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case of the mondays

I don't know why but I feel icky today. Maybe Saturday's suite adventure has caught up with me. I feel blah.

Ohhhh, but look at the pretty new mood theme. Prison Break. Got it from awakencordy. Doesn't it rock?! Maybe someday I'll make my own. The instructions were easy (once I figured them out). Much better than trying to use the mood editor. One day, I'd like to make my own mood theme. I just need to figure out who/what I want to use. Know what I mean? ;)

My aura...

Your Aura Colour is Blue.

Blues are the caregivers. They are nurturing, feeling, crying, intuitive, sensitive, thoughtful, emotional, selfless, compassionate and social. They can be easily offended.

Blues embody the characteristics of nurturing and caretaking. They are the Personality Spectrums color most concerned with helping other people. Whereas Nurturing Tans find their life's work in the community, Blues find value in being of service to individuals. Service is a form of altruism, a giving of oneself. It is the art of anticipating the needs of other human beings and ministering to those needs while at the same time allowing the individuals to maintain their dignity. In doing a kindness for a neighbor or performing an act of mercy for a patient, Blues feel fulfilled, valued, and of worth; they find ways to live their lives by giving.
The greatest challenge for Blues is to know what they need to be happy and then to ask for it. Because they are so caught up in service to others, Blues often spend too little time and attention on their own spiritual and emotional growth activities. They must set limits and boundaries on their emotional, physical, and spiritual resources; they must be able to say no and mean it. Blues need to emulate the wise cook who returns a portion of the starter dough to the yeast pot for another day. In this way, Blues can maintain their personal power. They must learn how to husband their own internal resources by measuring them out and using some of their time and energy to renew themselves.

Find out what colour your aura is.

Hmmm, me with a blue aura. Why not? ;)
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