Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

a miracle awaits

we pray
for every breath
for every smile
for the light of you
we hope
for every day
for every night
bring us closer to you
we know
for every dream
for every sigh
a miracle awaits

Nana's Surprise Party
Glen & me back in 2005

For a short time, Glen was my brother. And even when it ended in name, in my heart, he is still my brother. If one must call it prayer, then I pray every day for him. I want him to wake up and smile and see how much he is loved. And I want him to join to his family again because even from so faraway, I know how much they mean to him. I'm so very glad his family is keeping us all updated. They are so very strong in this time. I can't imagine what they're going experiencing right now.

Stay strong, Glen. We're all thinking of you out here in California.

Love always, "Sis".
Tags: family, poetry
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