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last words and baseball...

Time to share just a few things...

My latest phone, the Samsung t809

Mulder during yesterday's game...

Mulder at the plate...

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"Tell them I said something."

and a baseball survey from _chica02

5 favorite players currently in baseball (try to be diverse!)
1. Mark Mulder - I love watching him on the mound.
2. Barry Zito - He's not just a baseball player, he's an interesting person outside of it. I love it!
3. Tim Hudson - Family guys are just sweet to me. Plus he's fun to watch on the mound.
4. Miguel Tejada - I've always enjoyed his play. He brings passion to his game. That's way it should be.
5. Bobby Crosby/Rich Harden - Can't decide between the two, so they're tied. ;) When they're healthy, watch out!

5 least favorite players currently in baseball
1. Barry Bonds - He brings absolutely no joy to the game. I won't deny his talent. He's got it. But does he have to hate it so much? Does he have to hate the game so much that he can't act like a mature adult in the face of the asinine? I could see how the media could be asses. They ask the questions over and over and yeah, it can get annoying. But hey, you're a man. Act like it. Where is the joy in him? If he can't find it, then he should just step away. And I don't even need to talk about the steroid accusations.
2. Julian Tavarez - I never liked him and only tolerated him in St. Louis. I don't know why. I can't explain why I don't like him either. It's just this feeling.
3. A.J. Pierzynski - Another one I've never liked. I'm sure there's a reason, but darn if I know it. :P

Okay, I can't think of anymore least favorites. In actuality, Bonds could be the whole top five.

I was reading abbagirl's LJ and she mentioned the song I'm currently listening to, so I just had to find it. And I did! ;) I love songs with my name in it, especially if it's the title. Yah! LOL!

I think I can watch more baseball in a few hours. I'm loving all of this baseball stuff. I'm insane, right?

It's never the same
the touch of lips
the taste and texture
the warmth and movement
Quick take of breath
slow sweet desire building
hot inside down to the bone
Just one kiss
turning into something more
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