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back to work

I won't say I'm head over heels
maybe just slightly intrigued
sure you've caught my eye
haunt my dreams a little bit
I can play this slow and steady
let the anticipation simmer
take pleasure in small doses
just enough to need more

Alas, today was my Monday. The nice thing about a Wednesday being a Monday is that I only have two more days of work now. Restful! ;)

Back at work...
Back at work...

Got flowers and balloons! Isn't that nice? Flowers from my boss and balloons from my co-worker. So sweet. :)

Last night we got to the end (so far) of Flashpoint and it freakin' ended in a crazy cliffhanger!!! The whole episode pissed me off because even though it was spectacular. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who might watch it (especially since it hasn't actually aired yet here in the States) but let me just say I am glad I didn't watch that back when it aired. At least I have hope that the conclusion will air sometime this summer. Twas NUTS!

Damn you, Netflix, for exposing me to yet another fine show. Bah!

Tags: poetry, tv
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