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sunday with friends

does the sunshine burn
the distance like a knife
cutting with such precision
leaving misery in shards

My friend had a Partylite party this afternoon. I love Partylite candles. They smell so good and burn so clean.

I was late to her house. Totally SUCKED!!! There was an accident on highway 4. Why can't people drive? Why are they on the road when they can't drive? UGH! I hated that I was late but it didn't stop me from ordering candles. lol!

I hardly took any pictures, which is so unusual for me. I even brought my camera! Here's my favorite one (it's my photo of the day):

day269: friends together
me, M, C, D, J

I love my friends. We don't spend close to nearly enough time together these days. We're all pretty scattered but that's no excuse, I know. I miss talking with them and hanging out. And I'm glad we're still friends even after all these years...
Tags: poetry
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