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Work was busy this week. The school sites had their days of walk-thru, which meant calls from the school sites and parents and all kinds of stuff. Add the fact that the weather was grossly warm and you have a long week.

our Instant Pot

We bought an Instant Pot during Amazon Prime Day! Couldn’t resist and we’ve already used it. We made our usual crock pot roast and it turned out great in a fraction of the time. Glorious!

the first Instant Pot meal

It’s Sunday night and nearly past my bedtime. I could write about my disappointment in Disney’s firing of James Gunn (WTF are they thinking?!) or how I wish we had been in San Francisco this weekend for the Rugby Sevens World Cup (go All Blacks!) or work (adjusting to new people, etc) but now I have no time because I must go to bed.

How about a picture of wine called Writer’s Block? It’s so good!

Writer's Block Syrah

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It was a hot summer day on Saturday and we headed out to McClellan for the 101.9 The Wolf COUNTRY JAM at the Jackson Sports Academy. Craig Campbell was the headliner, along with Ashley Barron, Jimmie Allen, Josh Gracin but we were going for Tyler Rich.

Let me start with the not so cool part– the venue was indoors. Now on a hot summer’s day this should have been good news because the thought would be there’s some kind of air conditioning. Well, no air conditioning. It was definitely in the 90s. I was so sweaty for most of our time in there and my only comfort was that everyone else was suffering the same way. Goodness!

Now for the good stuff!

the good times with good people
good times with such good people

I got to see my friends! It was great catching up with everyone and spending time with them even though it was hot as balls in that place. Seeing Joanne, Kiersten, Megan, and Hayley, meeting Jessica, hanging with Vince, chatting with Ivan– all good times! We saw Sabina early on and got a quick group picture together then I didn’t see her again until after Tyler’s set. We saw Tyler during Jimmie Allen’s set and I had a chance to chat a little with him. We also took a picture together and he didn’t have a hat on! I also gave him my usual envelope which made his face light up.

with a hatless Tyler
capless Tyler & me

A rundown on the artists in order of appearance:

Ashley Barron – She was energetic and lively. I didn’t know any of her songs but she had the crowd going.

Jimmie Allen – WOW! He is so good! He sounded great, he had great stage presence. I am definitely going to buy his album when it comes out.

Josh Gracin – Tyler wrote a song with Gracin when he first arrived in Nashville (I don’t think it was ever released) but I remember one of his songs from several years ago.

Tyler – As always, he was amazing! Songs he played: “Where I Want to Be” (title?), “Turn It Up,” “California Grown,” “I Can Teach Ya,” “Adrenaline,” and “The Difference.” (I think that was all of them but not in order.) As always, it’s a treat watching Tyler live and I’m glad to have finally witnessed “The Difference” live and in person. So good!

Craig Campbell – We didn’t stay for his whole set. He sounded good but I don’t think I knew any of the songs we heard.

I bought a meet and greet for Tyler because I wasn’t sure I’d get a chance to catch him before or after his set in a more casual setting. I went to the line after his set and waited with the other fans. Sabina came out at some point while we were all waiting but I didn’t want to get out of line to say hello again to her. I figured that I’d see her again when I was finished with the meet and greet. I had something for her too so I knew I’d have to see her. She actually ended up coming into the room during the meet and greet.

with Tyler
my meet and greet shot with Tyler

It was lovely getting an “official” shot with Tyler. It was my second one with him. I think it turned out rather nice, eh? My friend took video and it should be a fun watch.

After a quick chat with my friends, I headed over to Sabina and she was just soooo sweet. I seriously love that lady. We hugged, I gave her a card, we chatted a little, we took some pictures together. I love her new jean jacket. It’s a custom one. Oh, and I saw her beautiful ring.

with Sabina
seriously, I adore this one

I left the room soon after and we headed home after a couple of Craig Campbell songs. All in all, a good time in spite of all the heat. Was the sweat worth it? Yes, for me it was…

Tyler on stage

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My week off from work was gloriously LAZY. I meant to write a short story or novella but my creative juices weren’t having it. I probably should have read a book or two but I didn’t. So lazy!

4th of July – We walked downtown early in the morning, found our spot at Crown and Crow, then I watched the parade. I took so many pictures! I love our parades. Afterwards, we headed to the city park for hot dogs and a bit of music. It was really a lovely day, not too hot but definitely bright.

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July
love the sound of these guys…


Ant-Man and the Wasp – As much of a Marvel movie watcher that I am, I super hedged on watching Ant-Man. I just wasn’t into him for some reason but after watching Avengers: Infinity War and seeing the fun trailers for Ant-Man and the Wasp, I knew I had to see Ant-Man so as to have a better feel for the sequel. And I’m glad that I did watch it. I enjoyed the humor and the lightness of it and the sequel had a lot of the same and I definitely liked it. I most definitely loved that The Wasp had a bigger role in this movie. She was awesome! And yes, I do like how the movie tied to the events of Infinity War.

I saw the movie on Friday and this led to me watching four more Marvel movies at home that day. We had watched the first two Thor movies as well as the first two Iron Mans a couple of weeks ago so I decided on all the Captain America movies with Age of Ultron between the last two Captain America movies. Then this weekend I also watched the third Iron Man and Thor movies as well as Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh, and breaking from the whole Marvel thing, I also watched all three of the last Star Trek movies.

Captain America: First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War – I love Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America but for awhile I found the character to be too goody-goody. It was almost annoying. But watching all three movies and seeing how much he changed and grew, I have a new appreciation for him. He always wants to do the right thing, even when it means going against what people SAY is the right thing. He always goes with his heart and how can you not appreciate that about him? Well, it took time, but now I do. The last movie was such a jumping point for the movies that came after it.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Oddly enough, another movie that is such a jumping point for the movies after it, and it was one that I’d only seen once or twice. When I watched it, I felt like it was such a comedown from the first Avengers movie (which is still one of my very favorites) and perhaps that’s why I didn’t give it a chance. Watching it this time around, I was surprised by how much I missed (like how this was the first time we see Ulysses Klaue). It’s still not one of my favorites but it has its moments and I’m sure I’ll watch it again.

Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek Beyond – I still love these movies very much.


I suppose I’m ready to go back to work. I’m glad that I’m only going to work three days this week then one more long weekend which includes seeing Tyler Rich! It’s been WAY TOO LONG since we’ve seen Tyler. I miss him. I hope we get to see Sabina too. I’m going to take lots of pictures.

Speaking of Tyler, have you heard “11:11” yet? Give it a listen!

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03 July 2018 @ 05:27 pm

Let’s see, what happened last week? I’m late again in posting my weekly rundown. I should have gotten this up during the weekend but as I’m on summer break, I’ve turned into quite a lazy being in that I don’t really know what day of the week it is. Jus kidding, I know it’s Monday (as of this writing) and I’ll probably not post this until Tuesday. Ah well.


Battle Beyond the Stars – We watched this movie on one of the streaming platforms over the weekend and lo, what a cheesy kind of adventure! I’d never seen it before and I can see why. Still, it was interesting. The special effects were decent for the time. The acting was little, umm, late 70s/early 80s. The story was a space opera take of a western which was in turn a western take of a Japanese movie. Part of me thinks I should find that movie to compare. Anyhoo, it was one of James Cameron’s first gigs and led to his big break. (Or so I’ve read…)

Annihilation – Decidedly strange. I’ve seen it bundled with The Arrival but it was missing the smart twist that movie had. Still, I liked watching it and wondering what the hell was happening…

Fahrenheit 451 – This HBO movie was interesting. Now I need to read the book. I wonder if they simplified the source story and modernized it. I felt like it was missing something…

Bent – I will watching anything that has Karl Urban in it, hence watching this movie. I liked him in it. I liked Sofia Vergara in it. The story was pretty basic, the dialogue quite cheesy. I can see why it ended up straight to digital but if you like Karl Urban and you’ve got some time to kill, this one won’t damage those little gray cells too much.


Eureka – We’re doing a slow re-watch of this show as its now on Amazon Prime. We just finished the first season and it’s amazing how much of it I do NOT remember. I know I watched it but I must not have paid as much attention as I am doing now. It’s still a great show and I do miss it…

Pride and Prejudice – The 1995 adaptation starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth is my most favorite. It’s quite faithful to the book (which is also one of my favorites). It’s streaming on Hulu and the quality is rather gorgeous. I have this movie on blu-ray (having had it on VHS as well as regular DVD) but I love the convenience of watching it digitally. So glad it’s on Hulu and in such great quality…


“11:11” – Tyler Rich released an advanced track from his upcoming album. I’ve heard it a couple of times live. Another great song from Tyler. I hope we get his album before the end of the year. I want more songs to memorize!

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25 June 2018 @ 09:40 pm

My first long weekend of summer break is almost over. I fret not because I only work three days this week before having eleven days off. SUPER SWEET!

Friday I want to the movies (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom). Sunday was a lazy day and today (Monday) was mostly lazy except at the moment the shower isn’t draining and we might have to call a plumber, ye gods!

Saturday was my dad’s birthday party. He turned 76 on June 14th and wanted to have family over on Saturday to celebrate. He also had a friend entertain us with some music towards the end of the party. There was so much fun and I can’t even remember the last time I’d been to a family party where most of the food was Filipino.

I don’t cook so we ordered lumpia and picked it up before heading to Pittsburg to pick up my grandmother and her housemate. I spent most of the drive talking with my grandmother. She told me some family stories which I just found so fascinating. Sometimes you think you know things and then someone tells you a story and you realize you don’t know much at all.


It was great spending time with family, catching up with my grandmother and aunts and cousins. I think my dad was happy to have everyone there.


with Nana

so much food

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I tweeted that I would name this blog post thusly so here it is!

If you’re reading this then you know that I’ve been “Kiari” online for a bit of time now. I consider it my online name and I began using it in 1997, its first incarnation on AOL. A year later, I scooped up kiari.com and here we are, almost twenty years later and I’m still “Kiari.” It might not be my given name but it’s the name I gave myself when I started my online adventures.

Whenever a new place starts online, I ALWAYS start with my name (and it’s almost NEVER available) then Kiari then Walelia. If I’m fast enough, I almost always get Kiari (Instagram, Facebook) otherwise I get Walelia (Twitter the most prominent). No one ever really cares that I’m Walelia but there are times here and there when I get inquiries about Kiari. Most of the time I do not respond, especially if it’s in regards to my domain but when it’s Instagram, I am sometimes compelled to reply.

The latest inquiry came by way of Instagram. A young girl named Kiari messaged me and basically demanded that I give up my name so that she can have it. Her logic was that since Kiari isn’t my given name and it is hers, then she should have the name. I took a look at her profile and she looked like a teenager, which means that even though she was given the name Kiari, I’ve probably had it for longer. I managed to keep it polite with her and she eventually backed off. Still, I found it a little annoying.

Here’s the thing, the internet is basically first come, first serve when it comes to profile names. And telling someone they must give up their profile name is just plain rude. Such are internet interactions sometimes, I suppose. Just to be clear, I will not give up any of my online profile names. And I especially will not give them up to someone who wasn’t even alive when I started using the names…

still love this tattoo

Tyler was in Santa Rosa today (Sunday) but we didn’t go. We’ll see him next month and I’m trying not to feel too bummed to have missed him and the gang. Alas!


Remember that model who blocked me? She made her Instagram private so that only her followers can see her pictures and Instagram stories now. I find it odd and interesting that she resorted to such measures considering most of her posts were of her “modeling” and not much else. Strange, don’t you think? Well, now I don’t have to see her face unless he posts her and that’s just fine by me. Still, I find it curious that she’s locked down her one social media account…

And that’s all I have to say about that…

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maybe you’ll say
I have it all
living the dream
love and light
joy and curiosity
maybe you’ll say
how could it be
I made you laugh
I made you cry
I made you think
maybe you’ll say
I had no reason
to walk away
to end this dream
to turn to memory
maybe you’ll say
I should have reached out
talked about this darkness
talked about this fear
talked about this certainty
maybe you’ll say
there are no words
to this grief
to this pain
to this rage
maybe you’ll say
you didn’t know
maybe you did
maybe you didn’t
maybe it was my only way

The last day of school for our students was Thursday and it’s now Summer Break! I’m still trying to figure out what days to take off for break (I don’t get the summer off as I’m a 12 month employee). I know I’m going to make long weekends and also take a week off. I just need to figure out how greedy I want to be about those long weekends.

meat and cheese board plus beer at Stone Brewing

Yesterday we took a day trip to Napa. We checked out Stone Brewing then had lunch at Napa Valley Palisades. On our way home, we stopped at Heretic, which was recently expanded and looks great! It was lovely way to spend the day…

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maybe you miss me
those bits of sweet attention
filled with such longing

It was a short work week but lo, it felt so long! I’m not even sure that it really dragged or anything of the sort. No, it was more that the days were busy and such. Also, the weather started to turn its eye towards summer, which has a way of dragging me down. I was so glad when the week was over but alas, the weekend is never long enough and here I am writing on Sunday evening, drawing a blank of what I’ve done these past couple of days…

I read the other day about why Solo: A Star Wars Story is so dimly lit– it’s the fault of the projector the movie theaters are using. Even though I do understand the idea of it all (the cinematography is so fancy that theaters need up-to-date equipment handle all the magical goodness), PERHAPS the movie should be made in mind of the capabilities of ALL movie projectors. Or more so, perhaps the movies should come with instructions on what tweaks should be made in order for the movie to be viewed at its ideal. I must say that when I worked the movie projector oh so long ago, we just had to make sure the film was properly threaded through the projector and that the sound was at an acceptable level. I don’t remember needing to adjust the bulbs beyond making sure they actually worked…

Tyler is #2 on The Highway
“The Difference” is #2 on The Highway!

This is pretty awesome! I’m so glad the song is doing so well and I hope it keeps climbing all the charts because I seriously want to get my next tattoo. “The Difference” hasn’t yet appeared on the country radio surveys I take every week, which I find a bit curious. I love taking those surveys and I hope my votes make a bit of difference. I want to see Tyler on those surveys so I can show my love in yet another way!

Speaking of Tyler, CMA Fest starts on Thursday in Nashville. I am jealous of all the people who will be there to see all the amazing artists. I hope if you know me and you’re there, you tell Tyler I said hello. And if you haven’t seen Tyler perform live yet, GO SEE HIM! He’s fantastic live whether with his band or just a guitar. He’s mesmerizing!

Sully is popular

So if I ever need online attention, I just need to post a shot of Sullivan Stapleton on Instagram. Almost every time I post something Sully, I get so many likes! You’d think I was a Sullivan Stapleton fan site. He gets more likes than when I post Henry Cavill. Crazy, right? I wonder if Sully even notices. He probably doesn’t. Or if he does, it gives him a laugh.


Yes, totally on a Henry Cavill trip right now. Don’t ask why. Just enjoy the random pics of him that I post. He’s hooked with Hugo Boss, hence the glasses. So Clark Kent, eh?

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the touch of the sun
so sweet and warm on the skin
more than summer’s hint


Solo: A Star Wars Story – When the husband asked me how I liked the movie, I did not give it the rousing recommendation that I had for the last few movies I’ve watched and whilst drinking some wine, I wondered, why didn’t I immediately love this movie? It’s a movie about Han Solo, a beloved character and one of my favorites. I enjoyed a lot of different parts of the movie– the first meeting between Han and Chewbacca, Han’s young love romance, Tobias and Val, the Kessel Run, LANDO CALRISSIAN, the Millennium Falcon, Qi’ra and her life after Han, Lando’s robot. But all together? I think I need to see the movie again to make a proper assessment. Perhaps knowing his fate colored my reaction to the movie. I just couldn’t let go of knowing Han’s later life.

Aside from the ambivalent feelings regarding the action of the movie, I do have one complaint. Why was the movie so dark?! The first few scenes were dimly lit and I could barely see the actors. Are my eyes failing me? Or are movies in general dimly lit nowadays for some kind of effect that mostly annoys me to no end?

If you’re a Star Wars fan in any shape or form, I don’t need to tell you to see this. I could have probably waited until after opening weekend but I didn’t and I don’t mind. I do want to see it again.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Finally got around to watching this one after buying the digital copy awhile back. I liked it! I LOVED the first one because it was just so adventurous and action-packed with a lot of heart. Plus hello, Colin Firth! The second movie was just as good with a great villain in Julianne Moore and some funny and heartwarming parts between the action and such.

Alien: Covenant – Decent movie. Best part was of course, Michael Fassbender. He did a great job. Even though I’ve seen all the other Alien movies, I’m not very knowledgeable of the intricate details so even though I know these “prequel” movies will eventually lead to the first Alien movie, I don’t see all the connections. I wonder if I’m missing something by not knowing.


Safe – We started watching this Netflix show. I’m hooked! I want to know how it ends. We’re more than halfway through the episodes. One of the teens on the show looked familiar and just before I clicked on her IMDB listing, I realized she was on Strike Back! She played Kamali’s daughter in Strike Back – Shadow Warfare.


So I’m taking the Apple Music plunge since the hubby is going to have it so he can listen on his Samsung phone. I resisted the whole music subscription thing because I like buying my music. But since the hubby is using it, why not go for the family subscription? I’m trying it out for free for three months and I’m already fascinated by it.

Not only do we get to listen to any music in Apple’s catalog, we can watch music videos. I can make playlists and download them to my phone. The only bummer is that I can’t download the songs to my iPod. I know it’s a little crazy to still use an iPod but I have a dock for it at work.


Henry Cavill

I am on a serious Henry Cavill trip right now. He’s the fella in my latest story. One of these days I should do a count of how many stories he’s played a part. I don’t even know what it is about him. Well no, that’s not true. I know what it is about him…

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Dear Significant Other of My Favorite Fella (other than the lovely Sabina because she deserves her own letter),

I don’t know you and you don’t know me but we have something in common – we both simply adore my fella. In some cases, depending on the fella, I’ve had my sights set on him for longer than you have. I would never dare say that I know him better than you (I don’t) and I would never dare say he’s actually MINE (he absolutely is not) but in the context of being his fan, I am very much one of his. This means that I follow him on the social networks and consequently anyone in his life who has a public profile. I only follow the people in his life for glimpses of HIM. I don’t actually care about YOU unless you show yourself to be interesting and engaging. Sometimes, you are funny and sweet and intriguing. Sometimes you’re insecure and jealous and block people like me even though I’ve never done a goddamn thing to you.

I was going to start with the cool SO but let’s go with the insecure and jealous one first so I can end this on a nice note.

Look, insecure and jealous SO, get a grip on yourself. No one is going to steal your man away from you– not me, not another fan, not anyone. You present your online profile as public but after just a couple of comments (all complimentary, by the way), you thought it would be best to block me. It made me laugh as much as make me mad. But make no mistake, I was only mad because I have to go through other means to check out your profile just to catch glimpses of HIM. So inconvenient! I don’t care about you and your work and vacations and getaways. I only care about HIM. So even though it seriously IRKS me that I have to stealthy check your profile (a modeling one at that, which means you WANT people to look at you but apparently only certain people), I can check it. So if you think you’re truly blocking me, you are NOT. Hence my laughter. I can only hope that you do not treat his other fans as you have treated me because others might call you out by name for your behavior. Even though your little action did make me wonder about him and what he sees in you, this isn’t going to stop me from adoring him and following his work because I do and I will.

To the sweet and funny and intriguing– THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your man with all of us. It can’t be easy knowing that there are scores of women out there who are eager for a piece of him, a bit of attention, sometimes even more. You handle it all with utter grace and as his fan, I appreciate it. Whether you engage with me or keep to yourself, I know (and most of my fellow fan will agree) that you are the one true light in his life. I know this and always try to keep my adoration respectful of him and of you. I especially admire those of you who aren’t afraid to show a little of yourself even though it’s not necessary. I love seeing YOU and realizing why he loves you so much. Sometimes, I end up liking you as much as my fella! If you have the kind of career that benefits having “fans” sometimes I become one for you too. And the ones who keep to themselves, you’re pretty great too because your man shines when he talks about you. It makes me and other fans love him more.

I hope, whether you can’t handle the fact that your man has fans or you welcome us with open arms, that being with him makes him happy because in the end, we all want the same thing for him– happiness and success. You are a large part of his happiness and I am just a small piece of his success. Don’t forget, the fact that he has fans who appreciate his talent is a large part of his success.

Best wishes,


Deadpool 2 – We saw the first showing on Saturday morning. It was good! I really enjoyed it. I’m going to have to watch it again for those cameos. It was crazy and funny and action packed and irreverent, just like the first movie. It was strange to see Josh Brolin in another movie so soon but also a bit hilarious. Stay for the end credits!… We saw a couple of red band trailers and one of them was freakin’ insane! The Happytime Murders trying not to laugh too loudly but it was difficult. I might have to see that movie if it’s as good as the trailer…


Blindspot – OH MY GOODNESS! What the hell happened in that last episode?! I’m stunned by the deaths (they had it coming but lo, one of them was utterly HEARTBREAKING), the reveal of Blake’s source (WHAT THE BALLS?!), Weller’s condition in the end, Jane’s evil smile at the end. There was so much unloaded at the end that my head is spinning and I’m not sure how I feel about any of it… I have to say that Luke Mitchell was amazing in the finale. HE MADE ME CRY. Part of me wishes… well…
Sully was fantastic as well. I felt like I was holding my breath the last five minutes of the episode and part of it was because of him. Can I just say once again that I am glad that the show is coming back next season? Yes, I am SO GLAD for more Sully on my tv…


“Downtown’s Dead” – Sam Hunt – Oh my, Sam released a new song this past week!!! I suppose I’m going to love his music even as he nickels and dimes us on releasing. I bought the song without hearing more than a few seconds of it because of course I did. And I like the song. I’ll likely love it quite soon since I’m sure to listen to it at least once a day.

Tyler’s song’s “The Difference” is now the most played song in my iTunes library, beating out Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time.” I listen to “The Difference” every work night as I fall asleep, so that has to be the reason why it’s been played almost 1900 times in just a few months as opposed to “Take Your Time” reaching the top spot after at least a couple of years.

And the following showed up on my FB page. A little foreshadowing, eh?



I didn’t watch the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during its live broadcast, instead waiting until the afternoon. I forwarded through a lot of the start with the guests arriving and such but I actually watched the whole ceremony. I thought it was so lovely. Love truly shone in their eyes. My very favorite part of the whole thing was the cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason. He was AMAZING! I’ve been on a classical music kick for the past couple of weeks and hearing it being played live like that was so beautiful…

I caught glimpses of some of the guests and the ones that I remember are Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley, Gina Torres, Patrick Adams, Abigail Spencer, Idris Elba. There were many more but those were the ones who caught my eye… The Queen looked ever so stylish. Can I be as stylish as her when I’m that age? I wonder, what does she have in her purse? I loved her outfit very much…


The “letter” that opened this post sprung from a conversation I was having with one of my friends. She’s getting a strange vibe from the girlfriend of one of her favorites. Nothing personal but she senses that the girlfriend isn’t genuine. My “letter” will hopefully be the last time I mention the one who irritates me. I want to get to that point of indifference and not be so annoyed whenever I check out her profile for HIM. Maybe I’m just spoiled because I’ve met a total sweetheart and I compare all others to her. Maybe I feel the slight more sharply because I expect people to be nicer than not. Ah well. I wonder, would it help to actually name the offender? Nah, probably not.

But I’ll tell you if you ask me…

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Tyler Rich made his television debut on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda!

I’m one of those fans who can say, “I met him when…” But this time I actually KNOW Tyler. I know him, he knows me, and as he embarks on this latest chapter of his journey, I will watch with excitement and happiness and yes, a little pride. I’m still going to want to say hello to him in person whenever I see him as well as get that hug and picture. I will always want more– music and live shows and moments. It’ll be fun watching people discover and love him.

My friend go to see Henry Cavill (again) today. Of course, I’m a little jealous but I’m also so happy for her because she got to say hello to him and touch him and talk with him. I always look forward to her trip so the UK because she usually gets a Henry moment to lord over us. (No, she doesn’t really lord it over us but she could because HELLO, Henry Cavill!)

Doesn’t she look super happy? Yeah, I’d be happy too standing next to freakin’ Henry Cavill.


We get another season of Blindspot! I am a happy fangirl knowing that Sullivan Stapleton’s show shall be gracing my tv for another network season. More Sully is more goodness for me! Law and Order SVU was also renewed, so more Philip Winchester too! So glad for the boys. And so glad for me. Ha!

Finally got the hubby to the movie theatre to watch Avengers: Infinity War. My third viewing and his first and now I don’t have to hold my tongue when something reminds me of the movie. I enjoyed it very much and almost cried at all the usual spots. I really do love the movie…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there– mine and yours and all the ones we know and love.

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Happy Birthday to me! Third of May belongs to me and I took the day off and the next to make a long weekend and here we are. I didn’t do much on my actual birthday– twas lazy then had a lovely dinner. On Friday I had sushi for lunch (yah!) then watched Avengers: Infinity War again, but this time in IMAX. Still just as good the second time as the first. Can’t wait to watch it again!

sushi lunch
sushi for lunch

I loved all the birthday wishes. I did troll my fellas and Erik Thomson as well as Tyler Rich happily obliged by wishing me a Happy Birthday. So sweet. And this is why I adore them to bits! I had tagged them as well as Simon Kassianides, Henry Cavill, and Sullivan Stapleton in an Instagram story. I pretty much knew Henry and Sully wouldn’t respond. I seriously had no idea with Simon. Ah well.

Sand Castle
Happy Bday to Henry (May 5)

Not sure why but I’ve been paying a bit more attention to Henry Cavill recently. He’s the fella in my latest story. You’d think I’d be tired of using him and Sully in stories but no, they are pretty much the fellas I use as the main male characters in my stories. It’s just too easy…


Blindspot – I was actually able to watch the episode live! (The previous two episodes were preempted because of Giants baseball. Bah!) Anyhoo, a good episode! Loved hearing Luke Mitchell do yet another accent, this time South African. I enjoyed seeing Bill Nye on the show, especially when he named his nemesis! I wonder how many other people got the reference. I did check twitter and was glad to see a few people comment on it. Now I want to watch some Stargate Atlantis

me on my bday

I tell ya, the right filters can make selfies rather tolerable. LOL

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Avengers: Inifinity War

Avengers: Infinity War – No spoilers from me! I will say that I need to watch this movie at least two more times to really digest the events in the movie. Also, I had to get up twice to the ladies room so I’m missed two parts. Oh no! I don’t think it hurt my viewing but next time, I hope I don’t have to get up… I enjoyed the movie very much. It’s funny and heartbreaking, surprising and action-packed. I loved seeing different characters interact… I was able to go to one of the Friday afternoon showings. The auditorium had a fair amount of people (I watched at the old theatre downtown) with a lot of children in attendance. It was a good crowd… If you’ve watched all the other Marvel movies, then this one is a must watch.

The Osiris Child – We caught this movie on Hulu. I liked it! Daniel McPherson is in it, which is probably the only reason I knew anything about the movie. I thought it was gritty and touching, harsh and riveting. I liked Kellan Lutz in this role. I wonder if there will be a part two to go along with this part one…


Giants v Dodgers 04-28-18

Our first baseball game of the season was the San Francisco Giants against the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers. I’m a fan of neither team but for this game I was cheering on the Giants. They got their asses kicked. Ugh! We didn’t stay for the whole game but we definitely got our fill… We drove to the BART station then took the train to San Francisco. From there we took MUNI to the stadium. It was a beautiful day and even though I care not for the Giants, I do love their ball park. It’s amazing (especially in comparison to the facility for my A’s).

One of my favorite parts of the day at the ball park was seeing Hunter Strickland! He caught the ceremonial first pitch (yes, if I was going to throw the first pitch, I’d want to throw it to Strickland). If I have a favorite Giants player, I choose Strickland. I don’t know why. Maybe you know why.

Giants v Dodgers 04-28-18

I had my hot dog but the churro guy never came by but once and I knew I should have gotten one at that point. Ah well!


at the cemetery

On our way home after the baseball game, we stopped off at the cemetery to visit my grandfather. His death anniversary was the 24th so I wanted to take a moment to visit. It’s always peaceful at his spot and ever lovely. I like visiting there…


During the week, a chance encounter with a fellow high school alum sent me on a reminisce of my Junior Prom then my movie theatre working days. I remember so much about that Junior Prom (maybe someday I’ll tell it here) but then I realized that my Junior Prom was THIRTY YEARS AGO. (Yes, I’m totally dating myself, I know). Someday, my lovelies, may you look back with as much fondness upon your past as I do.

a long time ago
one of my favorite guys from back in the day, ha!

One of my good friends is on her way to the UK and will very likely see Henry Cavill while she’s there. I’m so excited for her! I hope she gets an awesome hug, a lovely photo with him, and lots of tales to tell to make us jealous.

My cousin got married this week! I haven’t even met his wife yet. I’m happy for him and super surprised…

The Suits season finale was this past week. I only mention it because Simon Kassianides was in it! I know, I’ve cooled in my regard for him a bit but it was pretty cool to see him playing a different character. I might be interested enough to watch the show when it premieres. I wonder when it premieres.


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21 April 2018 @ 02:07 am

Monday the 16th was our 24th wedding anniversary. Where have the years gone? The years have been filled with ups and downs but always too with love and laughter and more good times than bad. I consider myself pretty lucky that we still love and LIKE each other. We enjoy spending time together but we’re cool with doing our own things too. He puts up with a bit of crazy from me (fan girl stuff and such) and I am grateful he just rolls his eyes about it or even goes along with me (the music stuff and such). As much as I adore my fellas (and we all know how much I do), the hubby is my one and only and it’s a joy experiencing this world together with him.

And that’s as sentimental as I’m going to get about all of that.

Oh, I will say that I think it’s enough to say that we’ve been married for x-amount of years. I don’t need to tack on the time we were together and then got engaged. I roll my eyes when people seem to need to say, “We’ve been married for ten years but we’ve been together for fifteen.” No one cares how long you were together before you got married unless it’s like more than a decade. If it’s so important to you to say how long you’ve actually been with your spouse, how about framing it as, “We’ve been together for fifteen years, married for ten.” Or how about just leaving it at, “We’ve been married for ten years.” Seriously, no one cares about those five years you weren’t married. If someone cares enough to know how long you’ve actually been with your spouse, they’ll ask. Just sayin’.

I did post a picture of us for our anniversary and I appreciate all the likes and messages. If you’re one of those who liked or commented, THANK YOU. I hope seeing that old picture of us amused you and made you smile…


“Something Sweet” – I think the title is more a description of what I’m attempting. The tag line started as “What happens with a former bad boy wants to play it sweet with a nice girl who wants to be bad?” The characters have a different idea on the story and since it’s about them, I’ll let them guide me. My main objective is to have a not so steamy story, focusing instead on the love. We’ll see how it goes.


Lost in Space – We binge-watched this show in the course of a few days. I mostly enjoyed it. I seriously wanted to punch “Dr. Smith” in the face so many times. I kept wondering what exactly motivated that character and if it was necessary having a villain in that way when the circumstance of their situation gave the characters plenty to overcome.

Blindspot – I didn’t get to watch it live because baseball was on. Now, I love baseball but I was raging pissed that I wasn’t able to watch my show after it had been on a few weeks’ hiatus because the Giants were on. The GIANTS. What the heck! So for now I have no comment on the new ep beyond I WISH I HAD BEEN ABLE TO WATCH IT LIVE.


Friday morning I discovered that the new ESPN+ streaming service is the new home of my Super Rugby matches. I was NOT happy at the revelation. During our cord-cutting years, I wished that ESPN or some other sports network would offer their wares for a nominal price so that I could watch my rugby without worrying about using someone else’s cable login. When we went back to cable, I was happy to officially have ESPN so that I could watch my rugby on the app whenever I wished. It looks like much of the stuff offered on ESPN3 is now part of the paid platform of ESPN+. SO NOT PLEASED. Yet another possible expense to tack on to the other streaming platforms we pay…

Our first baseball game of the season will be the Giants vs Dodgers game next Saturday. We got tickets from our friend. They were for the rained out game and our friend can’t go so we’ll be at AT&T Park for the first game of the day-night doubleheader (which is not a true doubleheader since we can’t stay for the second game). I love AT&T Park (even though I’m not a Giants fan) so it’ll be nice to get out and enjoy the pretty San Francisco views…


Someone I knew died a couple of weeks ago. She was family of family and we saw each other a few times over the years. I saw a notice on Facebook for her Celebration of Life and I was just stunned. She was a good person, always nice and smiling and the world is a little less bright now. I’m so sad for her family and friends. She was gone too soon…

A longtime couple I know is separating and it surprised and saddened me. They seemed like a solid couple and it’s a little boggling that they’re going through this. Part of me hopes they can work it out but if they can’t, I totally get it…

Saturday we visited with a group of friends and hung out. It was a good time with lots of conversation and lots of eating. It was interesting seeing someone I’d know before almost all the others there. I hadn’t seen him in probably twenty years (if not more than that)…

Flickr was acquired by Smugmug! I’m hoping it means good things. Fingers crossed!

Sometimes don’t you just want to say, “Oh honey, you can do SO MUCH BETTER than that piece of work.”

pretty flowers

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the skies darken
the wind howls
the sun fights to shine
the clouds will not comply
time loosens its grip
dreams become forever
relief from this storm
brewing out there
swirling in here
the silence falls
the darkness envelopes
the stars stay away
forgotten for the moment

Cure Caleb’s Colon – Read Caleb’s story. He’s one of the Cohorts (as I like to call them) and a damn fine drummer. Even though he’s not drumming for Jacob Davis now, he’s still part of the music family. Click on the link and read his story. And if you can…

Jordan Davis’ “Singles You Up” Earns #1 At Country Radio – Super sweet goodness! Love the song and I’m so stoked that it’s now number one on the charts! I know that I’ve been hearing a lot of it on my favorite country station. So I’m super excited!

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