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few words, some pictures

Mulder shots by me. Finally! :D

looking in for the sign...

ready to pitch

at the plate, bat in hand

at first base

Oh yes, Mr. Mark Mulder. Baseball season is coming soon. Woohoo! LOL!

And the puppy! Isn't she just adorable?!

the close up

she's getting long!

she's trying to sleep

I have a BUNCH of Holli pics. Maybe someday I'll get some of them online. LOL!

More doggie pics!

Holli and Meggie comparing their mouths? LOL!

Holli trying to get to Saffy's butt while Meggie sits glad Holli isn't trying to get her butt

Holli taking a look at the ground below
Tags: doggies, mulder, photos, shots
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