Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

waiting for lost

the fall of night
the rise of stars
the cool of the breeze
the shadows dark
night calls to dreams
sleep claims the dreamers
adventure awaits
secrets hide in plain sight
what will the night bring?
what will the dreams show?
leave it to the whispers
catch it in the cooling breeze

Today's slice goes something like this:

  • Checked on myspace and found my nieces! Decided to see if they would friend me. A couple of them did. Awwww!
  • Went grocery shopping. It's still a little strange going by myself. The only thing I don't like is when I get home and I have to bring everything in alone while the dogs bark and bark because I'm back home. LOL!
  • Ate lunch. Filet-o-fish, Pibb, and fries from McDonalds.
  • Watched some TV, including Intimate Portrait on Lifetime of Vanessa Marcil (I've liked her since her GH days), baseball, Charmed on TNT-HD, CSI on SpikeTV

So yes, I found my nieces on MySpace. (And when I say "niece" I mean the daughters of my cousins. It's just easier than saying "cousin's kids." Some people don't understand, but that's how my family does it.) And because I like having friends on there, I "friended" a couple of them and they friended me back. Yah! I don't want them to feel weird about me wanting to take peeks into their lives. Know what I mean? I figure that I have online friends, so why not keep online contact with my family?

I'm waiting for LOST to start. Just a half hour more. We just watched Out of Practice. Funny show. :) I am an admirer of Christopher Gorham. I liked him in Odyssey 5 and Jake 2.0 and I like him on this show. ;)
Tags: poetry
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