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happy friday!

let's say goodbye
while we still laugh
while we still smile
let's say goodbye
while we still stand
while we still sway
let's say goodbye
while the light still shines
while the moon still glows
let's say goodbye

I'm so glad it's the end of this crazy week. It's been crazy!

bacon cheeseburger

We went to Red Robin's for dinner. Mmmmm!

the Motorola Droid X

I touched the Motorola Droid X. It's lovely. I wouldn't mind having one.

I'm seriously torturing myself with the whole Comic Con thing. KARL URBAN is there!!! Charles Mesure, Jensen Ackles, and Karl Urban are all there! If I was there, I'd be seriously going through some fangirl overload. Goodness me!
Tags: poetry
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