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super sweet suite game!

Okay, poetry first.

The mist fell swift
the gentlest of rain
upon the field of green
the diamond etched in earth
The game played on
without delay or break
Bats struck balls
launching past the walls
bouncing on concrete
flying into waiting hands
And in the end
the game was won...

Harden getting ready for the game...

Rich Harden was on his game. Except for that inning where he walked two batters with two outs and then gave up a homerun. Ooops!... Nick Swisher's catch to end the top of the 5th inning ROCKED. His homerun at bottom of the inning was fantastic... But the big story was the back to back to back homeruns hit by Eric Chavez, Frank Thomas, and Milton Bradley in the bottom of the 6th inning. Three straight pitches, three homeruns in a row. WOW!

Bobby stretching...

Swisher and Harden on their way to the dugout...

It was our second suite game of the season. We brought our parents and some friends this time around. Next door, in the Wells Fargo Bank suite, people came in and I recognized one of them. It was someone I worked with! In fact, it ended up that two people I once worked with were in the suite. I decided to bother them for a bit in the bottom of the 8th.

Me with two gun guys

I had a lovely chat with them. It's so nice knowing that I'm missed at my former place of work. My old position is apparently up for grabs again. Why can't people handle it? LOL! I'm glad I got to visit with them. I hope they say howdy to the ones I mentioned. I miss them! :)

After the game (and after we took my parents home), we had burgers at Best Burger. Still delicious! Before heading home, we visited Stoneridge and stopped at Na Hoku. It's our anniversary tomorrow (Sunday), so I got a BEAUTIFUL ring by Kabana. I'll take a picture of it sometime. I love it, of course. And I love the Na Hoku store. The first one I ever visited was in Kauai. :)

Melhuse at work...
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