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weak inside

So weak inside
one look from you
awakens sensations
in hidden places
I ache inside
desperate longing
tight against me
ready to spill
So still outside
cool calm on my lips
dark eyes hiding
the fire for you
I breathe
my senses filling
with only you
thoughts of you
skimming my skin
What will it take
for you to take me?
A whisper close and warm
The slow rise of my eyes
up your body
A light touch innocent and not
A smile just curving my lips
promises something more
I'll give you a taste
just give me some time
I'll surrender to you
make you weak inside

Today was a long day for some reason. :P Or maybe I just feel like that because we went up to Roseville to look at cars and get our car appraised. Yeah, that's it. Rosevile is about an hour and a half away from here. Long drive. Then we test drove some cars we're thinking of getting. It was fun! Carmax has LOTS of cars. LOL!

Oh wow, I hit my max on user icons!!! The last three uploaded were Jack (Matthew Fox) from LOST, Sawyer (Josh Holloway) from LOST, and Nick (George Eads) from CSI. Sucker for the boys, eh? When I watched last night's ep of LOST, I knew I was going to get a shot of Jack coming out of the shower. LOL! And Sawyer was just a given. I'm going to have to start deleting user pics sometime. Alas! :P

And I have no idea where that poem came from. It kinda ended weird. Oh well!
Tags: poetry
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