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the promise of tomorrow

rise from the ashes
the promise of tomorrow
beckons you to act

Things TV!

24 - I watched the last twenty minutes or so of the finale. The hubby watched it all season and I figured I could watch the last moments of the show. Can I just say I'm glad they left things a bit open at the end? Movies here we come! LOL!

CHUCK - FINALLY, Ellie knows!!! I knew she'd have to find out before long. She took it pretty well, all things considering. But darn it, their dad died! :( It was sad. And even though I know Chuck did the right thing, I thought he should have killed Shaw. The guy is just bad news!... I can't believe Chuck downloaded an intersect when he was just a kid! Yowsa! And seriously, I loved the end and the secret basement... I wonder who will play Mom Bartowski. I vote for Lynda Carter!!! I think that would absolutely ROCK!!! I can't be the only one who thinks Sarah Lancaster (Ellie) looks like LC.

I just read someone's tweet about no LOST tonight and I realized how empty I feel. LOST is over. :( I should have watched the finale again. Maybe this weekend...
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