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and the season begins!

the skies opened
like a light from heaven
gazing down upon us
with a little smile
how sudden and sweet
while remembering
a man whose voice
painted pictures
of summer's game...

But otherwise, I had a great time at the game! :) The outcome of the game was a total DOWNER though.

It was our first suite game of the season and all day I kept thinking, "The rain will stop. They will play today." I'm serious! I knew somehow that it would stop raining long enough for them to play the game. Maybe it would have been more interesting if we had a rain delay or something.

When they did the Bill King tribute, the sun started to shine and the clouds seemed to dissipate just a bit. It made me smile even though I wanted to cry a little. I don't know how I'll feel about listening to the A's on the radio without him. Alas.

And now I must sleep...
Tags: baseball, poetry
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