Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

friday musings

the earth below draped
in soft sunshine bright and warm
basking in the day

It's almost springtime. I love the days of moderate weather, yet I feel as though they're fleeting so I try to savor them when they're here.

Today was day two of using the EVO. I didn't charge it at work and it was all right. I'm almost considering keeping it now. But I don't know if I'm sold on its large size. It's not a petite phone. Of course, my Epic isn't small either. ;) I think it's really becoming a question of whether or not Android 2.2 (the EVO) is that much different from Android 2.1 (the Epic). And then what if I keep the EVO and the Epic skips 2.2 and heads straight to 2.3? Aaaaack!
Tags: poetry, tech freak chick
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