck not? Still so good! I still teared up at the same spots. It’s such a good movie. Go watch it!

Now that we’re in September, I hope the days turn cooler. Sometime soon?

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The temperatures have slightly cooled to the more tolerable (to me) 80s or so. THANK GOODNESS. I am absolutely ready for days cool enough for hoodies in the morning at the very least. I seriously do not care for temperatures in the upper 90s. Not at all…


Crazy Rich Asians – Such a good movie! I loved it. It really was wonderful watching a movie filled with Asians telling a story anyone could understand. Could I relate to the wealthy stuff? Umm, no. But I could definitely relate to the different aspects of family and how complicated those relationships are. It’s a fun movie with laughs and love and drama. I would definitely recommend it. Go watch!

Out and about in the jersey

After the movie, we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and football. I wore my new 49er jersey! Kinda love it a lot. OF COURSE someone had to make a comment as they walked by me while we were at the restaurant. I get it, you might not be a 49er fan but why would you make what amounts to a stupid comment in support of a team that wasn’t even playing at the moment? Snicker to yourself or whatever but why be snide when no one was talking to you or even cared about your preference? Some people are just asses…

I had a dream that I was hanging out with Tyler Rich and I wanted to show him the picture of me in my jersey and I couldn’t find the pictures on my phone. So maddening! It felt real and not finding the pictures frustrated me…

And speaking of Tyler, his self-titled EP is set to drop on September 21st! I’m so excited!!!

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Every time I sit down to write my blog, I don’t remember what I might want to write for the week. It’s just all a blur. So let’s go random babblings…

Batman has his eye on me

Flashpoint – We’ve been re-watching this show. It is SO GOOD. And even though I remember a lot of the episodes, I’ve forgotten a lot of details so it’s like watching a new show. It’s on Hulu and I definitely recommend it. It has action and heart and it’ll make you almost cry sometimes…

Deadpool 2 – Super Duper Cut – We received our 4K disc and watched the digital version last night. The extra fifteen minutes fit seamlessly into the movie and even though I noticed some new bits, they did not detract from the film or change the tone at all. And the movie is still pretty good…

Me, a little moody

I like when my selfies turn out nicely. It’s obviously about angles and filters. And apparently a bit of moodiness? I posted a version of the one above on Instagram and it got some likes, which is always nice…

The minivan is out of the garage, battery charged, and washed. We took it to the Prime Shine in Tracy. I love taking the vehicles through the Prime Shine. Why don’t we have any around here?…

Tyler did a couple of shows north of here and we didn’t get to go to any of them. I love seeing all the pictures and videos. I especially loved the videos and pictures of Tyler getting his latest tattoo! Can’t wait to see a proper picture of it. Of course it made me want my next tattoo. I just don’t know where or what my next tattoo will be…

Oh, and my All Blacks won their first game of The Rugby Championship! I woke up at almost 3 am to watch the match against the Wallabies. I love my rugby!

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One of my favorite places to shop online is 1888design.com. The pieces are unique and intriguing and more often than not are affordable (especially when deals are abound). I have several pieces now and not a week goes by that I don’t wear one or two or three. I try not to check out the site too often because I am easily tempted.

1888 Design piece “Immortal Wisdom”
“Immortal Wisdom”

When I saw this piece, I was immediately drawn to it. I hedged for a couple of weeks or so but last week decided to pull the trigger. I had a discount code that gave me 50% off so I was set. It was mailed the next day and the tracking number indicated a Thursday delivery.

It’s always great knowing something is coming in the mail. In this day and age of instant gratification, I still enjoy the anticipation of getting mail. Thursday rolled around and I received a notification that my mail was delivered then a moment later was the Ring notification that showed the mail carrier deliver our mail. I somehow managed to keep my impatience at bay until we got home after work.

No mail from 1888 Design.

Our Ring works decently enough so I knew someone didn’t just take that piece of mail (and leave the other delivered envelopes). The mail carrier was too quick for me to figure out in the video if he had actually dropped my envelope in the box. So did the mail carrier scan my envelope and forget to drop it in our box? Did he mis-deliver it to our neighbor? Did someone sneak onto our porch and take just that envelope?

I immediately wanted to report lost mail but USPS makes you wait seven days. I emailed 1888 Design just to update them even though it was absolutely NOT their fault. I thought maybe it would show up the next day, that perhaps the mail carrier had scanned it and forgotten to actually deliver it.

It didn’t show up the next day.

I still had this weird hope that it would show up. This piece, “Immortal Wisdom,” had called to me and I knew deep down that it would somehow get to me. If I had to knock on my neighbor’s door for it, I would. If I had to submit a claim, I would. If all I needed was to be patient, I could do that.

Saturday we went to Livermore for a BBQ at our friends’ house. We had a great time and I didn’t think too much about the mail though when the Ring notification came, I did check out the video to see if I could see anything. Other than that, I didn’t think of it until I parked the truck in the driveway and saw a large envelope in our mailbox.

My 1888 Design piece had arrived!

My “Immortal Wisdom” piece from 1888 Design

It seemed mostly intact except for a slight rip at the top of the envelope, as if someone had thought of opening it. The box inside the envelope had been untouched (it was taped, which was something new to me but much appreciated). And my latest piece from 1888 Design was safe and snug and ready for me.

I’m not really sure what happened. I’ll probably never know what happened. All I know is that this piece was meant for me and it found its way to me. Now I have a story to go with it…

Trying on my latest piece from 1888 Design

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05 August 2018 @ 10:11 pm

The kids out this way started school this week. We had convocation on Tuesday, the day before the first day of school. It’s always fun seeing everyone in the school district in one place.

Convocation crowd

It was a busy week full of phone calls, parent visits, making appointments for my boss. Outside the skies were smokey from the fires burning in places far from us. I was grateful for the air conditioning and the workload.

Henry Cavill

My Henry Cavill thing continues. It’s very odd to suddenly have him be my fangirl focus yet here I am. He and Sully seem to fight over being the fellas in my stories and right now Henry is winning. Maybe it’s because he’s just so easy to imagine as different kinds of men.


Kim’s Convenience – We started watching this show on Netflix. It’s so funny! I love that it’s about an Asian family and that they’re Canadian. I’m enjoying it. It’s super weird to think the one who plays the father is actually a year younger than me. Oy!

Sharp Objects – We’re watching this mini-series because of Amy Adams. It’s dark and strange and intriguing. It’s not an easy watch but it’s so well done.


I’m currently trying to write a second chance story. The couple were together and break up and are in the maybe getting back together stage. I’m trying to figure out what would make them break up. It’s a misunderstanding of sorts but I don’t have anything specific yet…


I’m for cooler weather even though I know it won’t be here for a couple of months… I ordered another piece from 1888 Design because it was calling to me… The Crusaders won the Super Rugby championship! Loved being able to watch it and cheer on the boys. Now I must wait almost two weeks for The Rugby Championship…

Waiting for my latest piece from 1888 Design

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