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warm sunshine on this good friday...

Her touch is poison
her glances sly
Don't believe her smiles
she's full of lies
Nothing sweet
only bitter all around
Her soul is lost
her reason utterly unsound
Stay away from her
offer no attention
Perhaps she'll explode
from all of her frustrations
What a pity
all of this such a shame
She doesn't realize
she's the one to blame

It's funny how the words just spill when it comes to poem time. And early too. Nice, eh? :D

I got to show off my house (and mess, bah) to my friend. She lives like five minutes or so away and this is the first time I've had her over. Sadness, eh? LOL! Anyhoo, we chatted and stuff. She's going to help me with the painting and stuff. She's studying for her interior design degree, so I don't mind being a project for her. LOL! :D I know she's good at what she does.

The hubby came home early, so we went out for a late lunch at Panera Bread. Yummy! :D Then we checked out the Christian book store. Interesting place. There were playing Christian music. Of course.

On the way home my friend called me to tell me that she got a call from someone checking up on my references. Neat! And my lovely friend gave me a good reference, of course. This is a good thing right, that they're calling my references? I hope this means I have a chance!!! Bah!!!

Lovely sunshine today. Beautiful. I forgot it was Good Friday. Ooops.
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