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it's time to go

it's time to go
leave behind this world
even with all the love
still brimming to the end
it's time to go
say farewell with a smile
wipe away those tears
laugh a little now
it's time to go
catch the warm sunshine
breathe the autumn air
wind down to sweet dreams

Friday wanderings

We had lunch at Harry's in Livermore. Such a bummer we don't have a Harry's in Brentwood anymore. Alas!

Friday wanderings

I'm so glad the comic book shop is open again! It would be cool if we had a comic book shop in Brentwood.

Friday wanderings

We had some Guinness at the First Street Alehouse. I wish we had such a place in Brentwood.

Hmmm, Livermore has some choice places to eat, drink, and wander. :)

Making arrangements

Arrangements needed to be made. I mostly observed. Planning a memorial is an eye opener. Made me want to have a plan of mine for the hopefully distant day I leave this world. The only thing I know is some of the music I want to play...
Tags: poetry
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