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waiting for lost and great news!

The minutes tick slowly
I wait
The words flee from me
I search
The silence echoes
I listen
The light brightens
I gaze
The air flies cool
I shiver
Will the time come
Will I find the words
to fill this void
Will I walk through the light
and finally feel the warmth?

Well, not soon enough, but I won't be picky. ;)

Adventures of Brisco County Jr. - There is now a release date for the DVD set (July 18). Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?! Everytime I see a strange DVD at the store, I say, "But I can't get Brisco on DVD?!" And lo, there is hope in the horizon. I will own that DVD set. It will be mine. BRISCO! Finally! I can't wait, I CANNOT WAIT! :D

Tags: fellas, meme, poetry
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