Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

half a day there

maybe I'll forget
do I even remember
the sound of my name
whispered from your lips
maybe I'll remember
how could I forget
the smiles we shared
once so long ago
maybe it's just a dream
a memory concocted
wishful thinking at its best
best left to yesterdays

I got to walk to work and then walk back home but only spent half the day at work. I think it was worth the walks. ;)

On the way home I couldn't resist and stopped for a frappe, coconut mocha style.

Friday frappe

Once home, I remembered I had read that Greg's part on Femme Fatales had aired and was now on demand, so I watched it. It's always good to see him at work. ;)

Greg on Femme Fatales
Greg on Femme Fatales
still the handsome fella

Oh, and here's one of Holli:

I think I have a cold, which kinda bites. I blame one of the little girls from last weekend. Twas probably the cute one who sneezed on me. Wait, they're all cute!

Hanging out on Saturday
super precious!
Tags: greg, poetry
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