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Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

in this crazy world
I am so thankful for you
your love in my life

We went to Alameda for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in Alameda
on Harbor Light

My aunt has had Thanksgiving gatherings since I was a kid. Or that's how I remember it. When I got married, I spent less and less time at the family Thanksgivings because one must oftentimes divide time between different obligations. It's part of growing up and becoming an adult. And it kinda sucks.

But not so this year. This year we decided to go to Alameda and it was most lovely. The food was freakin' delicious and the company full of laughter. I love my family so much. I always feel so at home when I'm with them. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
the spread

Oh, the food. There is nothing like having a crazy delicious spread of food. I tried not to eat too much but really, that's just silly and impossible.

Happy Thanksgiving!
my first plate
Happy Thanksgiving!
me and some carrot cake
Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving!

After eating we all sat around and talked. And contemplated more food to eat...

Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving!

All in all, a most lovely evening! The only weird thing I must mention is that my aunt's house is a virtual dead zone for my Sprint phone. LOL! Other than that, twas great! :)
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