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taste sweet promise

The world is still
fading from awareness
Not so silent
but sounds so far away
Only their lips touching
their hearts racing
their bodies pressing
They see nothing
only feel
warmth and wet
They say nothing
only taste
sweet promise
They part
then breathe
then join again
They can't let it end
But the world interrupts
and time chimes its presence

And the day in bullets:

  • Watched Supernatural and laughed in parts and got creeped out in parts. I love that Dean character. ;)

  • Watched the Cardinals win it in the 9th, but alas, Mulder didn't get the "W." Another time, dear sir.

  • Watched the A's closer, Mr. Bobblehead of the Day (aka Huston Street) blow the save and lose the game. Lucky thing it's just the beginning of the season, eh?

  • Had a good meal at Chili's, then checked out Barnes and Noble. Bought a blank book. Just for fun. And a book. Books are always good to buy.

  • Watched The Corpse Bride. The only kind of musical the hubby will watch, I think. ;) Liked it, btw.

And I think that's it. A day nicely spent. :)
Tags: poetry
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