Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

a saturday around town

why not surrender
the doubts clinging to your soul
bringing your heart down

Blues, Brews & BBQs

The day started out sunny and breezy with lots of clouds. We went to The Streets for the Blues, Brews & BBQs and walked around looking at the cars, drinking beer, and trying out different BBQ foods. Yums!

Blues, Brews & BBQs
Blues, Brews & BBQs
Blues, Brews & BBQs
Blues, Brews & BBQs
Blues, Brews & BBQs

We took a little break to watch a move at The Rave.

Blues, Brews & BBQs

There were lots of funny bits in The Hangover 2 but I like the first one better. Maybe this one will grow on me after I've seen the uncut version and such. ;)

When we walked out of the theatre, the clouds had gathered close and gray. Sometime after we left, it RAINED! Crazy weather.
Tags: photos, poetry
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