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let's just say good bye
no drama
no fuss
maybe a smile
maybe one tear
let's just walk away
before the regrets
before the uncertainty
lock away the laughter
smother the joy
let's just forget
let's not dwell
let's disappear
fading into memories

I like that I don't have to go to work tomorrow. So lovely!

Today we had lunch at Tailgaters, stopped at Bath and Body Works, then to the grocery store. I know, exciting. LOL!

Lunch at Tailgaters
my Guinness

Lunch at Tailgaters
my BLT

my Bath & Body Works haul

We caught up on Leverage and Human Target. Good shows. As for movies, I have recently watched Tooth Fairy (family movie with funny moments), Salt (action packed and well done, I always like Angelina Jolie in action flicks), Unstoppable (one cannot go wrong with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine). I know we watched more but I can't think of them right now. LOL!
Tags: movies, poetry, tv
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