Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

let's go a's!

the green baseball field
waiting for the game to start
the ball flying high

A's vs Orioles
mmm, churro!

We had FANTASTIC seats for the A's game! Row 21 right behind home plate. We could see everything! And we had the row right before the next section, so no one was sitting in front of us (twas the walkway).

A's vs Orioles
my hot dog and guinness

I had a hot dog, a cup of guinness, a churro, and a pretzel. Good times, good times. :)

A's vs Orioles

We got on the kiss cam (kiss #7, I think) and we got boo'd because of the hubby's Orioles jersey. LOL!

A's vs Orioles

So yeah, Bell Biv DeVoe! How crazy is that? LOL!

A's vs Orioles
A's vs Orioles
A's vs Orioles

The A's swept the Orioles with this win, 6-4. Yah!

Afterwards, we headed out to Berkeley for a visit!

visiting berkeley
met a dog named Zappa

It was great catching up with my friends! I haven't seen surabufix since before the baby and I can't even remember the last time I saw bitchtude. So wonderful to be together for awhile.

I think I got lots of sun. Good thing tomorrow is a day off from work! ;)
Tags: a's, baseball, photos, poetry
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