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No one cares what you think
No one gives a damn
No one will hear you cry
No one will comfort you
Look in the mirror
see into your soul
oh how faint the reflection
oh how the goodness weeps
No one can stop this
No one can step in
No one can rescue you
Only you can rise above
so high from your misery
Turn your eyes to a light
find solace in beauty
Or plunge forever into darkness
to the reaches of disdain and pity

Sometimes it's hard to figure out where inspiration can take you. :) What do the words mean?

Both my teams lost today. Oh baseball gods, how could this be? Ah well, it's still early in the season. (I keep telling myself that. LOL!)

Drove SOCKGAP to the other house today. The emptiness makes me just a a little sad. But the trees are blooming, as evidenced by the picture I posted earlier. ;) Things like that make me smile. I love spring with its cool breezes and bright sunshine and colorful flowers.

CSI was all right tonight. I always love the Nicky eps. I hope he cuts his hair soon. Bah! LOL!

ETA: Wow, I've posted 2500 comments!!! I was checking out my profile page and there it was. CRAZY! I've so far received 1804 comments. :P
Tags: babble, poetry
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