Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

busy saturday

think you can fool me
your laughing eyes
your dimpled smile
drawing me to you
think you can fool me
your honey sweet words
your silky soft touch
pulling me into you
think you can fool me
your whispers of promise
your embrace so tight
keeping me close to you
think you can fool me

We didn't go to Wonder Con today. Alas! Not really. LOL! We're going tomorrow. Yah! Instead today we did the following:

  • Visit with my parents in San Leandro

  • Watch some college basketball at the Sunshine Saloon in Pleasanton

  • Met up with my cousin in Walnut Creek (for his Wonder Con pass for tomorrow)

  • Shopped at Fry's in Concord

Looking forward to tomorrow!
Tags: poetry
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