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TWITL – week sixteen – reasons to celebrate

I’m so grateful I have a routine that involves leaving the house twice a week to work in the office. I think it’s keeping me from going stir crazy. I’ve had to figure out what work needs to be done NOW and what can wait a little. Consequently, I have lots of filing to do whenever I’m in the office. I can only do so much paperwork at home…

This past week was actually a good one. The highlights include:


Iris – My goddaughter turned nine this week! Where have the years gone? I still remember when she was a baby. I can’t wait to give her a hug next time I see her.

Alexys – My niece turned six this week! This lucky little lady got a parade drive by her house to wish her a Happy Birthday. How sweet is that? So sweet! My sister took video and Alexys looked to excited and happy.

Rich's Bi$ches - Zoom party
Zoom party with my fellow Rich’s Bi$ches

My fellow Rich’s Bi$ches had a Zoom party to celebrate Tracy’s birthday and Tyler’s first GOLD certified song for “The Difference.” It was so great “seeing” everyone and catching up. Lots of laughter and a little bit of music and so much love. It felt good to be together chatting…


Happy Anniversary to us!
Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Thursday. I genuinely marvel at how many years we’ve been married. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that we got married. We have definitely had more good days than bad and that’s certainly something to celebrate.

We ordered dinner from Shirasoni and it was so good! Perhaps on the pricey side but I am so grateful that we can get good food delivered. After a full work day, it was nice to come home and have dinner delivered.

yummy dinner!
anniversary dinner


Parasite – We finally watched this one and WOW. It was a really good movie and I would definitely recommend it. It was dark and funny, brutal and thrilling, violent and dreary. Somehow it wasn’t a total downer in the end but it was definitely thought provoking. So many layers leaves you wondering what the hell happened and how you’d react in the same situation.


It’s a little frustrating how slow my re-write of “I’ll Dream of You Again” is going. Part of me wishes I could just re-write without consulting what’s already written but most of me likes having a reference for the story. I would LOVE to have the story finished by the year mark but lo, that’s not going to happen at the rate I’m going…

I’ve been writing a poem everyday. Not sure how long it will last but let’s say as long as Simon Kassianides reads a poem everyday (or posts one of his own, as he did this week), then I will write a poem everyday.

Simon reading poetry

And here’s a poem I wrote this week:

close your eyes
fall asleep
meet me
in your dreams

I’m waiting there
beyond the mist
one sweet sigh
you’re almost here

yes, it’s me
calling out your name
just reach out
I’ll take your hand

just fall asleep
I’m waiting here
beyond the mist
in your dreams

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TWITL – week fifteen – what keeps us sane

It’s nice having a sort of routine now. It’s a weird routine but I feel less aimless, I suppose. Part of me wishes that I had chosen two days in a row to go in for work but I know it’s better to be in for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

this pattern
the pattern


I have been seriously slacking on the writing front. You’d think with all the time I have at home, I’d have more inclination to write but it’s been the opposite. I can’t seem to focus on my main story (the one I’m re-writing) so I’ve been reading my other unfinished stories to see if one of them lights a spark in me. So far, no go. At least I’ve been able to write a poem everyday, even if I do fall into the haiku too easily…

technology rocks
first zoom with sister & cousins

I had my first Zoom chat with my sister and cousins. Technology rocks! Yes, my background was Jack Whitehall. Ha! It was nice talking with my sister and cousins and we have another chat set up for the end of the week. Maybe I should use a different background next time. Maybe…

the work monitors one morning
the work monitors one morning…

Easter didn’t feel much different to me since we haven’t been doing family stuff for that holiday. Still, I felt bad for the families out there, including mine. My aunt has a big family and they usually get together on Easter and have fun times. This has to be the first time in MANY years that they didn’t have their big party. Alas!

And here’s a poem to end the post:

we keep trying
to smile
to laugh
to understand
in this strange time
this new reality
this crazy world
this heightened stress

we keep trying
to balance
to share
to embrace
what we can
this shared adventure
this isolation
this near desperation

we keep trying
to rest
to rejuvenate
to recharge
for the future
when we can touch
when we can hug
when we can heal
… so we keep trying

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TWITL – week fourteen – this new normal

The stress is still there but it’s so constant that it’s settled into the background now. I went in to work on Wednesday, found out I’m supposed to work remotely, then was asked if I could come in twice a week to answer the phone. I got to choose the days and I’m going for Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as any other days I might need to go in to do work at my desk. I’ve decided that if I go in on days other than Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll only work the mornings. I’m glad to have a sort of work schedule as it gives me a chance to do something “normal” and I get to be out of the house. Not many others are working at the office so the social distancing is easy enough.

Yes to Sam's new album!
yes to Sam’s album!


Sam Hunt – SOUTHSIDE – Sam’s second album went live on Friday and I’ve been listening it at intervals. It’s really good. I wondered if I was over Sam but apparently I’m not because every song I hear just makes me stop and savor. I can’t wait until I know the words to every song. It’s going to happen…

Jack cut his own hair on IG live


Jack Whitehall – Jack went on IG live to cut his hair (with guidance from a stylist) and did a rather good job of it. I was surprised and worried and utterly entertained while I watched him. I was hoping that he’d save his IG live but alas, he did not. I’m glad I took some screenshots while I was watching.

Simon Kassianides – Simon continues to be a daily bright spot with his poetry readings. I love poetry and I adore Simon so the combination of the two is rather dreamy. He’s thinking of reading Homer’s Iliad. I hope he does it!


War of the Worlds (EPIX) – The first season ended on a damn cliffhanger! I was half watching it but by the last few episodes, I was paying more attention. I kept yelling at the characters and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. A set of the characters spoke French and it made me wish that I was learning French instead of German. Maybe I’ll make it my next language.

Prodigal Son – I am so digging this show — the weekly mystery, the underlying storyline. I don’t like starting a network show that might or might not get another season but this one really caught my attention from the first.

love these ladies!
Saturday night goodness with these ladies

Cuddle Puddle Nation – vid chat no. 1 – I joined the group chat a little late but I was so glad that I did. I got to “see” my friends and “meet” the CPN I hadn’t met before. We just chatted and laughed and shared little bits of our lives with each other. We were brought together by our adoration of Aleks Paunovic and this is such a good thing. I love when loving something/someone means meeting and befriending like minded people. It’s so lovely…

dinner the other night
Southwest Chicken Sausage & Rice Skillet

Hello Fresh – This shelter in place has had us cooking more! We started doing Hello Fresh and I’ve actually had a good time with it. The food has been rather delicious and filling (at least for me). It’s fun cooking together and it’s so much better than getting fast food. Hopefully we’re learning some good habits and when this shelter in place is over, we’re still cooking at home…

And here’s a poem to end the post…

the music 
binds us
winds us
lifts us
connects us

the music 
we sing together
we love together
we laugh together
we cry together

the music
takes us
breaks us
makes us
never forsakes us

the music
we share together
we keep together
we find together
we dream together

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TWITL – week thirteen – the way days blur

I’m not sure why I didn’t start this post during the weekend. Then again, what is a weekend when you spend everyday at home? The days have really just blurred together and every time I think about what day it might be, I have to confirm by asking the hubby or looking at the calendar. Small things compared to the rest of this whole situation.

It’s not so hard, is it, adhering to the shelter in place order? It seems like such a small thing for all of us to do to get flatten the curve. You can still go outside for short bits for exercise and such, as long as you do the social distancing. Why do people think we can’t or shouldn’t do all that we can to get through this?

the pattern
the pattern

As you can see from the above picture, I screencapped William Gregory Lee and Charles Mesure and featured them on my IG. To my delight, Charles received a more than fair amount of likes. Who knew so many people had great taste? At the very least, Greg and Charles provided some variety to my IG. Love that!

the day I went to work
work face

So I go back to work on Wednesday. I’m not sure what that will look like but I think first off, I’m going to wear jeans with the thought that we won’t be open to the public. I do have a fair amount of work on my desk right now and it will definitely keep me busy for the coming days. I did go in one day last week for a few hours. It wasn’t so bad since no one was in my building. I practiced my social distancing when I did go to the front building for couple of things. It was nice to speak with a couple of my co-workers.

season one finale of Picard
Santiago Cabrera on Star Trek Picard


Star Trek: Picard – The first season finale aired. I thought it was a good ending and my favorite scene made me almost cry. I thought it was a proper end to one of the characters (I won’t say who just in case). On the whole, I found the first season of Picard to be immensely satisfying. I enjoyed it very much even though it’s different from TNG, which is my favorite Star Trek series. My heart will always be with that series but I am looking forward to next adventures.

Tiger King (Netflix) – I kept seeing people I follow talking about this show and we decided to watch it. By the end of it, I thought, WHAT THE HELL DID WE JUST WATCH?! Yes, it was entertaining. Yes, it was a train wreck. Yes, we couldn’t stop watching. The CRAZY thing was seeing someone familiar in episode 4. If you know, you know… None of the “main” people featured were particularly sympathetic and I kept wanting the tigers to turn on the humans. I feel like those big cats were plotting the demise of their human caretakers. You could see it in their eyes…

The English Game (Netflix) – This was an interesting mini-series about the beginnings of football (or soccer, as we call it here in the US). I thought it was well done, though it apparently takes some liberties with the timeline. Nonetheless, an enjoyable watch, especially if you like football.

The Mentalist – I’m a little sad we got to the end but I did like how it ended. It was a good show (from what I saw of it). Greg’s episode was all right. His character deserved what he got in the end. My friend is turning into a silver fox, I must say.

best nine so far
current best nine

The stuff keeping sane during this time…

  • Tyler & Sabina – The live IG stories have been so entertaining and wonderful! I love them so much. I love the acoustic sets and the Sunday brunches.
  • Simon Kassianides – Simon has been reading a poem every day and I will keep telling the world how much I love it. It’s super lovely that he’s keeping up with it and how can one resist poetry recited with an English accent? One cannot resist, especially if the one is me.
  • Jacob & Jordan Davis – They did a live IG story and it was SO GOOD. I’m so glad I caught it. I loved seeing my Jacob Davis Squad girls in the chat. And the boys sounded great. Such a treat!
  • Jack Whitehall & Jamie Redknapp – These two did a live IG story as well and the bits that I saw were great fun. I need to finish watching it because those two are a hoot.
Jack during Jamie's live IG
Jack whilst on lockdown

Baseball was supposed to start this past weekend but of course, it did not. On Opening Day, I wrote the following poem:

the stadium is empty
the air is still
the sun shines bright
the skies are clear

no churros
no nachos
no popcorn
no hot dogs

the bleachers are empty
the field untouched
the concessions shuttered
the dugouts deserted

no diamond
no bats
no gloves
no bases

the parking lot is empty
the ticket windows closed
the game is postponed
the start of the season unknown

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TH tongue

TWITL – week twelve – sheltering in place

We have been sheltering in place since Monday. When the order came in, it felt so numbing but we had already been self isolating so it also didn’t feel so drastic. It’s stressful and lo, reading things on the internet and watching the news DOES NOT HELP. Yes, let’s be informed with the facts and recommendations on what we can do to mitigate the situation but the conjectures and the rumors and the out and out lies DO NOT HELP. Well, it doesn’t help me. I’m trying to find that balance. I don’t want to ignore what’s going on but I don’t want it to be the only thing on my mind, especially if so much of it is something I cannot control…

So what did we do this past week? Well, we did do another grocery run and our refrigerator and pantry are well stocked at this point. If people would stop hoarding and just buying what they need for a couple weeks, things would be fine. After all, no one has said you can’t go buy food and other household items. Be smart people. Be diligent. Be safe. BE KIND…

I did go in to work for a couple of hours. Not sure if I’ll be able to go in again but I do have lots of work on my desk that need tending. But since nothing can be done at this point, I’m not really in a hurry. No one can really do anything right now. It was weird to be in the office without anyone there but it was great too. No germs spread by me!

this pattern
the pattern

In this confinement, there are some bright spots. Let’s go bullet style on this:

  • Tyler Rich & his virtual Rather Be Us Tour. The real tour has been postponed (not cancelled!) and for now, Tyler has been gracing us with IG live “shows.” Wednesday was “Jammin” with Tyler and his friend Hunter Hill (music and drinks and funny stories), Friday was the live acoustic concert (so good!), and Sunday was Day Drinking with Tyler and Sabina (so fun with their various guests). The IG live sets have been a wonderful reprieve from the stress of this current situation…
  • Simon Kassianides and his daily poetry reading. Simon started reading one poem a day for his followers and I AM LOVING IT! First of all POETRY. Second of all, poetry recited in an English accent. Third, Simon reading poetry in his lovely English accent. It might just be that I’m still sweet on him (and I am, admittedly) but I love that he’s sharing his favorite poems with us. Hell, I love that he likes poetry!…
  • I’ve started writing a poem a day (again). I was inspired by Simon reading poetry every day and thought I’d do one better by writing a poem every day. I’ve been posting them to my IG story (so they disappear every day) but as I wrote this, I realized I should have highlighted them so I did! I loved writing a poem every day when I did it all those years ago so it’s interesting to start up again. Of course, the poems are super rough and when I’m a little desperate, I’ll do haikus. Maybe I’ll try other forms. I freestyle most of my poems but sometimes, if I’m particularly inspired, I rhyme…
  • Video chatting and technology in general. I was able to video chat with my sister and cousins this past weekend. Thank goodness! It was good to actually talk, as opposed to just texting or posting on social media. We talked about how our days were going, touching a little on our respective situations. It was good to touch base and I hope we do more of it during this shelter in place and then of course after this is over.

Oh yes, Jack Whitehall’s May 2nd show has been postponed. Am I bummed? YES. Did I expect it? Yes indeed. I hope that when it gets rescheduled it’s on a Saturday and I can still attend. I do so want to see him live and maybe, just maybe even meet him. Maybe?


Star Trek: Picard – We just have one more episode. I can’t wait and yet I wish it wasn’t already almost over! I have enjoyed every single episode so much and I am so glad that there is a second season in the works. If you can, watch it!

Westworld – I’ve decided that I like any episode featuring Maeve and the amazing talents of Thandie Newton. She is a treat to watch and utterly mesmerizing…

The Mentalist – The hubby has been watching this show and I’ve watched a fair share of the episodes. I’m almost sorry we didn’t watch it during its original run but I am glad we can go through them at our own pace. Last night we got to Charles Mesure’s episode and we’ll be seeing William Gregory Lee’s episode soon as well. It was actually rather nice seeing Charles and thinking, oi, I’ve shaken hands with him! Such a sweet guy. And of course, I’m very much looking forward to Greg’s episode. I might have to do screencaps. Who am I kidding? I’m going to do them.

looking outside
view through the bathroom window

I hope everyone out there is being safe and diligent. Stay home so we can flatten that curve. The sooner we flatten that curve, the sooner we can get back to a more normal life. While you’re sitting home, maybe take the time to learn something new about yourself and the world. I’m striving for balance. I hope you’re doing the same…

Be well. Be diligent. Be safe.

Oh, and stop hoarding stuff like toilet paper!

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TWITL – week eleven – the world keeps spinning

Let’s get this out of the way– I am freaking out about COVID-19. I read too much stuff on social media (some of it comforting, some of it alarming), my personal chats online range from conjectures to practical advice, I’m worrying about the local businesses out there. Our schools are on spring break, something that was already on the books, so for the time being, our district can take a breath and make a plan without worrying about the routine concerns of usual school days. If school stays closed, we’ll still be expected to work and that’s actually not a bad thing. I’m very grateful that I’ll still have something to do even if other people might not.

On the personal front, Tyler’s show was postponed and a refund was issued for my tickets. We cancelled our hotel reservation. The whole thing is such a bummer but it must be done. My next concern is the Jack Whitehall show in May. Will that show get postponed as well? The next few weeks will give us a clearer picture, I’m sure. I hope it doesn’t get postponed but I won’t be surprised if it does.

Now, what brought me some pleasure this past week?

a still from Star Trek: Picard
Santiago Cabrera on Star Trek: Picard


Star Trek: Picard – “Broken Pieces” – I am so captivated by this show. It’s as if it’s seeping into my soul and I am lulled by everything about it. Every character has moved me in so many different ways. It’s much too easy to focus on Santiago Cabrera and his portrayal of Rios and his EH crew. He is a joy to watch whichever character he’s playing and I am so hooked. One of my friends calls him “riveting” and that is a perfect description of him. Truly though, the whole show is amazing. I cannot recommend it enough…

Westworld – The show is back! It’s been awhile and we had to watch a couple of recaps to get into the groove. The season premiered offered some interesting bits and I’m duly impatient for the next episode. I’m very curious about Aaron Paul’s character…


Joker – It’s on sale digitally so we clicked “buy” on it. I’m not sure how I feel about the movie. It was interesting. I had read much about it when it was released. I knew I would eventually watch it but I wasn’t sure that I would like it. Joaquin Phoenix was good in it but the story was disturbing and dreary.

Hobbs & Shaw – This one was also on sale digitally. I didn’t mind this movie. Lots of action and such plus IDRIS ELBA. Isn’t that enough to make you want to watch? It is for me! I liked the movie well enough. It was a fun couple of hours.


Anansi Boys – Neil Gaiman – I am slowly going through Neil Gaiman’s books and I finally got to this one. I enjoyed it! I love the weaving of old stories into modern times and I am always intrigued by the gods living amongst us…

the latest pattern
this pattern


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I am still doing the re-write on this one. The plot needs to be tightened and perhaps the story broken up into distinct parts. I tell you, it’s not easy going back over a story and changing the point of view but it does give me a chance to take out bits that don’t work. I do love spending so much time with these characters. I wonder if the coming days will give me opportunities to really delve into the story…

Jack in an ad
Jack in an ad


I am striving for some balance but it’s a little difficult right now. I don’t like this unsettled feeling and it’s taking a lot to keep the panic at bay. I don’t like the stress. It’s annoying and uncomfortable. So if I want to concentrate on the positive, I will. I want to focus on my writing or watch shows that will take my mind off of what’s going on in the world. There’s nothing to be done. We’re supposed to stay home, to isolate ourselves. It’s natural to worry but if there’s nothing we can really do about it, why let it paralyze us?

I keep telling myself this– we need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of each other. Be kind, be diligent, be mindful. We will get through this…

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smokin' greg

TWITL – week ten – the drag of the days

On Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday. Don’t you hate that? It made my week drag, leaving me rather resigned. But now I realize that my Friday went by in splendid fashion so I can’t really complain…

the pattern
sometimes the pattern is tweaked…


Star Trek: Picard – My favorite Star Trek character is Deanna Troi, so I was so happy to see her and Riker in “Nepenthe.” It wasn’t exactly happy times but it was nice seeing where they are in this “present” day. The action is moving along along with so many character moments. I just love it…

And do people like Star Trek: Picard or Santiago Cabrera or just both? I posted another filtered screenshot of Santiago and it has become the most liked post of mine for 2020 (so far). I think I’ll have to post him sparingly if I don’t want my best nine to be all him and Sully.


Jack Whitehall - The Orpheum Theatre
Jack Whitehall is headlining The Orpheum Theatre on May 2nd

Jack Whitehall – On Monday, Jack posted about the Netflix is A Joke Fest and when I saw that he would be headlining the May 2nd show, my interest was definitely piqued. What were the chances that he would be performing in California the day before my birthday? I know, total coincidence, but I like to think that Fate is nudging me. When the tickets went on sale the next day, I was of course tempted to take a look at the prices and they were relatively affordable. Why did they have to be affordable?! Of course, I clicked on the “buy” button and now we have plans for my birthday weekend. I am so very much hoping that Jack is doing a meet and greet and that I get to meet him. Wouldn’t that be icing on my birthday weekend? ICING.


new hair cut
new hair cut!

My salon posted an IG story offering a complimentary hair cut from a trainee stylist and I offered my services. I didn’t hear anything for a couple of days and then on Friday a DM came through, asking if I was available that day. I was not so they offered me Saturday afternoon with Simone. How could I say no to a complimentary cut? She did a great job and was so sweet about how easy my hair was. I love the fresh cut! Hopefully I can somewhat replicate the style when I have to fix it myself…

It’s Sunday evening and we lost that hour overnight. The good thing about napping and not having a schedule during the weekend is that it’s harder to notice things like the time change.

One more week and then it’s two weeks of spring break for the kids out this way. I’m going to take some time off during the break AND in the middle of it, we get to see Tyler! Can’t wait, should be fun times.

Would you rather...

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EQ as Stan

TWITL – week nine – the extra day

Let’s see if I actually post this on the 29th of February. I can’t seem to post on Saturdays but I’m going to at least start this post on the extra day of the year.

Why does it feel like spring already? Well, perhaps not today, but this past week the temperatures went up to the 70s and one day, I didn’t wear boots. (Boots are part of my winter wear, especially since I wear skirts to work.) I’m not ready for spring! But it’s coming, even if it’s early according to the calendar. And I am looking forward to the Farmers Market opening up next weekend. I want to try and go more often than we did last year. It’s good to get out of the house, walk, buy a zombie, then eat it with a mimosa or two.


Star Trek: Picard – I am very much enjoying this show and the latest episode offered the most awkward set up to steamy time that I have ever witnessed. I’m very glad they didn’t show the actual steamy time because upon further reflection, I don’t think that was the point of the whole exchange. I think it was to show how this one character could offer comfort as they did in a different way later in the episode. (I’m keeping it neutral in case anyone actually reads this and doesn’t want spoilers too detailed.) The hubby asked me after we finished watching the episode why I had to watch this particular series and not, say, Discovery. Why did I need to watch Picard?

I thought about it and answered in inelegant terms that Star Trek: The Next Generation is my Star Trek, therefore Picard is “my” captain. As much as I like the other series, from TOS to even Enterprise, TNG holds a very place in my heart for various reasons. I read a lot of TOS novels (I think I prefer them to the show, TBH) but I also read a lot of TNG novels and even if they didn’t quite tie into the action on the series, they still offered a bit more insight to the characters I watched and adored. As much as I enjoyed that free episode of Discovery (so well done on all fronts), I felt like (and still feel) that CBS is doing a great disservice to the whole philosophy of Star Trek (as I see it) by making the show exclusive as opposed to inclusive. You can only watch Discovery and Picard on CBS All Access or wait until their respective seasons are over so that you can purchase the shows. They are not streamed on any other services, even after they’ve been aired. It’s such a money grab that I’m sure is working for them but it rankles me as a Star Trek fan.

I make the effort, however, for Picard. What began as part nostalgia and part curiosity has turned into true regard for the show. I think everyone should watch it. It’s not like any other Star Trek show before it and that’s a good thing…

Bonus – a cool crew on Picard

Bonus on Picard— his crew is pretty cool. Michelle Hurd is always amazing, Allison Pill makes me want to hug and punch her at the same time, Evan Evagora as the young Romulan is a treat, and Santiago Cabrera gives me hope that I can still fangirl over age appropriate men. (Not that I’m super fangirling him. At the moment. I’m just… appreciative…) On the Artifact, I am digging Harry Treadaway and Isa Briones is rather captivating…


Southside – Sam Hunt (pre-order)
I thought about holding off on pre-ordering this album but when I saw that I already have half of the album as singles and my cost for the album was reduced because of that, I clicked that pre-order button. How could I not?

Star Trek: Picard – Jeff Russo (soundtrack)
The music from the series is haunting and I give it a listen in quiet moments. I’m listening through Apple Music but I might just have to bite the bullet and buy the soundtrack because I really do dig the music…


Jack as Newt
Jack as Newt Pulsifer on Good Omens

I finished screencapping Jack Whitehall on Good Omens, which means I can re-watch the show! The whole time I was screencapping, I looked at Jack and wondered how his goofy but adorable portrayal of Newt Pulsifer hooked me enough to do the whole fangirl thing for him. I mean, look at him. He’s so awkward as Newt and yet I thought he had something enough to pique my interest. And here we are.

the pattern
the latest pattern nine


I’m not ready for spring. I want to shiver a little still in winter, wear my sweaters and my boots and my jackets. I want to drink my Pinot Noirs and stouts. I want to relish the feel of being warm in my blankets. I am so not ready for spring…

drank my Pliny

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TWITL – week eight – didn’t feel like a short work week

maybe you’re waiting
convinced I’m not just a dream
until our paths cross

the pattern
the pattern slightly tweaked?


Have you ever been a fan of something, of someone only to be disappointed by something about them? But you stay with that something, that someone, because you’ve invested so much of your time and effort and love and you think letting go means it was a waste? Yes, I’m at the point right now. I don’t want to let go because I don’t want to accept the feeling of failure. But is it failure to feel disappointed by something that feels so utterly personal? I like my fandoms, my fellas because they bring me joy but I like to think I’m not such a blind follower that I’ll just overlook or ignore that personal stab. I keep thinking that I’ll get over it, that I’ll rise above it, but it just hasn’t happened yet. I think if it was just me in this thing, I would have let go a long time ago. But it’s not just me so I continue with half a heart. Maybe I don’t want to be the one to walk away. Maybe I’m just stubborn by keeping up with it all the way I do. Maybe knowing that what I do brings someone some kind of joy is why I keep doing it. I really don’t know…

Jack Whitehall contemplating this outfit to open the BRITs this week…

Jack Whitehall – My List went through an update the other day and there was a re-ranking of the four fellas. (Yes, my list is only four fellas deep, officially.) Everyone but Henry Cavill gets their turn to be my Number One so there it is. I know, poor Henry, right? Well, I’m sure he’s Number One for plenty of other fans. Does this mean Jack will be my first Listworthy of the new decade? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s wait until his next birthday…


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – No, I’m not going Android. I am quite loyal, probably to a fault, to my iPhone. But damn if I’m not utterly intrigued by the Galaxy Z Flip. I love that it’s out there and there are people using it. I doubt that anyone I know will buy one (I don’t know any early adopter types and those days are long behind me now) but I would love to hold one in my hand and flip it a few times.

I’ve watched a few reviews and I liked this one out of the bunch:

I like that there are companies out there trying out new things. I wish I had the means to try out all the devices out there but since I don’t, I must live with the reviews and such out there. Wouldn’t it be fun to have that as your job? Livin’ the dream!

The home computer – I’m spending more time on my home desktop, especially now that I’ve imported my iPhone photos and videos. I started to copy those files to one of my external drives and lo, I hit capacity! So of course I had to buy another external drive. I’m thinking a 2 TB drive should tide me over for awhile? Of course, I copied a lot of what was on my other drives to the new drive because you can’t have your files saved in too many places, right?


Picard – I am super digging this show! If you haven’t watched it yet, I encourage you to do so, especially if you’re a TNG fan or a Star Trek fan in general. Picard is so well done in so many ways and I am utterly entranced by it. I love the new characters and can’t wait to see what the next episode will bring. The show is well written, well acted, well directed and beautiful in so many ways…

Friday wine
Friday wine


I can’t believe we’re almost to February’s end. I know it’s a short month but for me it’s felt like the longest ever and yet here we are. I’ve gotten to a point in my work where I know how to manage my time so when I come out at the end of it and actually run the numbers on how much data entry I’ve inputted, it stops me for a moment. Have I really done that much? Maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot to other people but reading and logging about 300 transfers in a few weeks is a bit tedious. Then again, when I worked for the Sheriff’s Department, I’d process those kinds of numbers in one shift. I suppose it’s a matter of perspective, eh?

my first dog Meggie

I had a dream about my black Labrador, Meggie. In the dream, she was a bit puppy like, smaller and wanting to run around and jump on things. I miss having her and the other doggies. The picture above was taken about 18 years ago. She was the best dog ever and I’m glad she decided to visit me in a dream…

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TWITL – week seven – long weekend goodness

I’m heading towards the last day of my four day weekend. Why do I always wait until Sunday night to write my blog? At least I can take my time and not worry about going to sleep because I have work in the morning…

the pattern
this pattern actually features all of my fellas!

I actually waited two months before posting a pic of Sullivan Stapleton and now it’s my most liked IG post of the year. Somehow I must keep my Sully posting at the minimum otherwise he’ll be my best nine of 2020. Not that I mind. I love how much love my Sully posts get because it means people who love Sully find my posts. It’s a wonderful thing.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic the Hedgehog – T-Mobile Tuesday offered up a $4 movie ticket for this one so I took advantage. I chose the first show on Valentine’s Day in the Dolby Cinema auditorium because I love watching movies in that one and those tickets are pricey. Instead of paying $12.99 (goodness, is that the matinee price for that auditorium?!), I paid a mere $4. BARGAIN, I tell ya! Anyhoo, I was open to seeing the movie but I had absolutely no expectations on its quality. I never played the game so all the inside fans stuff went over my head and I was able to enjoy the movie as it was presented. And enjoy it I did! I thought it was a cute movie, definitely on the kids side of things but still interesting enough for someone like me to watch. I did figure out the end (it was pretty easy to foretell) but I still enjoyed the journey of the characters. Jim Carrey was so good and I just wanted to punch his character, especially when he was interacting with others. I thought James Marsden was utterly perfect as the straight man to Sonic’s antics. The movie was well done and rather sweet and I would definitely recommend it.

Snowpiercer (Netflix) – I know, this movie has been out forever. My friend is on a Chris Evans kick, which reminds of my old regard for him. I’ve always enjoyed him in movies (not just Captain America) so it was inevitable that I’d finally watch this one… It was nothing I expected and I liked it. It was bleak, intriguing, and compelling. Chris Evans was good in it. It’s nice watching him plays someone other than Captain America…

Jack’s Valentine’s Day post


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – The re-write on this story is going slow. I know it’s because I want to change some things and so it’s taking me a bit longer to try and work things out. I don’t want to lose too much of what I originally wrote but perhaps throwing out chunks of the old stuff is what I need to do to tighten up the story or at least give it more cohesion. I do so love writing it though. Spending so much time with the characters is allowing me to get to know them better. Hopefully it comes through in the story…

“The Little One” – I started this story a couple of years ago and for some reason I’m looking back at it and adding to it. I hadn’t gotten to the end of it and I’m not sure how it ends so before I lose the thread, I think I’d like to try and finish it. Maybe it’s just a novella, which would probably work best for that story. If I want to expand it later, I suppose I can…

“In My Bed” – This story actually has an ending! It also has a sort of beginning. The middle is muddled, however, so if I feel like working on another story, I could go back to this one. It’s written in the first person, which would be a change from how I’m currently writing…

sushi for lunch
sushi for lunch on Friday

After the movie on Friday, I had lunch at Enishi Kitchen. Sushi just for me! It was delicious and so prettily presented…

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