Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

a bit of work

maybe it's your smile
working its way to my heart
igniting sweet warmth

I worked a quick half day because I had to put the paychecks together. It wasn't so bad being one of three there. I loved that I didn't have to answer the phone. And then I wondered why anyone was calling the office when we were closed.

After work, we went to lunch, strolled Bev Mo, wandered Best Buy, stopped at CVS. I know, exciting stuff. ;-)

Oh, we watched And Soon the Darkness. Ummm, Karl Urban looks good in it, even with the highlights in his hair. Otherwise, the plot was a bit weak. Oh the things I'll watch for my fellas. LOL

Now we're watching Return to Me on Vudu. ;-)
Tags: etc, poetry
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