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Friday goodness...

Keep me here
alone and apart
from the trap
of life's inticacies
Am I safe here
in silence
I hear the wind
in darkness
I see the sun
Yet I feel nothing
only the chill
of unfallen tears
only the press
of desperation
so heavy on my dreams
Unanswered pleas
ready to fall from my lips
stop in my throat
Words are useless
Just keep me here
in simple denial

Morning poetry. Different, eh?

I gave the little doggie Hollia a bath yesterday. She needed it. I don't think she liked it, but she forgave me faster than Saffy the Yorkie usually does. ;) I love my doggies.

I was chatting online with a friend of mine yesterday. We were talking about Daniel Dae Kim (currently Jin on LOST) and I said that I have seen him in some other stuff, but I couldn't remember what. She started naming off his credits, including CHARMED. On that subject, I commented how I missed Cole (played by Julian McMahon) on CHARMED. She said that she recently saw an old ep where he was teaching Phoebe how to fight and he was shirtless and all of that. Well, when I turned to CHARMED later, the episode was "Enter the Demon." It opened up with Cole and Phoebe fighting the basement. He was shirtless and sweaty. Rarr. And then it cut to a Chinese man in a garden and someone about to attack him. The attacker ended up being Daniel Dae Kim! Now, how weird is that? LOL! I've got to tell my friend. ;)

And then I watched lots of baseball yesterday. The Cardinals were on (they won!) and then the A's were on in the evening (they lost, bah!). I wonder if there are any games on right now.

I haven't watched SUPERNATURAL yet. But--

Oh, we watched LOST!




I miss doing that. LOL!

  • I thought it was good ep. I had been wondering about Hurley. Wow, Dave was all in his mind? And then to have him appear again on the island must have freaked him out! But what about Libbby? What's her deal now? I hope we get some background on that one! She's nutty too. And I thought she was a therapist or something. Yikes!

  • And "Henry." Is he telling the truth about the button? Did he really not press it? Or is he trying to goad Locke into doing it? Or not doing it, as it were. What's the deal with him and his people? Aaaack!!!

  • Oh, LOVED Hurley attacking Sawyer. LOL! And Jin's reaction was priceless! Let them fight it out for just a bit. It was hilarious!

  • Poor Locke, he doesn't like being out of the loop, eh?

  • Mr. Eko at work. Nice.

And next week's ep, YIKES!!! Kate and Jack, Henry challenging Jack, Henry knowing about Walt? It's all a blur! I can't wait! LOL!

from surabufix
* Type in your birthday (minus the year) in the search bar at
* List 1 death, 2 births and 3 interesting events that happened on your birthday.

  • 1758 - Pope Benedict XIV (b. 1675)

  • Births:


    Very interesting! I knew about Bing Crosby. ;) But I thought the most interesting one was the Gone with the Wind one. One of my favorite novels of all time. I've read it four times. LOL! I should read it again, just to see what I take away from it this time around. Hmmm.
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