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sweet enough for dreams

the air blows by
the trees sway quick
the clouds gather
the skies darken
by night silence reigns
the stars twinkle
the moon shines bright
the air cools to stillness
sweet enough for dreams

Weird day weather wise. The A's lost to the Twins. Alas.

We watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I enjoyed it! So pretty. Kinda sad and such.

We also watched Supernatural. I liked the flashbacks! Daddy Winchester is a handsome guy, but I'm still a Dean girl. If anyone asks. LOL! Another good ep, of course. I liked the fleshing out of Dean. A great ep for Jensen.

And right now the hubby is watching Forest Gump.

I have an interview tomorrow for high school registrar for one of the high schools out here. One minute I'm nervous and most of the time I'm just calm about it. But darn it, interviews freak me out! And I hate driving to places I've never been to. Oh well. I get to meet the principal. I wonder what kind of high school it is. :)

This Saturday is our next suite game. I'm looking forward to it! :D Baseball soothes me to no end. :) And we get a calendar if we're there in time. And we'll be there in time. This game is parents day. We're bringing out parents to the game. Umm, fun? We'll see. LOL!
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