Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

off the hook

without regrets
every pain will pass
even following
pleasure’s winding path
the light will beckon
the darkness will entice
so bright is wisdom
yet so sweet is vice
finding balance
amidst temptation
while struggling
from deviations
such constant conflict
warring inside
challenges abound
without disguise

Today was a strange day at work. People were, as the subject says, off the hook with their nonsense. But we got through it somehow. Thank goodness!

I reset my Droid last night and almost this whole day it wouldn't access the micro SD card. UGH! So when I got home, I reformatted the card. What a pain! But now it all works, so I suppose it was worth it. I have to re-download my apps. Maybe I should be choosier this time. :P

STAR TREK is now on the Instant for Netflix. YAH!!!
Tags: poetry
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