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innocent intentions

it was just a smile
a quick flash
eyes locked an instant
lips curving in greeting
it was just hello
the instant turned into a moment
stretching with each breath
something new and surprising
it was just the two of us
the world fading back
a feeling of forever
wrapped in a few moments
filled with innocent intentions

The Cardinals were on tv today and guess who was pitching? Mark Mulder!!! I took some shots. I'll try and remember to put them up tomorrow. LOL! He didn't do too well. Actually, he gave up five runs on four hits, but only two of the runs were earned. His defense did him wrong! Good thing it's only spring training, eh? I love watching him pitch, even though I was upset with his outing this time around. Alas, it's just because I care! ;) Anyhoo, he looked good after he settle down.

We took the Touareg on a little spin to Brentwood. Yes, not so far. LOL! It's a pretty sweet ride. And I know, I need to take pictures. LOL!

Did you know that tire places are closed on Sundays? The Touareg needs new back tires but none of the tire places out here were open today. What kind of crap is that?!

I had a waffle at Country Waffle. Not too bad. But the place was crowded and noisy. :P

We bought dog food for the dogs and some paper and inkjet ink for the computer room. And did you know they make mini G2 pens?! I had to buy them, since they are my favorite pen.

Tonight's dinner was Togo's. Mmmmmm!

Isn't my user icon goofy? ;) I had it done in Baltimore before the Orioles game in September. LOL!
Tags: mulder, poetry, slices
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