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thursday delights

gathering so dark
the wind howling through the trees
the storm approaches

It was an interesting day today. The weather was a bit chaotic-- old and breezy, dark and dreary, scattered clouds and sunshine. I had to group, fold, and stuff paychecks. Then it was my boss' retirement reception at Vic Stewart's. Full day! LOL! :)

I brought my dSLR to the reception, which meant no self portraits. Alas! I should have gotten a picture with my co-workers or at least a picture with my boss. Ah well. :P

the retirement reception
the appetizer table

the retirement reception
the guestbook

the retirement reception
my plate

the retirement reception
the cake

I took a lot of pictures. It's interesting to take pictures of people you don't know. LOL

the retirement reception the retirement reception
the retirement reception the retirement reception
my boss with the guests

the retirement reception
I signed the guestbook...

My words were totally inadequate in the guestbook. How do you say thank you and best wishes without repeating someone else's sentiment? Ah well!
Tags: poetry
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