Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

mucking dreams with such ease

it’s easier without a heart
stepping in unwanted
mucking dreams with such ease
trampling dignity and pride

Actually awoke to an alarm today so that we could have an early start. Oil change, breakfast, me strolling the farmers market while he got a hair cut. :)


Breakfast at El Vaquero. Twas okay. I wasn't expecting the potatoes and such on the side but it was all right. They serve small eggs there.

Farmers Market

While the hubby got a hair cut at The Barber Shop (yes, that's what it's called), I strolled the farmers market. I didn't buy anything but it was nice being out in the sunshine.

Farmers Market
Farmers Market
Farmers Market
Farmers Market
Farmers Market

I was tempted by the kettle corn but I resisted. ;) After the stroll, I sat in front of the barber shop and enjoyed the cool morning breeze.


Twas a nice way to spend the morning...

a little video of the farmers market
Tags: photos, poetry
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