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once home

empty inside
footsteps echo in the hall
the air is cold
rooms ready for life
waiting to fill the silence
still remember
the days and the nights
dogs running about
computers humming
music playing
Will this be the last time
I stand here?
Will this be the last time
I breathe this place
once home?

Do you ever feel the days slipping away from you?

Gray skies, sunshine peeking every now and again. It was like the day was confused or something. :P Ah well!

Voted for Melanie Torres again on Nashville Star. I hope she keeps going on! She's magnificent! And if not her, then Chris Young or one of the other guys. I keep forgetting which other one I like. LOL!

I have to take a picture of something I got in the mail today. Let me just say, THANK YOU wahlee!!! :D It arrived quite nicely. The hubby was impressed that it made it through the mail so clean. LOL!

We're waiting for TEACHERS to come on. I only want to watch it because Sarah Alexander is in it. She played Susan on COUPLING, one of my favorite shows. :D It'll be interesting to see her as a different character. I hope the show does well.
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