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The sun started shining...

It's sweeter this way
saying goodbye this way
with the wind blowing hard
making the trees stretch and sway
All around us nature fierce
driving away the falling tears
Words swirl like leaves
lost in the whirling breeze
We can't cling to this loss
shaking through our souls
The coming storm will claim
what we think we know
So goodbye, let me turn away
without a word to make you stay
I'll take this path so far from you
steady my steps to somewhere new
Yes, it's much sweeter this way
Saying goodbye on this stormy day...

This morning I downloaded Trillian on my computer and my friend was online. We chatted for a bit and she ended up calling me. We spent a couple of hours on the phone. It was great talking to her! She's going through some marital stuff, so we got a chance to catch up on all of that.

And then baseball!!! Mark Mulder pitched today and it was televised in HD. I love HD. I love baseball in HD. I love watching Mark Mulder pitch in HD. It's just wonderful. He didn't get the win, but the Cardinals did. Woohoo!

My A's also won. I love them so much. They make me happy. Way to go Scutaro!!! The A's won the series, which is all you can ask for. Too bad they couldn't win when I was there! Bah. But I still love them.

Because we watched the entire A's game, we had to record LOST. And I have to wait until tomorrow night to watch it. Aaaack! So no spoilers!!! I must not read any spoilers. :P (So Lisa, I didn't read your email, in case you're wondering. LOL!)

Oh, the sun came out today. Loveliness!

::geek alert:: All this news from CTIA is making me want to experiment with new cell phones! Why am I such a tech fiend?! A Blackberry clamshell phone? When can I try it?! LOL! I'm already missing my Blackberry. Oh well, I can't cry too much. I do have a Treo again. ;)

Got this by way of surabufix.

What breed of horse are you? Find out!
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