Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

finally it's friday!

reaching further back
to the darkest corners
searching for the light
even just a flicker
fighting not to forget
holding close the good times
reliving moments of joy
still learning from mistakes
lessons ever new

Tonight is graduation for the old high school here and then tomorrow the other two. It's supposed to rain tomorrow but I don't hear the rain right now. Maybe the old school will luck out with the weather? Hope so!

We've been catching up on True Blood. Wow, so many pretty men on that show! We've gotten to the weres. The one playing Alcide is HOT. LOL! And I like the vampire Eric. :) Of course, dim bulb Jason Stackhouse is yummy too but he's such a dumbass! :P

I'm glad the regular tv season is over. I like the break from the regular tv shows. :)

I love my new LJ banner!!! Thank you so much wahlee!!!
Tags: poetry
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