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oh, we lost an hour, eh?

Got this from bitchtude


Sleep with, obviously. No explanation necessary. The list is SN men heavy. Yah! :)

Do comment with your own choices for me to answer, who you'd pick, feel free to copy into own lj..

We'll start with the obvious.

1. Dean or Sam? Dean
2. Jared or Jensen? Jensen
3. Fully clothed Dean or Only in Towel Sammy? Fully clothed Dean ;)
4. Dean or Jensen? Dean
5. Jared or Sam? Sam
6. Denny (GA) or John (SN)? I guess John because I haven't seen Denny.
7. Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Kiefer Sutherland? Hmmm, ummm, JDM. Only 'cause I don't know anything about him. LOL!
8. Denny (GA) or Jack Bauer (24)? Jack, even though it's dangerous to love him.
9. Jason (SV) or Alec (DA)? Alec!!!
10. Alec (DA) or Dean (SN)? Oh wow, that's a hard one. Crap, I'm going to say Alec. I'm going for the superhuman strength. Rarr.
11. Sam (SN) or Dean (Gilmore)? Sam. He's older, eh?
12. Dean or Jess (Gilmore)? Yeah, I guess Dean. Don't really know either of them!
13. Logan (VM) or Logan (Gilmore)? Ummm, pass.
14. Logan (VM) or Sark (Alias)? Pass!
15. Vaughn or Will (Alias)? See above, LOL!
16. Fox Mulder (X Files) or Dr Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap)? Fox Mulder. Rarr!
17. Pacey or Dawson (DC)? Pass
18. Jen or Dawson (DC)? Pass
19. Jack or Sawyer (Lost)? Sawyer. Oh yes.
20. Jack Bauer (24) or Kiefer S.? Jack Bauer. LOL!
21. Matt Damon or Ben Affleck? Matt Damon
22. Brad Pitt or George Clooney? George Clooney
23. Christian Slater or Keanu Reeves? Keanu Reeves
24. Nick Stahl or Ryan Gosling? Ryan Gosling, OF COURSE.
25. Ian Somerhalder or Drew Fuller? Ian is too pretty, I think, so I will go with Drew.
26. Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger? Heath, I suppose.
27. Kelly Jones (stereophonics) or Chris Martin (coldplay)? Umm, Chris?
28. Chandler or Joey (Friends)? Chandler. :P
29. Sam Seaborn or Josh (West Wing)? Dunno!
30. First kiss or guy I have should have kissed last night? But I did kiss the guy I supposed to kiss last night! ;)

Sam (SN) or Jack (24)? Sam
Dean (SN) or Jack (24)? Dean
Sam (SN) or Jack (Lost)? Jack. Sorry Sammy!
Dean (SN) or Jack (Lost)? Dean. Rarr!
Jack(24) or Jack (Lost)? Jack on Lost!!! :D
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