Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

a new week and a different phone

don't ever look back
keep your feet pointed forward
your eyes straight ahead

The hubby and I traded phones and I'm now rockin' the Nexus S 4G. I think I *might* miss the keyboard but other than that I'm rather enjoying it...

Some thoughts on the Nexus S:

How pretty the sky
Pretty afternoon
#nowplaying love is alright tonight

* The camera does a decent job. I try not to use the flash too often but the one or two times I've used it the pictures have turned out fine.

* The latest version of Android resides in the Nexus S. I will always have the latest version of the OS. The thought makes me giddy. I don't notice too much difference between Gingerbread and Froyo. Then again, I have a vanilla version of the OS and the Epic had the TouchWiz overlay. :P

* The Nexus S is pretty fast. No weird lags for the most part.

* Calls are clear on both ends, not that I get or make many calls. LOL

* I can video chat on Google Talk! Too bad I can't get anyone to chat with me on there. LOL!

I still have the same wallpapers as I did on the Epic (Alcide from True Blood and yes, he's still damn distracting) as well as the same launcher (Go Launcher) and lockscreen app (WidgetLocker). I use GO SMS as my messaging app and Google Talk for chat.

I LOVE how I can customize my phone to my tastes!

Oh, and I've made my mobile number my Google Voice number! I'm trying it out. I have 90 days to decide if I want to keep my original GV number. I think I'm going to keep it because it spells my last name. ;)
Tags: poetry, tech freak chick
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