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happy long weekend!

even when darkness prevails
hope lingers and clings
a whisper perhaps
a flicker so quick
guiding every breath
lifting despair inch by inch

Sweet goodness, it's the long freakin' holiday weekend! What's on tap for the weekend?

Sunday for sure is the A's vs Orioles game and hopefully seeing surabufix and bitchtude afterwards. Tomorrow perhaps we'll do the "Blues, Brews & BBQs" at THE STREETS here in Brentwood. And maybe Monday will be the lazy day at home. We'll see.

It's already started out nicely with a burger at Digger's. :)

doggies riled up

Holli is so cute when she's agitated. LOL! The backyard neighbor dog, Scout, keeps finding his way to our backyard and whenever the girls notice, they go NUTS!

doggie goodness
Holli sniffing Scout
Tags: doggies, poetry, vids
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