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Lots of baseball today...

Minutes fly
when you're not watching
Time slips quick
without eyes on the clock
Suddenly you realize
the end is near
the fun will stop
Darkness will claim you
to a different dawn of day...

I would add pictures to this little narrative. But midnight is less than ten minutes away, so here goes a quick slice.

  • Didn't watch Supernatural. What kind of Jensen fan am I?!

  • I did watch parts of two baseball games today though. The Cardinals with MARK MULDER pitching and the A's playing the Giants. The Cardinals won quite nicely. The A's lost after an early lead. Hey, it's just pre-season, right? Still!!!

  • I'm down to two phones and a new number. Goodness, I think I need to tell people who probably don't really care. LOL!

  • Rain keeps falling but the game at AT&T Park (YE GODS!) saw just a few drops I think.

  • I'm resisting reading spoilers for LOST. I love that show. I want to know what hasn't happened yet but I don't want to be SPOILED.

  • My puppy is getting big but she's still small.

  • Like my new icon?

Tags: baseball, poetry
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