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busy day!

clouds disperse above
the sun peeks through to the land
warmth shines upon us

So, I went to work with the hubby today. We had breakfast at Denny's (like the days when I was working there) and all too soon it was time to meet with the accountant. Can I just say that taxes SUCK? Oh yes, they suck!!!

The accountant was in Castro Valley and we wanted to check out a dealership in Dublin. So we did. And now we no longer have an Acura TSX. Alas! Instead, we have a green (yes, GREEN!!!) VW Touareg. It's pretty cool. Woohoo!!! We are crazy. Ah well!

After the wheeling and dealing we thought about going to Hooters, but the NCAA Tournament was on and it was sure to be crowded. So we had lunch/dinner instead at Rigatoni's. I had pesto chicken and pine nuts. Mmmmm. I should have taken pictures. Bah!

We hit the mall afterwards and we both got our hair cut. I also got my eyebrows done. They look better. :)

And that was my day. Poor doggies were alone for over 12 hours. But they did all right, I think. Good girls.
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