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spatter of sunshine...

Sunshine over the stadium
blue skies touched
with white clouds
The air still chilled
but the grass so green
ready for the run
of white shoes
as the ball flies over
sometimes over the fence
sometimes into the leather
Or maybe never leaving the diamond
passing the plate
with such force and heat
The lumber swinging and missing
that oh so sweet curve

got this from bitchtude
April Fool
abbagirltrims your hedge into a replica of the Venus de Milo.
belle1446eggs your car.
bitchtudepaints your elderly relatives orange.
foulkeafiedbuys you a Russian Bride.
itsjillbitchTPs your house.
sahbrahas a hundred large anchovy pizzas and a diet coke delivered to your door.
surabufixenlists you in the French Foreign Legion.
the_pedsmiles. All the time.
wahleelegally changes your name to MoonBeam Cappa.
Prank Me

April is actually my most favorite month. For me, good things happen in April. Baseball, my anniversary, spring comes to bloom. All good things. I wonder what this April will bring. Hmmmm. :D

We had to get new tires for the Touareg, so we woke up early. :P On a Saturday. None of that should concern me, of course, as I am currently unemployed and can wake up at any hour I please. Usually sometime before 7am, but still!

So, new tires from Brentwood Tire. We had breakfast at Perko's Cafe. I had the Portuguese Skillet. Mmmmmm! Afterwards, we headed to Barnes and Noble. I bought two books. Is that right? One book is for the book club (in hardback!) and the other is a take on the Sleeping Beauty story. :) We had a quick stop at the bank, then to T-Mobile to exchange phones.

As I said yesterday, I'm down to two phones (SPOILED!). I'm using the Treo (oh sweet Treo!) and for one day I had the T-Mobile SDA. Such a CUTE phone. Lovely camera, good reception, nice display. It's downfall? I couldn't get it to sync with my computer! Alas. So today we went back and I chose the t809. Smaller phone and actually quite decent. I've already figured out how to make my mp3 bits into ringtones and I can put my own pictures on it to use as a wallpaper. It's all about personalization! :D Oh, and it takes decent pictures. ;)

The A's and Giants were on tv today. The A's did well. But hey, it's only pre-season! (Must remember that, in spite of the 14-3 score, A's over the Giants.) And can we all send thoughts of rain away for Monday? I'd rather not get rained out for the first game of the season! Freakin' suite seats!

I love playing my music on random. LOL! :D
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