Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

weekends zip by too fast

it just seems too long
since I've seen you smile at me
with such sweet promise

I did my nails today

Yesterday we hung out in Livermore at B & V's house. Always good times there. I didn't take many pictures but here are a couple...

Weekend shot
Weekend shot

Yes, I had a jello shot and no, I did not get into the pool. :)

Today we relaxed at home and didn't do very much. Watched the US Women's soccer team beat Brazil in PKs. Nerve-wracking! And we watched some of the ladies golf as well. Oh, and then True Blood.

My favorite parts of tonight's ep "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?":

  • Eric calling Sookie, "Snookie." And her indignation (which I shared even as I laughed).

  • Poor Jason and the line of Crystal's kin waiting to have their way with him.

  • ALCIDE!!! (But one freakin' scene? WTH?! Fine, it's better than nothing, but WTH?!)

  • Bill and Jessica's little heart-to-heart.

  • Hoyt holding that doll while watching the news as Jessica came back home. Seriously, how weird was that?

  • Eric drinking the life out of Sookie's fairy godmother. Ye gods!

  • Forget it, everything Eric did in the episode! LOL

I thought it a good episode except I wanted more Alcide. Of course. Otherwise, Eric was damn cute in his kind of soft and innocent confusion. Even with the fangs he was a bit sweet.

We also watched Leverage this evening. A good episode, of course. :)

I'm still very much enjoying Google+. I just wish more folks I knew were on it! If you'd like an invite, email me at walelia at gmail dot com.
Tags: poetry, tv
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