Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

2011 World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals!

every breath held tight
the wait so agonizing
the torture so sweet


Come on, you all knew I was an Cardinals fan, right? :)

Game 6 (Thursday night) was one of the craziest games I've ever watched, probably right up there with the A's 20th win a row. Those last three innings were a freakin' rollercoaster! Tying the game, giving up that homerun, then tying it again, then finally winning it. And then they had to do it one more time for Game 7?

Game 7 was fantastic, especially once the Cardinals were leading the game. The whole time I was watching the game, I felt like I was holding my breath. Were they going to hold on to their lead? Would they score more? The top of the ninth went by in a daze and then it was over. There's nothing like seeing grown men jumping up and down like little kids. Twas glorious!

The Texas Rangers played a hell of a post season and a fine World Series. It just wasn't in the cards for them. (See what I did there? I know, ::groan::. LOL) Truth be told, if they had been playing any team but the Cardinals, I would have been cheering for them all the way. But they had the misfortune to face my 2nd favorite team. My hats off to them for making it a crazy exciting series. :)

Even though I've pretty much distanced myself from baseball these past couple of years, this World Series reminded me that I am still a baseball fan right down to my soul. And yes, it's even sweeter when your team takes it all the way.
Tags: baseball, poetry
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