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sunday morning

you know you're right
you've had your say
so take your leave
just go away
you're not my world
despite of my tears
it's just relief
in place of stupid fears
your name won't fall
again from my lips
you're easy to forget
I believe in this
so just go away
leave me alone
while my beating heart
turns slowly to stone

Yesterday was my dear friend Missy's birthday. I emailed her, albeit later in the day, and just before midnight I received her reply. She got an iPhone 4! She's the first person I know that actually has the thing. And fine, I'll admit it, I'm feeling just a tiny bit envious. I can't help it, I like techie toys.

Speaking of techie toys, I do so want to see what the hoopla is about with the Motorola Droid X. I'm always itching for something new and the specs on the Motorola Droid X are making me drool. lol! I would love to just look at it and touch it and feel it in my hand. I still love my Droid. I just wish I had the patience to wait another year for a new phone. LOL! I keep trying to tell myself, "Wait for a phone with a front facing camera alá the EVO or the iPhone 4." Perhaps if I remember that particular requisite, I can hold off my want for something new. ;)

OH! I don't know how I could forget this but I had a dream the other night about meeting up with Charles Mesure. I think it was a convention but while he was on a break or something. I gushed on about how I'd seen his turn on Outrageous Fortune. I told him he was great in it even though his character was a total dick and he grinned at me at that one. I also wanted to say something about V but I think the dream shifted at that point. Darn it!
Tags: dreams, etc, poetry, tech freak chick
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