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always time to post something...

lost in little bubbles
spiked for a buzz
clarity fuzzed
relaxed and easy
through every bone
just a little lazy time
not just in body
but also in mind
pretty little bubbles
riding clear to the ice...

Like the icon? ;) Kendall the other night. Shots by wahlee, my favorite screenshooter. :D

The day went like this:

  • Woke up, turned on the computer, then got ready for the day.

  • Had breakfast at McDonalds.

  • Drove to Livermore to pick up the hubby's friend.

  • Drove to Salinas for a "we've been living here a year" party for hubby's friend.

  • Had a lovely time in Salinas. I watched the hubby play Texas Hold 'Em with 8 other people, then watched the A's win, then chatted with one of the other ladies.

  • Drove back to Livermore to drop off hubby's friend.

  • Stopped at the grocery store.

  • Came home.

I'm tired. I should go to sleep. But first I need some water...
Tags: poetry, slices
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