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a mix of things...

Give me a reason
reasons not to walk away
Away from this pain
Pain almost too hard
hard to bear and unyielding
Unyielding to my silent pleas
Pleas almost desperate
Desperate for a reason...

Sometimes it's just fun to play with words. ;)

And once again, the baseball gods smiled upon my A's with dry skies. This time the A's smiled back. ;) Their first win is less than an hour old. LOL! They kept it close all night and finally won in the bottom of the ninth. Gotta love the Scutaro. :D Alas, Bobby will be out for a week with that gash on his finger. :( Poor baby!!! Woohoo for Street's first win. Let's hope next time it's a save situation. And Rich Harden didn't do too badly. Ah well.

And in the non baseball part of my life, we finally watched Supernatural. "Hell House." Another enjoyable ep. I love how Sam and Dean are such boys. Dean is just wrong! And who knew that Sam would look so good coming out of the shower? Hmmm.

Got these from surabufix & bitchtude
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Eyes full of Pain


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*** Hmmm, interesting!

Where was your soul born?[pics + detailed answeres]

Your soul was born in the Light of the Sun.You're a very nice and open-minded person. Maybe even a little naive. You want to believe the best about everyone and you're willing to give anyone a second chance. You're optimistic and your element is Light of course. You're loyal to your friends and you feel terrible when someone close to you is depressed. You try to give everyone in your surrounding attention which can lead to that you forget your own needs. Sit down and relax. Think about what you need for a second. You forget your own feelings and that's never good. You can't save everyone. Let the people that love you take care of you for a second. Your friends love you and they'll do anything for you. You don't have to take care of them all the time.
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*** Cool! I think I'm nice. LOL!

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*** Neat! Mystery, cool.
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