Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

a monday bright

let me linger here
between dreams before the dawn
laughing with the stars

The sun was actually shining this morning even though twas still a bit cold. And the sun was still shining when it was time to go home.

I'm still checking around for photos from the Xena convention. So far most of the photos are of the female guests. I know there were some male guests besides Charles and the only shot I've seen so far was of his back. Alas!

In the midst of my lamenting the lack of Charles photos from the Xena con, bitchtude oh so kindly pointed out some V stills recently posted.

(Perhaps slightly spoilery, so view at your own risk...)


So this is what I missed this past weekend. Not that he stripped down or anything during the convention but still, no fair! I keep hoping and hoping and hoping that he makes a Bay Area appearance sometime in the near future. There are two conventions coming up soon. I can dream, right?
Tags: cmesure, poetry
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