Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

at the movies

can we fall apart
without breaking our two hearts
into sharp pieces

BLUE VALENTINE - We saw this Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams movie this afternoon. I always try to see Ryan's movies in the theatres if possible, so I was glad when I saw that this one was opening not far from us. I thought that Ryan did a FANTASTIC job as Dean. Michelle Williams was also very good. The movie is not a happy one though there are some lovely moments in it. It's not easy watching a movie about the disintegration of a marriage. Still, I'm glad I saw it.

I do wonder about the crowd that watched the movie with us. I would say that 90% of the crowd was 70 and over. Okay, maybe 75%. Still, I found it rather odd that such older folks would want to see such a movie. Twas interesting. :P

The CineArts 5 in Pleasant Hill is an older theatre without stadium seating. It reminded me of my old theatre, Festival Cinemas. LOL!
Tags: movies, poetry, ryan
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