Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

finally friday

is it the rain
falling slow down my cheek
or tears that still my tongue
so I cannot speak
is it the wind
chilling me to the bone
pulling me along
so very far from home
it is the storm
raging all around me
or self made chaos
sparking me to flee

The rain fell in the morning then turned into sunshine. Cold but bright.

Tonight's crab feed was fun! I ate my fill and was sad that even though we had lots of crab, I couldn't eat more. I was too full!

CYO Crab Feed
CYO Crab Feed
CYO Crab Feed
CYO Crab Feed
CYO Crab Feed

Food, silent auction items, a raffle we didn't win, and dancing. I didn't dance. But it was fun watching the folks out there shake their groove thangs. ;)
Tags: photos, poetry
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